Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final Year Project

hello readers!

yup, its been awhile since my last post
i am super duper busy with my FYP
well, i ahve to change my topic and title since it is super duper SAME with someone in the subject. so i was forced to spend my days and nights to figure out what else to do besides the initial idea that i wanted to do. 

(how lucky u are to get that title)

so, now Alhamdulillah..
after getting help from my lecturers, i got new project
without having to get through 'Proposal Defend' phase
it is an AR application..
as u all know, AR is quite common these days in the world, but penggunaan nya di Malaysia belum lg diperluaskan.
now, i am kicking my butt off to get all these done
*sampai demam demam menyiapkan proposal*
i am trying my best right now. so do pray for me too, okay?

til then, tata!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


do u ever felt betrayed by the person u trust?

what will u feel when that person u trust betrayed u?

i hate it when i happened to me. and i hate myself for not careful enough in trusting people. after been betrayed a few times, im still trusting people. why cant i change it? why is it easy for me to trust people?

before u do something to others, try to put urself in that person's shoes. what will u feel if ure betrayed? dont be such selfish person.

now i know that ure like that, dont ever think of asking help from me.

u betrayed me.

to whom it may concern,
now, ure no longer my best buddy. thanks for being my best buddy for a while. thanks for everything u have done for me before. and sorry for anything ive done to u during our friendship.

halal kan makan & minum aku spanjang kite berkawan.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Helllo Semester 5!

new year, new age, new semester
im looking forward for 2013!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Super Sweet 23

on 9 January 2013
i am officially 23!
well, it is just number..
ho ho ho

this year, i think it is more meaningful
mr.Saranghae took 3 days off just to give me pre-Birthday, Birthday, and post-Birthday
this is my birthday cake
many people asked, where can they get this cake. u can get it at Bisou, KLCC. RM12
and it is super delicious!
just because there are just me and mr.Saranghae, we decided to share 

this is my birthday present given by my mr.Saranghae!
im totally love it!
and now, im instax whore!
i cant stop using this cute camera! 
this is given by my beloved cousin, Nani
body mists from Victoria Secret 
i got this cool pinky with Swarovski crystals from my beloved brother, Amir Akram
i may not say this in front of u, but i love u Bro!
thank u soooooooo much! 
last but not least, a bracelet from my BFF, Fatin Athirah!
thank u soooooo much, dear :-)

pardon me that i forgot to take pictures of my 4 pieces of cakes sponsored by Adiana Othman from Secret Recipe, CyberJaya when we had dinner together.

and to those who wishes me on facebook and twitter, thank u sooooooo much for remembering my birthday!
makan-makan on my birthday night
thank u adik..for the dinner!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Bandung 30Dec2012-3Jan2013

last minutes checking before checking in
this is what happened when everybody got smartphone, tab or iPad 
new added menu on AirAsia, ChaTime. even there are only 2 flavours, but mine is there! 
taking off 
we've safely arrived in Bandung! 

Tangkuban Perahu
the volcano is still active!
we're in super good luck. we could see the 'kawah' clearly! 

and again..both with their gadgets.. 

i found that this is super funny ads
later that night, we had dinner at Mak Uneh..its Sundanese's restaurant
well, we're kinda regular here. every time we're in Bandung, we never forget this retaurant

* * * * *

kelaparan and sudah pening tgk kain kain..

* * * * * 

my breakfast in the clouds
Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak