Friday, April 28, 2017



finally i got sometime to update my space!
alhamdulillah, ive given birth to a cute little baby girl on the 14th April 2017 at 6.22am
all praises to Allah..

the experience was superb! no words can describe the journey ive been through that night
the pain was superb! i cant even handle it. i asked for lots of pain medication that night. serious, i wasnt lying
first i got the jab to soothes the pain *they said* but nothing happen..i can still feel the pain! and i cant even sleep! i was restless! so my last option was, EPIDURAL! i called it the 'happy juice'.
it was hard to get the needle into my back cause im fat and the doctor cant find the bones. hahahahahahhahhahah!
but alhamdulillah, the doctor finally found the epidural space.
soon as it worked, i can finally smile! even hubs was happy to see me smiling after that

a few hours after that...

around 530am, the doctor came and start inducing the baby. Then only i can feel the great pain! I can only pray that the baby will come out as soon as possible..! After a few pushes, around 622am, Ayra Medina has safely made her way out from my womb.

I feel super relieved! I got to skin to skin contact with her before the nurses took her away to clean her up. So do Aflah. He went with the nurses. To check the baby. And to Iqamat her..and also 'belah mulut' hrr with kurma and air zam zam.

I got the placenta out. And then the doctor began to 'sew' me up..hahahaha! Alhamdulillah, i was on drug and i couldn't feel anything. When i woke up, everything was done. And thennnnnnn only i can feel sore at my perineum area..

There goes my labour story..


Will add more here and there soon!

Thanks for reading!