Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Second Day in Seoul

this is me walking from my dorm to Hanyang Plaza accompany a friend from Indonesia to post some stuffs to his friends in Busan.
today i went to MyeongDong and Namdemun Market
bought some toiletries..
lunch..then have a walk..
go back to my dorm..
soooooooo tired of walking!
everyday, i have to walk and 'climb' the hill
i was superbly far to go from one place to another! 
especially from my dorm to the subway station!
urgh! superbly tired!
how i miss my darling's car right now!

this is me..
posing at the Hanyang University's subway station. Hanyang University is the only university in Korea that have subway station in campus! how cool is that right?
i wish the station is near to my dorm T.T

till then

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Korea, Here I Come!

after months of waiting, finally..
we took off to Korea to fulfil our dream to live in Korea for 16 weeks
im kinda sad, but im excited at the same time.
these are all those peeps who are going to Korea..except for Miss Jan and Miss Gibb who were there to say goodbye to us :)

* * *
so this is the Pas Nasser's Nasi Lemak
its a must when u board an AirAsia flight! 
because it was a long flight, Rezza decided to walk around..betul2kn pinggang..kaki..sume lah..haha! he sits at the other side of my its kinda, my seat was at the back..and its was near to the toilets and the FA's station. 
and..this is lunch..chicken with some potatoes and veggies, served with cherry sauce. and the set comes with pasta, waffle and orange juice :) all these was only RM15. 
this picture was taken one and a half hour before landing. beds of cloudssss..masyaAllah..subhanAllah..nothing more can i say when seeing this.
and that thing that looked like dust is actually ice. maybe its too cold outside. 
this was taken a few minutes after we land. everyone was too busy updating their fb, instagram, whatsapp..
our first impression was like "internet die laju siotttt...!" usual, urs truly's selfie.. 
this is the picture i sent to everyone saying that ive safely landed at the Incheon International Airport :) 
thats Pdud. i dont know his real name, but we call him Pdud..even thats his fb name.
he is that kind of person.. haha! crazy2 person.
we didnt get to experience this in LCCT, only in KLIA je ade bende ni.
this is me, waiting for the shuttle train to get our baggage.

when i was at the passport checking and stamping point, i dont know how but i speak fluently in Korean to that Immigration officer. i dont believe that i can speak to them as soon as i landed :)
haha! well, alhamdulilla..everything is settled now.
and i have someone from the university to pick me and Afiq a.k.a Bob to the Hanyang University.

right now, 
im in my dorm..this building is called International House
i will be living with a roomate from Vietnam (which i still dont get her name yet)
i will post more as soon as i tidy up my room

til then, xoxo

Monday, February 17, 2014

Adventurous Alia!

hello readers!

yep, its kinda almost impossible for me, a.k.a the great Lya to walk..
to be honest, i am trying to be more adventurous in Korea soon
and i am totally aware that, in order for me to get to one place, i have to change like 2 or 3 subway line. yes, i know that.
and i am trying my best to fully utilized the subway. hahaks!
besides, i have to save more for other stuff than transportation. the more money i save from transportation, more other things i can buy


and dont worry, i will always update my life in Korea.
who knows, maybe my blog can be ur reference in the future. right?

so take care dearly darlingssss!


Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Feb 2014 - Report Duty

hello readers! 

how's life so far? 
lots of things going on lately.. still here in Kuala Lumpur..not yet in Korea
yes, i wish im there too :)
i cant wait to set my foot on the land of Korea! hahaks!

before going to Korea, i actually have to do some stuff here
its more like a assignment, in a project form
we have to complete the assignment in order for us to go to Korea
so after briefing just now, the faster the better..the faster i can enjoy my time :)

so here's the project:
we have to come out with a video, more like an introduction video about UniKL
lots of interviews to conduct..with the dean, the deputy dean, and the international students ('^.^')
i am looking forward to finish this assignments as soon as possible

til then, take care darlings!
have a good day and great weekends!