Monday, September 24, 2012


ever since mr.Saranghae came out from the hospital, we both just stay at home. xde xajak kuar, and im at my house finishing my assignments..

so yesterday, mr.Saranghae asked me out 
since we not really hungry at that time, we went to Snowflakes Sri Hartamas
he ordered Tako Series..huhu! with real sweet potatoes inside!
mine? it was called Best Seller..
ever since our first time at Pavi, we fell in love with this desert stall

haha! im glad the pain killer works!
he didnt feel pain at the stitches area..but then, its swollen..
according to the doctor yesterday, its already infected..thats why its swollen 

+ his and mine +

goodnight people!
and Happy Monday!


Saturday, September 22, 2012


its really hard when u have to do our own research regarding things that ure not aware of before
so the best way is to GOOGLE it
so i type in:

nothings helped me.

they just wrote that he should get foods that rich in:
1. Vitamin C
2. Vitamin A or Beta-Carotene
3. Zinc
4. Proteins

then i asked my cousin, she told me not to feed mr.Saranghae with foods that will make the wounds itchy such as eggs and sardines. 
tester day i made bread with Kaya and that Kaya consider as eggs?
oh, im so confused!
well, im going to keep on searching!
i hope mr.Google will help me!
*finger crossed*


Friday, September 21, 2012

accident and my experience with GH

accident happened.
today early morning
my darling fell in the toilet

he called me, and i rushed to his house to pick him
i am super duper surprised that, the cut was really deep that i can even see the bones!
he is soooo lucky that im fast as lightning
went to the hospital at 1230am, and we went out from the hospital almost 4 in the morning! 
it was super duper slow! damn!
i was like "can u see, he got an open wound?!"
bru la nk ckp, "de lg 2 lg, next trun cik Aflah"
klu x tnye tu, mmg smpi subuh pun xsudah la kn..?

he went to get dressing for his cut
i thought, its settled. but nope. we have to go and get x-ray, then we have to wait for at least an hour before we got called to see the doctor..
ble jumpe the doctor, doctor said sbnrnye xpyah x-ray pun..buang mase je
then the doctor xtgk ape pun, trus nk prescribe ubat
then i asked "so, he didnt have to be stitched?", bru la the doctor asked him to open to see the wound
bru la nk buat suruh kebenaran menjahit..LEMBAB!
then kne g one small room to get ubat tahan sakit, in jab form..
then, went to the bilik menjahit to giv the letter..then again, we have to wait to be called..
and again..LEMBAB!
we have to walk!
after got the stitches, again..WE HAVE TO WALK TO SEE THE DOCTOR..AGAIN!
then, bru la doc prescribed meds
he prescribed him: antibiotic, pain killer, and meds fro gastric
for lebam kt belakang? NOPE! haihhhhh...
GH is super frustrating!
later, we have to go to private clinic pulak..
kan da kne wat kje 2 3 kali..haihhhh..

take care people!
be extra careful when ure in toilet!


Monday, September 17, 2012


i had to complete my assignments on interviewing a successful person
all i can think of is my parents. haha!
my dad, my mom or my step-mother
since my mom is far in Penang, so i have to go with either dad or step-mom
technically, my mom is very successful lecturer, as she is now going internationals. she dont just teaching in local universities, she also teaches universities abroad. so, logic for me that my mom is successful.
my dad, he is a businessman. he sells car, owns a few institute, and board member to a few companies. and again, logic thinking = SUITABLE!
lastly, my step-mom, i think that she is successful because she owns 2 spa in Seremban. she is even featured in a tv program for RTM. and she is also part of Program Pembangunan Wanita in again, logic thinking! hehe!

the things is, me and Fatin have to prove that we meet that person

last Friday, a day before my dad's open house, mr.Saranghae send me and aten back to Seremban to get those pictures.
my dad in his corporate's shirt
here's another
haha! trust me, its hard to get him to gave me these pics! haihhhhh! puas memujuk!

secondly, my step mother;
but then we decided to go with my dad. so, ive completed the interview questions and answers and get aten to submit them yesterday..

before aten went back, 


i always, like really always thinking about this
what is the meaning of that word actually?
if i trust someone, will that someone break my trust?
all this while, ive been trusting people a lot!
but at the end, what happened to me?
to those who broke my trust, do u have any idea how turned my life now?
u guys are the most painful things that ever happened to me
i wont wish u well, dont worry
i made me fell so hard, on a concrete
yes, i cant do anything to u
but im praying that u'll pay MORE than what u gave me

dont think that i always smile, means i dont know u
i am smiling because i am super happy to see u, knowing that u have no idea that i knew
thanks for making me more stronger than before
as i grew older, i met soooooo many kinds of people
and i prayed a lot that i wont meet people like u

pretend like u dont know anything, but u do know
when being asked about assignment, always answered "i dont know how" but the truth is, ure already done it
talks bad things about me behind my back
u wish i dont know didnt u?
well, unfortunately i knew
and i am smiling
u know what? i dont have any feeling on helping u again
to trouble myself just to help u? NOT ANYMORE.
awak hebat kn? 


Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Lunch

today i woke up, waken by my mom (yup! she is here. for a conference) at 645am to perform Subuh prayer.
then, i melayan my mom getting ready for her conference..sambil terkelip2, dlm ke-mengantok-kn yg amat..
then i sent her to PWTC
well, at first my mom nak naik taxi la kononnye..sampai je kt simpang that i was supposed to drop her off, "mira hantar je la ibu g PWTC trus. pg2 ni xjam kot.."
haha! nasib baik i brought my driving license..dah la kluar dgn xmandi and gosok gigi..!
but i still forgot to bring all my 3 communication devices! haha! 

after i got home, i update my blog, talking about things that happen lately - scratch!
but the truth is, i want to tell u guys that i feel and i got scratch on my knee!

then, i made plans in my mind..for my lunch
Aten by accident is here, in campus *ignore the fact that here <==> campus*
so i invited her to join me and mr.Saranghae 
well, my plan is to go to IKEA! after a really tiring week, i need meatballs to pass through my throat
its been a good tense reliever
who would resist IKEA's meatballs? yup, no one.
i tried their new menu : chicken legs served with fries and bbq sauce
my darling, as usual : 20 meatballs!
our side dishes: chicken wings and some king of tart
aten? hehe! 10 meatballs
happy je muke sume dpt mkn..hehe!

after meatballs, jalan2..kononnye nk bg cepat penghadaman..huhu!
but then i found myself ended up buying things from IKEA
so its window-shopping-turn-to-actual-shopping

and not to mention, before going home i bought ice cream as my last desert!
yup, im getting fatter! haha!
owh yea..i almost forgot..i bought 1 dozen of the famous IKEA's curry puff! nyummmm! half for me, and another half for my darling to bring to work..
da mlm2 nnt mesti lapar pnye lah! 
and later my darling will say "nasib baik Alia blikn curry puff ni..ade gak bende nk mkn"..haha! 
btw, thank u darlings (aten and mr.Saranghae) for accompany me for lunch today!
i had a great time!
and sorry mr.Saranghae..i totally forgot that u got ur afternoon shift bad

well, thats all for now
will update soon with more things that happened in my life!


ive been terribly busy
with assignments and all..haihhhhh..

ive been eagerly to update my blog since days ago..
well, here i am after my last post on my dad's open house

last Wednesday, i tried new place
just in front of my campus
quite okay to my throat la..and we call the restaurant, "restoran ayam dare"
hehe! Malay enough for me to pronounce it! haha!
well, its something different than what i usually had everyday = NASI AYAM VISION

this is what i had that day
it served with chilli, but for me it is not that spicy
this cost me RM5.50
next time, i'll try their nasi kukus ayam dara
to those who know this place, try it
maybe you'll like it

yesterday, which is Thursday..UniKL held an Open House
they served lots of food to eat!
ice cream, laksa, nasi kukus ayam berempah, roti john, roasted kambing, satay and soooooooooo many more.
something came up yesterday, so i didnt get the chance to try all..just a bit of this, and a bit of that
the good thing is, i invited  mr.Saranghae to the open house
so, what i ate, he ate too
thats his first time attending UniKL event
but sadly, we didnt pose for any photo yesterday..just me and aten.. sob..sob..sob..

its just me..or my eyes are really getting smaller?
and yup, no peace
we tried hard to be decent as ever yesterday!
yesterday was really hot! lot of people
and i have to line under the hot sun just to get the roasted mutton *well done, Alia!*
on my way to the car, i fell!
im lucky, nobody there!
*kalau tak, malu org tgk Alia jatuh!*
my bad..i am now having phobia on wearing heels..*can u believe that?*
i just take it as, its not my day..thats all

* * * * *
today is a free day for me since i dont have class on Friday
my mom is here since last nite and she stay here, in my room..
well, as usual la.."bilik ni bersepah.." "bilik xkemas.."
haha! well, im seriously not good with these things
she is here for a conference in PWTC

oh more thing..i got extra 2days instead of having just Saturday and Sunday for holiday!
*2days of semester break..ONLY 2 DAYS*
the punishment of having long break for Hari, they took the 3 days for replacement
well, its okay..i dont really like holiday..since my lecturer will give tons of assignments!

see? its stated here..hukhukhuk :-(

well, i think that are all that i wanted to mumble about this morning
i will continue mumbling more once i have things to mumbling about..hehe!

take care, and have a nice weekends people!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


so, today is the day where my Abah's open house took place
most of my cousins are here today
its really nice to see people coming
well, this is the time where i got to see how big is my family 

here are few photos taken
Ika + me + Fuad 
my beloved grandmother whom i called Uwan 
my mr.Saranghae 
Tasneem + Ika + Fuad + me + Uwan 
haha! i accomplished my mission to asked Uwan to show peace! 
Ika + Fuad + Amir + Uwan 
my Sis + Ika +  me + tasha + uwan 
amir + fuad 
ika + amir
this photo is taken to show the relationship between them = SEPET! 

the food!
longtong + ayam percik + laksa johor + kuah kacang + kari ayam + pulut kuning + sambal sotong
to those yg dijemput tp xdtg, anda sgt rugi..haha! 
me + Abah 
the ayam percik 

besides open house, we got to celebrate Mama & Abah's wedding anniversary
the cake was given by Datuk K 

Uwan looked very very serious 

my mr.Saranghae wanted to go back already 

the cute amka + tasha + nani

well, thats it for my open house
to those who cant make it, well see u next time..huhu!
insyaAllah, thn depan ade lg..*kalau rajin*

im super tired!
its time to sleep now
goodnight people!