Thursday, September 29, 2011

-: Our Green Day :-

hello bloggies!

here are few pictures of me & my BFF:

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Lace by La Senza

hello bloggies!

here's new poster i just got from La Senza.
rase mcm da lame xupdate on La Senza's latest promo.

to all La Senza's lovers, here's ur chance to buy more and save.

have fun shopping darlings!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Unikl Open House

Yesterday Unikl wat open day..! *since today is already considered as Friday*
Me and aten punye lah semangat mencari tmpt duduk dr kul 1030. Atlast dpt gak la. Meje dan kerusi basah xde org nk duduk. So we bought tissues and wipe the water off. *clever huh?*
We took everything! Then bru duduk enjoying the food. Baju and rambut da bau asap satay da..haha! There are curry me, yong tau fu, rojak buah, nasi tomato, hotdog, nasi impit + kuah kacang, satay and fruits cocktails.
But i do prefer last year's menu..because this time the menus are mostly from the bistro itself..quite boringggg!
*da bg mkn free pun lg mau bising kn..?*
Thats just my opinion la..huhu!

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Test test test!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ Cameron ~

sambung entry sebelum ni yea..

*the night before. mse Abah tgh sibuk2 pujuk suruh ikot*

*first stop. tea time!*

*on my way to Cameron, then to my sis-in-law house in Batu Gajah*

*im not a big fan of corn. but Wan berjaye made me eat that*

*lame xtgk pokok ni. dule penah la..mse skolah2. sbb pokok ni de dlm buku teks pe ntah..haha!*
*sibuk je ade Abah dlm pic nieh*

so this is my niece, Qaseh and my sis-in-law. she is the wife to my bro, DikWan. thats my first time meeting her. hehe!

*taken from my sis-in-law's fb*

comel kn? serious si Qaseh ni ikot my brother's face. 

thats all this time.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip To Cameron ~ 18/09/11

*tea break*

*muke baru bgn*

*mama bakes these. seriously, these are SUPERB! i have to learn how to bake this!*

*before going into the oven*

*my grandmother. going to Cameron semate2 nk mkn jagung..wan..wan..*

~ to be updated soon ~

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Heart,

dear heart,

please be strong..
i know this is hard for u..but please be strong
please tell the tears not to come out
help me
dear heart, please dont break..
coz it hurts
its going to hurts me
i dont want to be broken heart
and please get together with my brain..
tell my brain to NOT think of that
please..i am seriously begging u, my dear heart
i need help

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bawalah Cintaku - Afgan

Sumpah tak ada lagi
Kesempatan untuk ku
Bisa bersamamu
Kini ku tau
Bagaimana cara ku
Untuk dapat trus denganmu

Bawalah pergi cintaku
Pada ke mana pun kau mau
Jadikan temanmu
Temanmu paling kau cinta
Di sini ku pun begitu
Trus cintaimu di hidupku
Di dalam hatiku
Sampai waktu yang pertemukan
Kita nanti

Sumpah tak ada lagi
Kesempatan untuk ku
Bisa bersamamu
Kini ku tau
Bagaimana cara ku
Untuk dapat trus denganmu

Bawalah pergi cintaku
Pada ke mana pun kau mau
Jadikan temanmu
Temanmu paling kau cinta
Di sini ku pun begitu
Trus cintaimu di hidupku
Di dalam hatiku
Sampai waktu yang pertemukan
Kita nanti

Friday, September 16, 2011


hello bloggies!

YES, today we're going to talk about J.O.D.O.H. 
"jodoh pertemuan itu di tangan tuhan"

sume org tau sgt ayat tuh. tp sedar x ble kte tanye org yg umurnye dah masuk 'married zone' but still unmarried, "ble nk kawen?" that will hurt them? sape yg xnk kawen? klu da ade calon, sape xnk kawen? 
lain kali sebelum tnye tu, fikir perasaan org tu dulu. 
klu tuhan xtulis jodoh die sekarang ni, sape kite utk mempersoalkan sume tu?
tggu je la invitation card from that person.
klu ade jodoh die, insyaAllah die akan invite korg to her/his big day.
but meanwhile, stop asking.

that person has already gone thru hard time dealing with these issues. 
nnt kang xpasal2 bunuh diri plak die.
kadang2 bende yg kte xsedar tu actually leave a big impact on that person.
we dont know what have been written for us 
so jgn nk belagak sgt yg anda sudah berkahwin yea.
everything can happen
appreciate what u have now
jgn gelakkan org yg belum bertemu jodoh lg..
sebaik2nye kite doakan die supaye cepat mendapat jodoh.

pesanan ikhlas dr Alia Amira
x o x o

Chunky Loaded Pizza

hello bloggies!
check this out chikas!~

oh my Prada!
can u guys see this?
can u feel my excitements to get this into my mouth?
til now, i still didnt get the chance to taste this.
but by reading the testimonials from the customers, they TOTALLY satisfied with this!
10 layers?
oh dear, who's the person behind this invention?
i would like to marry him! 
*haha! just joking*

can someone bring me to PizzaHut and have this?
i'll be free on Tuesday.. (^.^)

click here to read more.

if anybody of u guys have taste this, please do tell me how was it!
since im not sure when will i be having this..huhu!

take care darlings!
have a great weekends!
*surely its a great weekends for most of us since today is a holiday! huhu!*

x o x o

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Dear bloggies!

As u all know, i dont have any class on thursday. But i still come to campus to finish my works. And YES, still with the drawings.

Theres something happened in hostel these few days. And guess what? I lost my ring!!! Oo-too-ke?! Im freaking out! U know what? I have to buy a new ring that looks exactly like that. So sekarang still kne ikat perut to save money! Damn!
Sape yg amek tu mmg sial lah! U just made my life suckier that i have to save more money to replace that ring!

Please lah people, dont take things that does not belong to u..


x o x o

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Monday, September 12, 2011

On my way to Hafiy's house in Dengkil

p/s: to Hafiy, thanks yea sbb invite aku to ur open house..hehe!

x o x o

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

going to be sick again.. :-(

hello people! 

YES! im going to be sick again..*hopefully not*
due to my improper sleeping time and improper meal time, this is the result.  
and as for today, i was super busy with class, assignments to submit and thing to settle, i am super tired.
first, i was walking under the hot sun without any protection..then going into an air-conditioned place..then walked in the rain..then went into cool place again..and YES, this is the result.

oh, how i miss my bed..with lots of pillows on it.
and how i love to have somebody to sleep with right now. dont get me wrong. i just want to be cuddled in times like this. 
and this is the time i miss my grandmother..she will picit my head..then make me bubur..
aaarrrghhhhhhhh..nk balik Seremban!!!

im going to have a loong day again tomorrow. got an open house to attend. rumah abg toyol in Dengkil. hehe! hopefully i will feel sooo much better tomorrow..! 

and as for u guys out there, dont repeat my mistakes here. take care of ur health, okay? u dont want to be sick. trust me!

nite2 darlings!

x o x o

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New - Old Friend

hello people! 
so today, i want to introduce u'olls to this an old friend of mine. i knew him since my first semester during my diploma. we went to Rakan Masjid's event. i still remember, one the kids said "abg ni comel la. mcm toyol". i was SUPER DUPER laughing at him. haha!

well, this semester we got like almost the same timetable. so its kinda easy to hangout. we're in the same group for our assignments too. hmmm...thats why we're SUPER close this time. 

this photo is taken during our snacking time in PizzaHut Maju Junction. his treat. hehe!

and so, because of him, i got to know that every weekdays, there are promotions in PizzaHut. 
there are 50% discount on selected menu during specific day:

since i went there on Tuesday, i have no other option then taking the spaghetti. okey la..but not so my taste. so, do come according to ur fav menu's day. hehe! and its a good place to hangout too!
to know more on the details for this promotion, do visit the official website.

so, take care darlings! everything u do, do it right and enjoy it! 

x o x o

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Nature of Humans

hello my bloggy buddies!

so as im doing my assignments, i came across 1 question. 
"when a person sees us, whats the first thing they see?"

personality or appearance?

xde maknenye ble org tu jawab 'personality comes first" 
a person will start judging other's appearance: the way they walk, speak, dress
kenalnye belum lg, tp assumption da berlambak2 dlm kpale otak

ble a girl pkai bju branded OR bwak handbag branded, she will be labelled as "loaded"
am i right?
ble a guy to talking to beautiful girls, he will be labelled as "womanizer" 
am i right?

actually, there are lots more examples yg kte sendiri already aware of.

im not a person who didnt do that. i did but, i didnt make it obvious by telling others, what we think of that person. cukup la sekadar kte bercakap dlm hati je. i dont see dimane keperluannye untuk kite tell others what we think of others. 

another thing, people tend to SUPER LOVE to say:
 "aku tak kesah la die tu cantik/handsome, yg penting hati baik"

klu u'olls perasan, person yg ckp mcm tu kn, bf/gf die mmg dah awesome. 
thats a way of "merendah diri" i think. 
haha! manusia, manusia..
sape yg xnk ade bf/gf yg cantek? we tend to just terime jodoh kite tu seadaanye.
klu tuhan da tulis kite akan dpt somebody cantik/handsome, gumbira lah hati kn..
klu tak, redha je la kn?
am i right?

so people, tak payah nk berdrama sangat la yea.
xsemestinye org yg handsome/cantik tu hatinye baik. org yg cantik/handsome tu pulak mesti la nak somebody yg cantik/handsome jugak kn? 
konon "pipit dgn pipit, enggang dgn enggang"

p/s: well, this is just an opinion from a person who suddenly think of these things.

mencari yg sempurne tu xsalah kn? i pun nk ade bf yg handsome..cute..*mule tersengeh2 + berangan* hati baik..caring..loving..LOVE to manjekn i..*klu nk senaraikn mmg panjang lg lah entry kali ni*

and klu bercakap pasal lelaki dan perempuan, mesti kite akan nampak these signs. 
no offence yea darlings, tp nmpk sgt kaum2 perempuan yg kononnye lemah and kuat nangis ni lebih rational dr kaum lelaki yg kononnye tersangatlah kuat tuh. 

agak mendalam jugak la maksud signs nieh. so, fikir2kn lah yea..

well darlings, thanks for ur time reading this post.

to my best buddy in the whole universe, Julian Stan Liu : Deepest condolence to you and your family. i am very sorry to hear that news. please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of your mom. may she rest in peace. and be strong, okay buddy.

x o x o

cont.. "Hari Raya"

kt sni da teserlah yg my eyes are bigger than my brother's.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Post on "Hari Raya"

hello bloggies! 

as promised, here are my updates on my Hari Raya celebration in Kelantan.

i went back to Kelantan 2 days before Hari Raya, which is on Sunday. on that day, my uncle held a 'Buka Puasa' at his new house in Kota Bharu. its kinda like a 'house-warming' party for the families. the are at least 20 people there. after that, i went back to Tumpat, where my 'kampung' is. 

the next day, my mom and my auntie was soooo busy 'meat-hunting'. haha! for rendang and gulai stuff. that night, Tokmek held Buka Puasa for very closed families at home. but before that night, i was helping on hooking the curtains. and not to be bitchy, it ruined my already-manicured nails. what a waste. but look at the bright side, i got to learn new things. like hooking and hanging the curtains. that was sooooo tiring! i cant believe how can the elders to that. later that night, i helped my mom making Rendang. its not spicy at all! kinda spoil my taste. 

on the Hari Raya, i went to solat with Tokmek since my mom cant go. as soon as i got back home, there are people coming. there are families to my Tok Ayah. his siblings, nephew and nieces..they know me, but i dont know them. haha! *dont call me arrogant! i just that im not used to see them*

second Hari Raya, we went to the other families house. 

on the third day, i worked as Photographer to family's friend wedding in Pantai Sri Tujuh. later that petang, i went to the pantai with my cousins and bro. shooting. huhu!

here are some pics took during my raya in Kelantan. enjoy!

. . .
i'll upload more when i got more time soon!

goodnight darlings! 

x o x o