Friday, December 30, 2016


hmmm..everywhere people keep on talking about new year's resolution
they want to do this, they want to do that..


as for me, just like the years before..
i wish to be a better person than i was. i want to keep on improving myself. and learn more on life. this year, im gonna turn 27 years old young.
and not to mention, i wish to be a good mother soon. and hopefully i will be just fine while delivering this baby soon. haha! Only Allah knows how frightened i am when thinking about these!
Like seriously, i dont know what to expect. but seeing few of my friends who already delivered their babies, i think i cant do it..kahkahkahkah!
i wish i passed the proposal defend! so that i could start looking for opportunities abroad..


there are soooo may things that i wish to achieve in life.
but i decided to just go with the flow, but still improving myself at the same time :)

u know i will update here whatever achievement i achieved, right?
keep on praying for me yeaaaa..InsyaAllah, Allah will also grant you what you want also :)