Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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in order to love others, u must first love urself
how can u love someone without loving urself first? 


each and everyone of us have in so many ways the definition of love
so its up to us..up to u..up to her..up to him..

i love how this song conveys positive vibe
each and everyday in our life, we heard what people talk about us
its torturing! its annoying! and sometime those 'talks' played in ur mind


been there

well for me, it usually lasts for about 2-3 days
then, i tell myself to just f*** them off
they have the right to talk because they have mouth..but, when they talked, they gave us free 'pahala'. think again, its great right?

u now urself better than others. u made mistakes, so what? not one stays in that mistakes forever. people changed and people succeed after those mistakes.
just because u made mistakes, doesnt mean that ur life is over. its just the beginning of ur life. to become a better person.
a lot of people criticizing my life, my mistakes..but they dont know me..they dont live with me everyday..people changed..what u see outside, usually not in the inside. i just dont bother anymore. 
say anything you want.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Short Dinner Date



last night
short dinner date
someone pick me up from work, then treat me dinner

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Juggling Life

hi there

as u all know (if uve read from my previous posts) im both full time master student and full time working as a junior web designer

at first when i start working, i was just came back from Korea in July. I decided that i dont want to waste time while waiting for my application to continue my master. and i eager to gain experience from the real working world. this time, i choose not to work either with my mom or my dad. i choose to be independent.
when i first got paid, thats the month of Hari Raya. i was soooo happy that day that i have my own money now. i pay my own room rental, utilities, my phone bill and my internet subscription bill. that Hari Raya, i gave 'duit raya' to my my my my my both brothers..oh..that first pay..
then when i got extra, i treat my brother to eat. like almost once a week. i feel soooo grown up! kahkahkahkah! during my study time, i often borrow money from him. so i guess thats the time where i pay his kindness back. hihi

ive been working for quite sometimes now. the great thing is that i got to meet new people. the big people of certain industries. i got to work with the people from the government..or even in private sector. now, i got to handle few projects! that feels great too! website was never my thing before. but now, im living with them almost everyday :) yahh..i got to learn how to build a website. honestly, i use templates. i alter the design and structure them later. now im enjoying them. but not as much as i enjoy designing..

with my studies..
hmmm..things are getting tougher now. this semester im juggling with 5 subjects. and all of them require me to write..homaigodddd..seriously, now i only got 1 commitment which is works but i feel like im superbly busy going here and there. i salute those people who are married with kids, pursuing their master while still working! u guys are such inspirational! and even my mom was like that when she struggling with her Master..and PhD. working as a high school teacher..while raising me and my bro..and struggling with her writings..but look at her now..wandering around Amsterdam for tulips with her bff for her birthday..
i want to be like her..wanna go across the globe! but i know thats wayyyyyyy to far to go (-.-) but what can i do now is to do my best. who knows..i might be like her..not as great as her..

in the making

in sha Allah..


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


bile kte nk bckp pasal hati, mcm mcm la definisi la..kpercayaan la..
tapi, pernah x kte amek sdikit mse utk bfikir..
dlm 1 hari tu, ade x hati yg kite sakiti?

my principle in life is that, 
"dont hurt other's feeling if u dont want to be hurt"

mcm mne close pun kte dgn kawan kawan, kte kne jugak respect kawan yg lbh tue dr kite. nk gurau pun kne la jugak beragak. kte nk org respect kte, kne pun kne respect the end of the day, its all about human respect. 

and..please tolerate
asyik kte je nk kne dgr ckp..awk pun kne gk dgr ckp org
and, mgaku salah
we're all human..
we're not perfect..
so terime lah ksalahan kite tu dgn hati yg terbuke

sincere advice,