Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Resolutions - Part 2

I have lots of things in mind for 2016
Firstly, i hope that i passed my viva, which is my finals for my the Master program that I've been taking now. i really really hope that i pass that stage. then, i look forward for new PhD program, which i have no idea what will come in my way. I've been searching everywhere for scholarship, and I'm kinda halfway give up now *sigh*

Or, i maybe working. i need real job! good job with good pay. i got messages said that there will be lots of things that will increase in term of price. my current job now don't really give me good pay. but for a part timer, hmmmmm no comment. i just think that i could get more than what i got today.

then, i really hope that my honeymoon trip to Amsterdam and Dubai will still ON! I've been waiting for that trip since October! please please please..everything..please don't get into my way..

oh yea..i got another trip for Nov/Dec 2016..which is to New Zealand!!! and for that also, please please please..don't get into my way! thats a family trip. Ibu said, since we didn't get to go to Greece this year, so lets go to NZ! i am more than happy to hear that! hahaks!

i hope i will still standing in this marriage life..semoga Allah mengurniakan that kesabaran yg tinggi kpd diri ini. i know, there will be ups and downs in marriage life..i hope i will still strong for that moment.

last but not least - i really hope that i can cut down my weight! like seriously! i need to be slimmer! i have going to boutique, not having anything fit for me! please please not try to persuade me to eat! don't advertise nice cosy places to try! kihkihkihkih! 


forget it..i came from a family who lovesssssssssss to eat! and I'm married to a guy who love trying new places..


forget the last part..

till then,


Im pretty sure each and evryone of us is thinking of thhe new year's resolutions..rightttt..???
Me? As usual..i will always have new things in mind to achive!
For this coming new year, i want to be a better person than i was in 2015. Ive achived so many great things in 2015, and i won't forget 2015!
Lets recap..
2015 has taught me the high and lows about life. I more matured than i was before..
For me, 2015 flies like seriously fast! Everything went too fast and furious! Kahkahkah! And i am thankful for that. I introduced Aflah for the first time in July, got officially engaged in August..then married in October! See, everything went so fast for me! 
Early this year, i got good grades in my 2nd semester..Alhamdulillah..thanks to all who've been supporting me in my studies..who've been encouraging me to finish my master..thank you sooooo much! I am now in my final semester! Now, 1 more week before viva! Means, my finals!!! If everythings good and fine, i will be graduating in 2016, in sha Allah..Yuhuuuuu! 
The journey to stand at where i stand now in studies, truly challenging! I met so many kinds of people..some encouraging, and some discouraging..i saw so many colours behind one's look. Ape yg baik, kite amek sbg panduan..and ape yg tak baik, kite amek lah sbg we won't be doing the same bad things. 
Thats how we learn.
This year jugak, i think i became moreeeeee close to Ibu! Skrg ni Ibu slalu jugak dtg rumah 😁 im enjoying my life now..

Til then..

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sekinchan Roadtrip

when we have nothing to do
hop on his bike, then off to Kuala Selangor for Mee Udang!
besides, someone just got new tyres for the bike. so lets try them out! kehkehkehkeh :)
approximately took 1 and a half hour from Shah Alam

-27 December 2015-

Aflah + Alia

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Short Endau Trip

last week we went to Endau, Johor for a short trip. abah and mama has been talking and asking us to go to Endau for quite sometimes. lucky for us, my lil bro got new car..and mrsaranghae also got long weekend due to the Maulidul Rasul and also Christmas, then add the weekend! so we decided, why not? so 3 of us hit the road, together with abah and mama..

Aflah + Alia
25 Dec 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Makan Makan with CikLa and Fams

last week, Cik La and kids which are my cousins came to my house in Seri Kembangan
on the first day, we went to the Magnum Cafe in IoI Putrajaya

i, as usually ordered my usuals..the one in the bottle and tasted like pavlova..

on the next day, we went out to IKEA!!! for meatballssss!


i brought my cousins to Aroi Thai, Shaftbury in Cyberjaya for snacks
snacks ke? hahaha! boleh la kan..portion ciputtt jeeee..

all 4 of us managed to eat 23 bowls! hahahahhahahhaha!
these few days are all about food..and eating..hahahhahahaha!

p/s: nnt dtg lg yea cikla..belanje Mira makan bende lain pulak..hihiks!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

2nd Monthly Wedding Anniversary

Happy 2nd Month of Our Wedding!
we've made it to 2months! Yay Yay Yay!

i am still learning new things about you..thank you for this amazing 2months, Darling..
more months to goooooo til Jannah, in sya Allah..


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

7 & 8 Dec - Sabah



Sunday, December 6, 2015

Family Gathering

::Majlis Doa Selamat::
::4 Dec 2015::

hello peeps
This majlis doa selamat is for my lil bro..Mohd Joaquim Emeir Falah..
he's going to be circumcise!!! hahahahha! im going to be terrified for him. but i know he is strong! jyeah jyeah jyeah!

so, we got to get together..all my sibblings..except Amir and another big bro xdpt attend..Amir is on cruise and another is in Perak.

i like this picture the most! all of us in here! 
hopefully there will be another gathering that we can be pictured like this again