Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mini Farewell party for Zack - 30 March 2011

hello there..! this week is kinda free and easy week. but i dun get the time to update..
yesterday, we had a mini party here, in Netfision. hehe! its a farewell party for Zack. she finished her internship is her last day. i'll upload a few photos from yesterday's event.

the interns and th e BIG BOSS!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

weekends in Penang with cousins (25 - 27 March 2011)

hello bloggy! i miss u guys too. 
so what am i going to update tonight is about my recent trip to Penang with my cousins, Kina Nani and Pak Lang. this trip wasn't planned. i juz said to Nani i feel like going back to Penang to pick up my certificates and actually xjd. then Nani ckp Kina and Pak Lang nk ikot jugak then, there we went.
i went to Nilai on Thursday. then went makan Bihun Sup Daging. that was SUPERB! i dont know where is that place was. but i was nice bihun sup! 
the next morning, i went teman Nani to USIM. since USIM is like an Islamic university, so i have to wear 'tudung'. hehe! thanks to the hijab fashions invented, i think i look good. 

after that g breakfast. the plan was to take off my 'tudung' before sampai at the restaurant. but too late. before i knew it, im in front of the restaurant already. so i have to wear it while im eating too. its not appropriate la plak kn if people saw me open my 'tudung' to eat..haha!

then later balik rumah Nani to wait for Kina and Pak Lang. sampai ter-tdo! haha! around 11, they arrived. then we started our journey there. bile da on the highway, terlepas simpang la pulak. so kne plak wat u-turn kt toll mne ntah. forgot.
Nani was an excellent driver. die bawak laju, tp xde terhoyong hayang. 
kejap je da smpi tapah. 
i had 2 pau. while the other had nasi campur. then each one oh us got ourselves an ice blended + double bubble! thats was nice too!

then arrived in Penang around 430pm.
Ibu got stuff to do, so we went home to take a nap..resting..before having dinner after Maghrib.
so we went to Pen Mutiara for dinner.
the dinner was nice.

my mom + Nani



after super bloated eating, we went for a walk, at first. then mkn jagung bakar. huhu! still got some space for corns..hehe!

always got space for food

the next day, we went to Tesco to buy my stuff. then went to Sg.Dua for lunch. mee udang time!

on our way to Sg. Dua

the sisters


its been long since i last have a sip of real coconut. this is nice + refreshing!

udang galah xde..utk mengelakkn keempunan, udang kertas pun jd la..

aksi bersama ketam

at last!

haha! after this makan2 event, we went back home. before that, pit stop kt kedai pulut panggang. wahhhhhhh! that was superb too!
later that night, went to Queensbay Mall.
have a little shopping.
and as for me, i got new sandals. hehe! thats why i love going window shopping. ade je bende yg akan dibeli..haha! 
after that, we had a simple dinner at Pak Husin Tomyam. that was nice too! SUPER bloated! 
*forgot to snap some picture..*

then jalan2 pulak at Padang Kota. 
beli jeruk..
Kina wat keychain for her BFF.

then went back home..sleep!

on Sunday, we went back to KL. still with our eating trip. hehe! 
before dropping me off at my hostel, we went to IKEA for MEATBALLS! 
i havent been there this year. 
so, termakbul sudah doaku nk mkn meatball kt IKEA.

well, thats all for that trip.
all i can say here,

p/s: thanks to pak lang & anak2 yg sudi hntr Mira balik Penang.


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Thursday, March 24, 2011


something good just happened! 
yeah, im going back to Penang! i miss the food, miss my mom, miss my room.
EVERYTHING that is mine, i miss them!
after asking the person in charge for my latest mockup, she said the due date is next week!
is either Monday or Tuesday.
and she is going to email me the stuff that i might need during the design process.
u know what? this is why I LOVE WORKING WITH CHINESE. 
they dont really depends on one thing. xpyah susah2 nk letak kt server, then senyap je. sampai la aku jd org yg paling last tau bot it. the chinese will tell me soon after they email me the files.
isnt that great of them? thats why la diorg ni maju.
ntah more comments from me.
cause now, im super happy to go back tomorrow! hehe!

* * * * * * * * * * *

huish! thats scary!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

quote of the day:
"do not marry a person that you know that you can live with; 
only marry someone that you cannot live without"

thats all for now
take care darlings!

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:: super late post ::

atlast, i got some time to update my last visit to Putrajaya.
no hot balloons picture. just me and shabil.
-: 20 March 2011 :-

waiting for LRT from Bangsar ------> KL Sentral

me and my Baby Cammy

in ERL from KL Sentral ------> Putrajaya Sentral

the coast are clear

credit to: Shabil Shamsuddin

credit to: Shabil Shamsuddin

credit to: Shabil Shamsuddin

my Bambam with his Baby

no hot balloons..just 'sotong' balloon
*sabar je la..*

another 'sotong'

"u take mine, i'll take urs"

my macho Bambam <3
ade gaye photographer x?

. . . . to be continue soon

x o x o