Tuesday, September 16, 2014


besides celebrating Malaysia's Day today, i have another personal event that happen today.
its my Monthly-versary!

yep, i celebrate it every month. so that we wont forget the ups and downs thru out the month. on this day, we usually recap on how we met. how i made him fell in love and how i fell in love with him.
we're too busy with our daily activities. im working, and studying..and my freelance time with friends..
so sometimes we forgot how important we are to each other ;)

we've been together for 2yrs and 10 mnths today.


16 September - Malaysia's Day

Happy Malaysia's Day to all my Malaysian readers!

x o x o

Monday, September 15, 2014

15 Sept

15 September 2014

= first day being a UiTM's Masters student =

first impression?
haha! sooooooo many impressionssssss and i think i have sooooo many expressionsssssssss..

tak pe la
it's only one and a half year thingy
in sha Allah, i will get thru it just fine :)

at the bright side, i made new friends. many of them are married..and older than me..well, lg best. no more 'teenager-like' people in my life