Sunday, April 20, 2014

20 April 2014

hello there,
been busy these few weeks..
mom came..Aflah came..mid term examsss..

i will update more once i have time, okay..i think there are lots of things i want to share with all of you. keep on tuning in yea..


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hello there,
since i first stepped my feet in this land named Korea, ive drank coffee like superbly a lot!
so now im kinda used to Korean Lifestyle of drinking coffee after meals..or even to just hanging out.
my mom told me that coffee is not good because of the caffeines.
yes, after some readings, ive got to agree with my mom.

here is what i got from the internet.
the best time to consume coffee

these are basically what happen to you due to excessive intake of caffeine. 

long term intake of beer will eventually damage ur organs
think twice
alcohol is not the answer for everything
yes, it will make u creative..but it also cause lot of troubles..
when ure drunk, u know what happen

so, do drink coffee in moderation.
its not that we just that watch what u consume..

in my opinion, just black coffee without sugar is okay..
just like what i did
i did put any sugar in it, unless its too bitter..but i only put in little bit..just to get rid of the bitter taste :)

thats all for me for this entry tonight
take care and stay healthy peeps!