Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello bloggies!

Yup, i got fever again..da sharian bejalan di kota Melaka, esoknye tu, trus demam..haha! Dont know why..i didnt take any iced drinks, but still..all i had the day before was seafoods and an Earl Grey tea, i mean hot tea.
That day, i couldnt take the pain any longer. I feel like knocking my head on the wall, seriously. During the night, body feels cold but my breathing is hot. Haha! its actually hard to explain..then my cousin and wan send me to the clinic :-)
Nasib baik x g dgn Ibu. Mesti kne bebel pnye lah. Hehe! So, to all my darlings, take a good care of ur health. Fever is seriously not cool at all. Merane la jugak. I cant go to Iceroom even im in Nilai due to fever and cough. What a waste :-(

Have a nice days ahead! Take care darlings!

x o x o

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A day trip to Melaka with Wan and my dear cousin, Nani

Hello bloggies!
Hey, im in Nilai already! Haha! Im here since Monday afternoon. Well, smpi je Putrajaya my brother amek. Then i take the car, send him back to MMU, then trus balik Nilai. Wan is staying in Nilai with Nani now sementare Abah went outstation.
This morning, we woke up plan-less at 10am. Tbe2 Nani ajak g Seremban bli kasut. So we get ready then shoot to Seremban around 1130am. Arrived in Seremban, kitorg trus to kedai Nasi Ayam Lina. Quite famous place for chicken rice.
After that around2 Seremban before Wan tibe2 ajak g Melaka. So then we shoot to Melaka. Smpi Melaka, trus to Bandar Hilir. Xtau mne nk g then we went to Dataran Pahlawan Mall. Okey la..masuk PADINI, Nani bought 2 shoes for her lab attire. After that, lepaking at Starbucks for coffees and tea. I had my fav Earl Grey Tea while Wan and Nani got themselves Hazelnut Latte and Green Tea Iceblended. We then bought an Original Chicken Pie. Wan was the one who finished it. Hehe!
Then, Wan ajak g Umbai for seafood. Thanked God, we found that place thru GPS. Nak call Abah byk2 kali takot..hehe! Takot disturb him working..hehe! Sesat la sikit2..but we managed to get there. We had ikan siakap, ketam, kepah, sotong and kerang. Mmg best la jalan dgn Wan. Who said going out with the elders are bored? They are not bored,k! Theyre fun to hang out wit.
p/s : thank u Wan!!!! We love u so so much! Next time my treat yea!!!
x o x o

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Friday, June 24, 2011

(=.=) my sick days

as i browse around my tablet's gallery, i found these photos. haha! im wondering who's the one who took these. must be my mom. well, this is during my sick days. where i cant even get out of my bed. i just wake up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. and also to eat my meds. haha!
i think i kinda look like Pucca in my last photo.  
now, i feel much better than before. i can sing, dance..hehe! but not fully recovered. i still have my cough. i think my cough is getting worse. i even awake during the night.

take a good care of ur health yea darlings! 
lurve ya'll!

x o x o

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pedicure Do's and Don'ts

hi bloggies!

well, today i wanted to share some tips on pedicure. ive always went for a professional pedicure. i believe that :

"pampering and grooming your feet promotes good foot hygiene and should be done frequently to contribute to not only your foot health, but also to your body's overall health". 

so everybody's foot deserved to be pampered.  

DO's :

  1. DO schedule your pedicure first thing in the morning. Salon foot baths are typically cleanest earlier in the day. You should be the first person to use the equipment. anyways, make sure that the salon filters and cleans the foot bath between clients.
  2. When eliminating thick, dead skin build-up, also known as calluses, on the heel, ball and sides of the feet, DO use a pumice stone, foot file or exfoliating scrub. Soak feet in warm water for at least five minutes then use the stone, scrub or foot file to gently smooth calluses and other rough patches.
  3. When trimming nails, DO use a toenail clipper with a straight edge to ensure your toenail is cut straight across. Other tools like manicure scissors or fingernail clippers increase the risk of ingrown toenails because of their small, curved shape.
  4. To smooth nail edges, DO use an emery board. File lightly in one direction without using too much pressure, being sure not to scrape the nail’s surface.
  5. DO gently run a wooden or rubber manicure stick under your nails to keep them clean. This helps remove the dirt and build-up you may or may not be able to see.
  6. DO maintain the proper moisture balance of your feet’s skin by applying emollient-enriched moisturizer to keep soles soft.
  7. DO use a rubber cuticle pusher or manicure stick to gently push back cuticles.
DON'Ts :

  1. DON’T shave your legs before receiving a pedicure. Freshly shaven legs or small cuts on your legs may allow bacteria to enter.
  2. DON’T allow technicians to use a foot razor to remove dead skin. Using a razor can result in permanent damage if used incorrectly and can easily cause infection if too much skin is removed.
  3. DON’T round the edges of your toenails. This type of shape increases the chances that painful ingrown toenails will develop.
  4. Emery boards are extremely porous and can trap germs that spread. Since they can’t be sterilized, DON’T share nail files with friends and be sure to bring your own to the salon, unless you are sure that the salon replaces them with each customer.   <---- this is y professional pedicure costs more!!!
  5. DON’T use any sharp tools to clean under nails. Using anything sharp makes it easy to puncture the skin, leaving it vulnerable to infection.
  6. DON’T leave any moisture between toes. Anything left behind can promote the development of athlete’s foot or a fungal infection.
  7. Because cuticles serve as a protective barrier against bacteria, DON’T ever cut them. Cutting cuticles increases the risk of infection. Also, avoid incessantly pushing back cuticles, as doing so can make them thicker.

i hope u guys got some info out of this. i rarely did my own pedicure. but i got these tips from the sites, and from the people i knew. do search on how to D-I-Y home pedicure. 

have fun trying darlings! 

x o x o

Monday, June 20, 2011

(=.=) still..not feeling soooo well

hello bloggies!

how's ur day? i hope urs i waaaaay better than mine. waking up this morning with severe headache. urgh! i hate pains. please goooo away! i had a glass of milk and a slice of bread + nutella for breakfast. lunch? porridge..still..dinner? tortilla. what a boringgg menu i have each and everyday since i felt sick.
incik badan, please get well a.s.a.p! i cant bear all these pains anymore. i dont want to cough anymore! i dont want soups and porridge anymore! i dont want to see any blood anymore! i hate obeying my nutritionist!
please..get well very very soon!

just because i cant make my day, doesnt mean that u guys cant. go out today, and make ur own day. life is tooo precious to be waste. have fun darlings!

x o x o

Sunday, June 19, 2011

:: Abah ::

to day is the actual Father's Day. i woke up, not so early and not so late. still morning. i sms my Abah, "Happy Father's Day. I Love U!". hehe! then Abah replied, "Thank u so much. I miss u. Take care!".
i am soooo happy to get that msg! and my Abah actually replied! hehe! that msg meant sooo much to me. then later, i made a wall post to my fb's acc. and i saw one from my brother's fb wall too..

hehe! today is a day that we all have to appreciate our father. whether he is still alive or not, he deserved to be appreciated. even that u dont prepare any gift for him, a wish of thoughts will be more meaningful.

* * * * * * * * * *

speaking of which, seriously time files. really fast. really really fast. faster than the furious 5. i miss the time where we're all FAMILY. u know what i mean..ibu, abah, me  and amir living under the same roof, travelling together..laughing..and joking..seriously miss that. my life now living with Ibu is okay, but it will be much more better if i have Abah living with me too. im soooo jealous looking at other people's perfect family. well, this is what we called 'fate' right?
for those who have been through this, ure sure understand me. for those who have no idea what am i talking about, please appreciate ur families. dont take them for granted. ure going to get all this once.

thanks for reading darlings! u know i appreciate it soooo much. thank u for ur time. take care! live life to the max yea. tata! see u soon!

x o x o

Friday, June 17, 2011

movies that ive watched last week

okay la..xsangke malaysian bley wat this kind of movie. i'll give 4.5 out of 5. best. 
u guys should watch this.

haha! i love this movie! this time, Po found out where he came from. i gave this 4 out of 5. super super funny and cute! just like somebody i know!

- SUPER 8 -
interesting movie. its about an alien. i dont really understand where is it come from. but i enjoy watching this movie. for me, i'll give it 3.5 out of 5.

i know its kinda late. but if u guys still looking on what movie to watch this weekend, watch either one of this.  

x o x o

Positive Living with Healthy LIVER

hello bloggies!
how are u today? feeling good?

in conjunction with the World's Hepatitis Day on July 28, Watson is organizing a special workshop entitled "Positive Living with Healthy LIVER". so this is a talk on health topic. if ure interested, please make urself free on this 3rd July 2011. 
for Watson's VIP member just like me, this talk is free for u. just email ur name and ur contact number to the the email address provided above.
if ure not VIP member, dont worry. u guys still got ur chance to participate. u guys have to purchase a rm10 health talk voucher from the stores.
to know more, simply log on to the website.

x o x o

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is this weekend!

i dont think i will get to celebrate father's day with Abah. im going back to Penang on Thurday. urgh, too bad. i have to be in Penang as soon as my mom landed in Malaysia from Monaco. even if i get the chance to stay, Abah is not going to be around. he is too busy with work and wandering around the world i guess.
im going to miss him.

well, obviously i cant live without Abah, even that my parents are already divorced. 

Abah is the one who's going to b awake every night to make sure that there is no mosquito in my room
Abah is the one who bought my first handbag
Abah is the one who bought me my first handphone. its the motorola pe ntah. flip, ade arial lg. wah..hbs bangge dah at that time. 
Abah is the one who settled my problems. by knowing how Alia Amira's attitude in school, Abah needs a lot of patience to deal with. Abah settled all my summons, Abah is kinda my ATM machine. hehe! 
Abah is the person who will back me up when Ibu scolded me.
Abah bought me my first bicycle and teach me how to ride that bicycle. hbs calar balar lutut ble jatuh basikal.
Abah is the one who took me to the hospital and introduced me to a really handsome doctor! - he is still my doctor until today.
Abah is the one who attend school activities including my report card day. 
i am the one who kept all Abah secret.
Abah is the one i will look if i want opinions on guys. and he will also be the one who will nagged about what kind of guys should i find.
- its tooooo many occasions to be listed here - 

seriously, there are a lot of things i shared with Abah rather than Ibu. when i was young, its hard to find time to be with Abah. he is soooo busy with work. he once told me "klu abah xkje, mcm mne nk blikan mira handphone, nk bwak g jalan2, nk bli barbie dolls, makan sedap2...". i miss hearing Abah say that to me. how time flies, im 21 now. 
is it too much to ask if i want my future hubby to have qualities just like my dad? i want to feel safe with that guy just like how i felt when im with my dad. i want my hubby to pamper me just like how my dad did. 

i miss the days when i was with my dad. 

hehe! see, how time flies! kejap je rse.
to Abah, Happy Father's Day! i hope u will always be in a good health. i love u Abah!

p/s: if u still have ur dad, let him know that i love him. if u dont, read him Yaasin this father's day. anyways, enjoy ur weekend! take care and have fun!

x o x o

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekends in Seremban and Pilah with the cousins

Hello bloggies..!
So, today im going to write about my weekends in Seremban and Pilah. Last friday, Kina come to Nilai. We promised to attend Nani's bff wedding in Bukit Jelutong on Saturday. Then later that late afternoon, we went back to seremban. Abah treats us all with satay. Super duper full!
Around 1130pm, we went back to Pilah. We spend our night there.
This morning, we went out for rojak and cendol. Haha! Then went back home continue eating some more nasi with gulai ayam masak lemak, i called it 'gulai kuning'. Hehe! If i continue this eating habit, i will gain more weight within a week! Haha!im going to start my treatment tomorrow..i think so..
Take care darlings! Lurve u guys sooooo much! Tata!
x o x o
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On my way to lunch

My dad have new driver. Indian guy. Kesian, asyik kne marah je. Then tbe2 my dad ckp "u ni bawak krete mcm keleng lah". I kt blakang was like super duper laughing. Haha! Kesian gile this guy. Asyik kne marah je.
But still die loyal je. If die ikot my dad, whenever my dad eat, he will eat too. So its kinda advantage to him. Hehe!
Im now lepaking in my dad's office. Gue trase bangge gile la pulak. *ahhhhhh...sungguh gedik!!!* org kt sni tersengeh2 je plak. Later im going to see my wan at home, mlm bru balik Nilai again..jumpe wan nk been long since my last visit to see her. She's going to be really happy to see me. I bought her new tudung. Hopefully she will like it.
Thats all for now. Take care darlings! Lurve ya'll!

x o x o

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Bandung Trip (30May-3June2011)

hello darlings!
here are the updates on my Bandung's trip last week.
i know this is super duper long entry, but please bear with these yea..

this is when we got on the plane

amir + me

me + mom

once landed on Bandung's land

our first dinner in Bandung. this is called 'Tauhu Kremes'. kinda like tahu goreng tepung. but these very2 famous here.

this is called 'Lumpia Basah'. its kinda like 'popia basah' in Malaysia. but the fillings are different. its more like kuey tiaw goreng pedas..

i cant remember what did my brother was having. but its kinda like their traditional's food 

our first day in Bandung. we took the 'Kelapa Ledeng' to Rumah Mode in Jl.Setiabudi. it costs us Rp3000 each to get on this. (convert to ringgit? almost rm1). its really2 cheap!!!

one tip on getting on this carriage : never get on this during rainy day. trust me, u'll regret it.

the famous statue of Rumah Mode.

from 10am-230pm, these is the outcome. there are 3 more unseen paper bags.

lunch time at Rumah Mode

this is called 'Nasi Liwet'. there are chicken, tempe, boiled egg, and vege. this is different from what i had during my last visit to Bandung last year.

my brother was having 'Mee Kocok'. this is the set. 

my mom was having 'Bubur Ayam'. kinda nice. it was served with minced chicken, tauhu and crunchy 'money bag'.

we're taking a break from shopping at the Dailycious next to the Summit FO. kinda nice ambiance here.

my brother was having nasi with sup buntut. in Malaysia, we called it sup ekor. very nice!

this is nasi ayam penyet. different from what they served in Malaysia.

buying some chocolates. their chocolates are soooooo tempting!

we're ready to go back to the hotel!

on Thursday, we went to Pasar Baru. hunting for baju raya.  

we bought like as if we're going to sell them in Malaysia. haha!
well, we have to buy for Ceksu, Cikla, Umi,, kinda A LOT!!! haha!
ibu got herself like more than 6 kain. phewwww~~~

they are super duper busy treating us..haha! bagaikan raja..haha! u just have to point to the clothes that u might interested with, then they'll take it and show it to u while ure having teh botol on the sofa.
very2 nice feeling!!!

lunch at Pasar Baru. its a must!!!

my brother was having 'Es Teler'. there are avocado, coconut, some jackfruit and some others that i dont know. its was nice. rse die lemak manis..mmg sedap la.

these was served with our rice as a side dish.

my mom was having 'Es Rumpai-Rumpai'. it tasted sweet. my mom said it was nice. sedap!

me? my all time fave, ALPUKAT!!! hehe! its a must when ure in Bandung!!!

this is our main dish, 'Gurame Terbang'. really nice!

we saw Justin Bieber in front of one of the Factory Outlets.

Amir is looking for shoes. seriously, he took almost 3 hours to pick!

i tried this. seriously, i barely walked in that shoes. i dont know how can Lady Gaga did.

dinner time!

this is called 'Nasi Ayam Timbel'.

this is 'Nasi Ayam Timbel Perang'

our last day in Bandung going to Rumah Mode..again..

after shopping, we had lunch in Rumah Mode. we had nasi, pizza, ice blended coffee and dessert!

lastly, our dessert.

we got these ice cream for free after spending almost Rp1 000 000 at The Secret in Jl.Riau

i was forced to wake up at 4am and have have breakfast.

its time for us to go back..tata Bandung! see u again in June 2012

travel in style!

thats all for now. if guys have the opportunities to went abroad, go to Bandung. its fun for shop and fooooood! u wun be starving while ure here. serious, trust me in these. i just gained 2kg during my 5 days visit to Bandung.
thanks for ur time reading my entry.
i guys are the best!
lurve u guys soooooo much! take care darlings! i'll update more soon!

x o x o