Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Trip - JB

hello darlings!

here are update on my trip to Johor Bahru last weekends (25Dec2011)
its been long since just 5 of us travelled.
me, Amir, Abah, Mama and Joaquim.
we went to JPO (Johor Premium Outlet)
nice place! 
a place that drives me crazy!
but the thing is that there are super duper many people over there
nk shopping pun xselese!
and Singaporeans.
so, nnt2 repeat lg
i plan to go when its not a school holiday

Joaquim the night before we went to JB

we love camera!

in car. on our way

my always lil bro, Amir

finally arrived!
Mama + Joaquim 

its super duper hot! we're lucky dpt parking yg super dekat dgn entrance

Me + Joaquim

menyimpan bende2 yg xsepatutnye dibawak turun

i will always be my daddy's lil girl!

my camera freak brother in action!

my lil brothers
Amir + Joaquim

Mama + Amir

see, ramai gile org!
Universal Traveller's sale! sape2 yg nk beli luggage baru, dtg la sini. cheaper than usual.

Joaquim + Mama + Me + Abah

as always..
Me + Amir in GEOX
the shoes are super comfy.
worth buying with the price and the comfort-ness

menunggu yg dewase membelek2..nasib baik ade tab..kalau x da meragam da tuh

this is super candid okay
we're pointing at the Coach's store yg kne beratur panjang!

buat muke comel!

okey, matahari sungguh terik!

Me + Abah + Mama

always ready for camera!

i love the shades in here!

Abah + Mama + Joaquim
Joaquim da mule boringgg!

tingkat atas

Joaquim + Me
seronok kacau Joaquim yg tgh merajok!

xmcm AX kt Pavillion
xbyk yg i suke

love this store!

bought 1 pair here!

menunggu Abah pulak bli kasut

played with Joaquim's iPod

beratur nk byr parking! it was really tiring! one 1 machine!

vincci kt sni same je mcm kt mne2 pun..

lucky that i wore flats. kalau x, mesti i dah flat skali dgn kaki

see, jammed dr kuar tol!

makan at Singgah Selalu, JB
katenye famous!

we and our Happy Meal's toys!

akibat flash!

bubbye JB!

if u have been to Rumah Mode in Bandung, this is more like that.
just that in here, ure going to get the store's brand paper bags Coach, Salvatore or AX. 
and my advice, pergilah when its not a school holiday. perhaps on the working days. 

 x o x o

goodbye 2011, hello 2012

hello darlings!

2012 is just around the corner. did u have ur New Year's Resolution yet? yeah, im still thinking of it.there are lots of things that i want to achieve in 2012.
one of them will be getting higher pointer in my studies. to make my mom proud. since what im getting now is still below her satisfaction.
other than that, i want to travel. i want to go to foreign country where the people dont really speak english. haha! sounds crazy but its gonna be challenging. haha!
i want to be more matured. im going to be 22 in a few more weeks. so i guess its time i learn to be more independent. right? ive been depending on others too much.
i want to make myself happy more than i make other happy. after all, love urself first then only u could love others right? all this while, ive been making everybody happy. but at last, im the one suffering. so, to be happy, make urself happy first.
besides that, i want to forget all my dark pasts. what is past is past. that would be a history that will never be repeated.
i dont plan to make more friends. i certainly have no intention to make friends. friends are just temporarily. true friend will never be more than one. i have one. and thats enough already. Fatin Athirah. she is all i need. we may sometimes, i mean lots of time arguing, but we know each others best. and we're true to each other.
i dont plan to be somebody im not. if u see me as a bitch, then thats ur problem. i have an attitude thats super duper different and ure super jealous. so, get lost. and i dont care what u want to say about me.

2011 is a really challenging year for me. and very2 meaningful to my life.
2011 is the year i learn to work for others during my industrial training. not for my parents. its more challenging when i have to be more creative on how to plan my route to work. i have to take the bus for the first time in KL! then monorel. phewww~ im glad its over now. hehe!
besides that, 2011 is the year that i broke up with Shabil. almost 5 years we have been together. well, thats the end of us. with just like that. but then i found new love, my PandaBear. he came st the right time, time place. but after months of dating, i realised that we're taking things super fast. so, we took a break. i think, when i did this i am more than relieved. "kalau dah jodoh, tak kemane" kn?
there are lots going on. so i dont want to commit myself into a relationship. not now. i have lot of things to learn. i have to put my life on track. love can wait. i do appreciate the people that love me. but im not into relationship. im sick of love. seriously. its sweet at the beginning, and then sour at the end.

well, there are lots of things in my mind for my 2012's resolutions. 
well, lets just pray for the best.
may all of us achieve things that we want to achieve in 2012
and may all our dreams come true. 
to those in love, appreciate ur love. and "smoge kekal sepanjang hayat"
for all the single ladies, truskan head hunting yea! goodluck!

and i will update my blog more often with more interesting stories of my life. hehe!

x o x o

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Duit Syiling Malaysia Siri Ketiga

hello darlings! 

i think im the last person to update on this new coins.
somebody wonderful gave me this last week. hehe! thank u sooo much yea!
but then i dont have the new note pictures.
but then we're going to have rm20 note! its in yellow color! nice!
wanna see them? google it. 
dah byk in the internet

x o x o