Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2014 (^.^)

2014 has been really a great year for me
there are lots of things going on in 2014 that i will always remember in my whole life!

on the 1st Jan 2014, me and Aflah got robbed. well, its not a great experience for me, but alhamdulillah, we're both safe. i hope those bastards wont be living peacefully for the rest of their lives. this happened chronologically after Mr.Saranghae got the bad news that he was asked to find new home in less than 2weeks, through WhatsApp. yeah, i wont forget and forgive that asshole as well. and i pray each and everyday that u wont be happy. stupid. how can u treat ur friend like that? from that incident, we strive to find money to replace the 2 broken car windows..replace the car's alarm system..find new home..going here and there..then got new home, need more money for the house stuff pulak..yes! i hate that person! 

then, due to that bad incidents, we dont really celebrate my birthday like always. it is still sweet of him to celebrate it just the two of us. then, as usual dinner with my brother, my bff Adiana Othman and my cousin Nanne. was one of the best nights in my life. thanks everyone for remembering..

i got accepted for the Global Mobilisation Program to Korea. MrSaranghae and my families were the happiest people to know that im going abroad. despite that i have to be away from everyone i love, i still go and have good time in Korea in February.

I got to experience Cherry Blossom with the people i love in Korea. Ibu came and celebrate her birthday in Korea. as well as MrSarangahe too. he came to visit me in Korea. see how things going with my life over there. hihiks! during my stay, i miss everyone! there are nights where i cried, wanting to go back and i keep on counting days. haha! but then, i really enjoyed myself over there. travelling around Korea. went to places outside Seoul. meet new people. spread my wings. did presentations in few Universities in Korea; Hongik, Hanyang Cyber, Chonnam..being appreciated abroad means a lot to me as here in my own country, they dont even look at my projects. sorry to say, but most friends and lecturers didnt really see what i did, and what are my capabilities. 
during my stay in Korea, i got email from the school saying that i was invited to the Dean's List Award Ceremony. but unfortunately for me, i cant attend that event. im too far from Kuala Lumpur at that time.
i tried my luck to apply for Mara Pasca Siswazah thingy..i passed the first round..and sadly for me, i cant attend the interview session which is held in Malaysia. the date cant be changed. so there i am, sadly saying that i refuse the offer.

during my stay in Korea, my bro also got selected to be in exchanged program organized by the Kemanterian Belia dan Sukan. he got to be on Brunei's tv..on Brunei's Brunei's newspaper EVERYDAY! im superbly jealous and im proud of him at the same time.

and also, my mom got awarded. im proud of her too. well, she raised me and my bro since she got divorced in 2006. since then, me and my bro stayed with her. and since then too, we've been travelling around the world, just three of us. my mom is superbly workaholic. she works from Monday to Sunday 24/7. she's writing this and this and that..go here and there..being recognised across the globe really made me superbly proud to have her as my mom! i love u, Ibu!

as soon as i get back from Korea, i got job! alhamdulillah..while waiting for other universities' offers, i think i should gain some  industries experience. so here i am, up till now, here in this company. i can say that i enjoy myself working here. gain more knowledge, meet new people, dealing with them. here, i dont feel pressure as my boss here is very sporting person. he even supported any of my decision when i said that i got into UiTM for my Master. and he also said that i can still work here on the days which i dont have class. cool boss right? i can say that THAT kind of boss is one in a million! hehe! thank you so much for this opportunity, Boss! i cant describe how lucky i am to be here! 

the in September, i got accepted into Faculty of Art and Design UiTM. yay! being in there, really made me 'culture shocked'. i didnt  know its gonna be like this. i thought, by choosing coursework will get me to produce stuffs like what i did during my diploma and degree years..but unfortunately, its not. for master level, i was told that, its more on academic writing. more on critical thinking. more on opinions and supported with other academic journals. so thats when i know why not all continue their studies after degree. its kinda hard. it requires me to read more on journals, and keep on updating  myself with latest technologies and last arguments about them. yes, its suffocating! juggling between work and studies. but as i said earlier, im lucky to have such a supportive Boss. there is where i got my peace of mind, and it really helps me in my studies. and again, thank you Boss!

then i got featured to be in the Newspaper! its more like a sharing articles on my experience in Korea. again, my face is in the paper! oh yea, almost forgot, during the Hari Raya i also got featured in the newspaper for the hari raya wishes from abroad. hihiks!  

apart of going to Korea, this year i also got to go to other Asian countries; HK, Shenzhen and Macau. they were great places to go! Shenzhen is where i got crazy shopping for handbags and gadgets! we're shopping like a mad people. we bought almost everything that we touched. haha! and unlucky for us, the Chinese didnt accept the credit card. only card with Union Pay is accepted (-.-') so we kinda have to control ourselves. hahahhaha! from Shenzhen, then we move to Hong Kong. HK is much modern. lots of foreigners. here, we enjoy the city than shopping. we went on the Big Bus for sight seeing. we took the tour package offered together with the Big Bus. we went to The Peak, Madam Taussaud's, HK Ocean Park and few more other places. then, from HK, we went to Macau to hangout for a bit and get to taste its famous egg tarts :)

a part from the sweet sweet things happened, there are also bitter moments.
in November (if im not mistaken) my dad was diagnosed with minor eye stroke. that news totally broke my heart. i dont know how to help. looking at him, not being able to do things that he love to do is really broke my heart. but alhamdulillah, he is getting better and better each and everyday..

* * * * *
im looking forward for 2015
i hope in 2015, i can learn more and gain more

x o x o

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


last weekends
short break with bunch of friends
chats over great food, great people


Thursday, December 18, 2014


because both of us was kinda a bit busy,
we didnt get to celebrate our monthlyversary

and that day, i have class. he send me to school that day. but before that, we make a pitstop. for ice kacang and uncle bob.
Shah Alam Seksyen 2 is kinda famous for the ice kacang. all sorts of ice kacang.
what i ordered was Special Chocolate Mania and 1 piece of Uncle Bob's chicken.

so that was it
chocolate shaved ice with chicken on our monthlyversary day

okay la okay la
the thought of it is more important than how we celebrate it

x o x o

Saturday, December 13, 2014


me :: Ibu :: Amir :: Is

exploring Shenzhen, HongKong and Macau
was awesome trip
because it was a shopping trip!

x o x o

Monday, November 17, 2014

Aflah & Alia Anniversary!

anni..not monthly..

first of all, alhamdulillah..
we still putting up with each other very well
tipu lah kalau i kate we did fight..we almost everyday la..but not that chronic..
Aflah is the kind of guy for me that is Mr.Right. maybe because he is older than me, so he is matured enough to let me be the Mrs. ALWAYS Right.
gaduh gaduh kecik tu biase la kan..
but i can say that i am the one yg selalu xpuas hati ini la..itu la..
then merajuk..

Aflah is kinda guy yg actions speak louder than words
mmg susah lah nk dgr die ckp "I Love You" everyday
but he is kinda guy yg buy roses on random that..on random day


My Dear Mr.Saranghae,
thank you for being such a nice guy. u always respect me, my decision. i know, sometime being with me is like having pain in the ass, but ure still here. thank you.

for supporting what im doing
for willing to wait for me
for putting up with me
for showering me with ur love

-Alia Amira-

Friday, November 7, 2014

preparation ^.^

my preparation for the IELTS exam

yep, i know..there are lotsssssss of free resources on the net..but i need books! bru la feeling study sket kan..?


Tuesday, November 4, 2014


meeting new people
sometime its a good thing, and sometime its a bad thing

i would say, it depends on where did we met that person
good place usually have good people, and vice versa

i love meeting new people
new people usually brings new vibe

like last week,
i followed Aflah to his Dukers convoy to Sepang
i can say that most of them are nice and polite
sape kate brader moto garang? *okay, thats my perception*
even that i dont know how to ride and im TOTALLY lost when theyre talking about parts..helmet's brand la.. they still treat me as if im one of them
in fact, they invited me to hangout with them again ;)

usually, i dont go because..well..emmm..
first of all, i dont ride. my back and butt hurt when im on bike. even from Cyberjaya to my place in Kg Baru. yep, its kinda 25mins journey ONLY!
i still remember my first time on Aflah's bike. he have to stop like a lot of times just to let me stretch my legs..yep, that bad.

so now, im happy that i met new people~
this is not Mat Rempsss's club
they got diff mentality from those kind of people

and now im eager to learn how to drive a bike..haha! who knows, maybe one day i want to buy that bike..kan kan kan..

have a great day peeps!

Friday, October 31, 2014


sharing session :)
i hope ive made everyone proud



if u asked me to surprise u, 
dont be surprise..hahahahahha! PINK is always my fav colour! 

i always like this one
hari tu jalan jalan, and this shoes is not that i grabbed them! hahaks!

nnt play football, pakai tau! hihiks!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Recently, i read a comment on friend's friend status update
it sounds something like this

"ini la untungnye xsambung study. boleh tumpu perhatian kpd suami. nnt pd bb pulak. org yg blaja tinggi pun belum tentu peknen"

u must be kidding me! at first, i read this comment a few times, trying to figure out what is the whole point of saying that.
and then, i dont know whether to laugh or to cry

first of all dear 'commenter', YOU CANT PREDICT THE FUTURE. now, u have hubby that provides almost every basic need in ur life. if let say one day, he got sick and cant work anymore, what will you do? SPM in this era wont get u anywhere. okay la, maybe he got insurance anything la yg bleh bg monthly allowance *something like that* BUT, how long will u survive with that much of money?
if u got divorce? hmmm..well, we're not asking for it. but it might happened. are u going to be that pity lady who is left by her hubby and got no job? do u want that? more pity is that, u wont get the child's custody if ure jobless. get the picture now?
if let say u guys are happy and healthy, dont u want to have a better life? having few COACHes in ur collection. or go to Europe? 
i was once read cynical stats from u very much comparing me with u in terms of travelling. hurmm, let me tell u this, i pretty much growing up abroad. ive stepped onto European land since i was small.. u? Hong Kong? Disneyland Hong Kong? whats that? im not trying to brag here..but if u dont know me, please dont judge me. and dont ever compare me and u..

back to the topic.
okay, then let say u have kids. how are u going to encourage ur kids to study when u only got SPM? education makes u diff from others. in terms of mentality? well, u know the answer.
when she said that those who further study still dont know whether or not they can get pregnant, ARE U SERIOUS??!! this is all REZEKI..its all sha Allah, if we try and we pray, Allah will granted our wish. ur statement is ridiculously stupid! 
for some people, its not the time yet. if ure ready, then its good for u. for some who wishes to further study, dont condemn their decision :) maybe to u, by not furthering ur studies, u have all time in the world to produce babies. yeah, that probably works for you.

for me, i want to have my own money.. i want to buy things i want without having to ask money from hubby. i want to be able to wear anything i want. being able to buy Daniel Ray's. be able to collect Thomas Sabo's chains every months. i want to be able to dine in Madam Kwan's 4times a week..breakfast at Harrod's or Ben's. dinner in every hotels i can go.. dessert at Haagen Daz. popcorn at Garret's. have more than 3 sunnies to suit every occasions.
so, do u get what i mean?
after the statement, sorry respect for u
hopefully ur life turns out well :)

something to ponder and to wonder


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Breakfast SS15


today's post is about food!
last Monday is about food hunting!
since ive sent off Ibu and my bro to Penang and Korea respectively, i went back to my dad's house to sleep. then later that afternoon, Aflah came to see me, and give some help on getting my baggage up to my house.
then we went to SS15
Aflah told me about this place weeks ago. and he is eager to try the pancakes here.
so since we have nothing to do at the moment, we look for this place.
we are so lucky that this place open on public holiday!
jyeah jyeah!

so..without wasting anymore time,
we went in and straight to the counter.
there are long lists menus
all sorts of pancakes..crepe..breakfast menus..lattes..coffees..
as recommended, we ordered Banana Pancakes with Caramel Sauce, Choco Banana Caramel Crepe, Capuccino and Hazelbut Latte.
everything was awesomely sweet!
lucky that we didn't get carried away by ordering too much

the waiters and waitresses was nice. and smiling all the time.
made me feel welcomed.


to those who woke up late *1 in the afternoon*, who feel like having breakfast, u guys should come here. 'TRYST'
seriously comfort food


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


besides celebrating Malaysia's Day today, i have another personal event that happen today.
its my Monthly-versary!

yep, i celebrate it every month. so that we wont forget the ups and downs thru out the month. on this day, we usually recap on how we met. how i made him fell in love and how i fell in love with him.
we're too busy with our daily activities. im working, and studying..and my freelance time with friends..
so sometimes we forgot how important we are to each other ;)

we've been together for 2yrs and 10 mnths today.


16 September - Malaysia's Day

Happy Malaysia's Day to all my Malaysian readers!

x o x o

Monday, September 15, 2014

15 Sept

15 September 2014

= first day being a UiTM's Masters student =

first impression?
haha! sooooooo many impressionssssss and i think i have sooooo many expressionsssssssss..

tak pe la
it's only one and a half year thingy
in sha Allah, i will get thru it just fine :)

at the bright side, i made new friends. many of them are married..and older than me..well, lg best. no more 'teenager-like' people in my life


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


ibu happen to be in town for the weekend
and she will be staying in Nenne's house in Nilai
so all of us went there to!

this photo was taken during Ibu's friend's open house
really great food!
happy faces!

this is us, me and my bro sending off Ibu at KLIA2
had dinner at the Johnny Rockets

till then

Monday, August 18, 2014

Point in Life

what kind of point?


hahaks! adulthood lah sgt!

well, a point in life where one-by-one of ur friend are getting married!

yup, getting M.A.R.R.I.E.D!
yes, im 24..ONLY 24! and im still my daddy's and mommy's lil yeah, i cant get married now. PLUS, im jobless *imy part time job is not counted* and im still going to continue studying this September! urgh! soooooooo many reasons for me for NOT getting married yet..
im thinking of my future. if im married, can i still ask money from my parents for Birkenstock's sandals? hurmmm..i dont think my mom will do that..once im married, im off of her *i think* well atleast thats what i understand from our casual conversations months back..or even years back..
but..i want to get married..

thats why im working my ass off to get my Masters..then that i will have more money. so that i can buy whatever i want. right?

and im wondering..why did my friend's life are simpler than mine? their parents are superbly supportive in supporting their marriage expenses..even that my friend and are jobless and the guy is only making RM2500 a month! *yes, thats the reality of the fresh graduates price* i wish my parents would say, "u wanna get married? nah, take this 20k for the expenses.." or "let me sponsor some of the wedding expenses". 
i wish!

thats sooooo unfair! theyre not rich..i mean, compare to mine..but they afford to get married! urgh! stress! stress! stress! i think this is what they called as a mid-age life crisis!

in a few years, i bet people will start asking, 'when are u going to get married?". and maybe that time, i will be pissed off when people ask me with that stupid question.

anyways, to all my friends..or followers..or my readers..who are going to get married, 
semoga segalanya dipermudahkan..amin..

please dont ask me when am i going to get married. i will get married when im ready..mentally, physically, and most important, ECONOMICALLY. unless you want to sponsor my wedding expenses.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


been waiting for these!

i'll update more on this soon

til then,


Friday, July 11, 2014

New Life

ive been working for a week now.
and i feel great!

i have lots more to learn
since this company is almost about websites, so i was force to be in this web-field
during my study days, i ALWAYS avoid websites


im not good at it.
i dont like to spend almost all of my time trying to figure out how to do to do that..
ive tried, make this, make that..but it too simple. websites that are live on the net now are amazing. the have weird drop down menu and so many more advanced things

so now, ive been bugging my colleague whenever i received new task from clients
updating is not as easy as click click click..and drag drag drag..and drop drop drop..
when u edit something tiny, i may brings changes to the website; the layout

YES! we're talking about simple EDITING
when i edit something, the layout then fall into pieces that then, i dont know how to do it again..

u may see the very nice design on the outside..BUT, behind all those nice nice thingy, MAJOR DISASTER!
im hoping that what i feel today will just be a temporary feeling as im a newbie. in the future, i hope i wont be feeling this anymore, InsyaAllah

sometimes, not knowing things is good
so that we learn new things, and not just assuming u know everything. i think im dealing with my life well now.
all this while, ive been working in my dad's company. so, i will just have to deal with my dad. now, dealing woth REAL people and REAL BOSS, *sigh* kinda tiring actually. first u want it to be this way..then u dont like it this way..soooooo fussy..yes, that REAL LIFE. the thing that u have to deal with everyday. i think that its a good thing. dealing with people. all this while, people have been following me; what i like, what i dont. now, this is life. you wont get to depends on ur parents all ur life. one day u have to go out there and face the world alone.
im just 24, my life is gonna be loooooooooooong *insyAllah* more. i have to face more things in life. its a good thing that i started this phase in my life now.

so lil bit on my working life:
im called 'Junior Web Designer'
and i only go to the office 3 times in a week. when i first started working, i choose Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday..well, u know la kn..bleh balik cuti awal and finish cuti lambat..haha! but then, my days changed..i need to go to the office on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday..*im still going to get that Monday Blues i guess..
other days, im working for home
yeah, its sweet..but..i still need to do my works..i still receiving emails from clients on my way back home.
i have to work from 9-6 *according to the papers* but since its fasting month, i can go as early as 4 if and only if i finish my work for the day..other months, i can go back as early as 5pm, as soon as i finish my work. i have to be in the office at 9 *according to the papers*, but i am sooooo lucky that theyre not THAT strict with working time. they understand; KL's jamssss, overslept..haha! well, as long as u did ur work properly, it wont be any problem :)
Alhamdulillah..ive been knowing these people in the office from 3 years ago, when i did my internship. theyre all nice and funny. so my working life is not that stressful..
even my boss is funny!
i think that are all for now..i will update more soon 
happy fasting


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

 this is an update on my Penang's trip last week
im kinda a tourist guide to a group of Korean students
was a nice experience
and i got to use my Korean Language too! 










dear followers,

was the one of the biggest day in my life
today is the day where i started on my kinda-part-time-job
while waiting to continue my studies, i decided to look for a gain experiences in real life with real people and real job.

im not sure how much will i get in a month, but im sure its gonna be more than 1k
Ibu asked me to ask for 1500, but according to one of the employee here, she said that its too much for a part-timer like me
so well, i cant ask for more then..

having a job now is more than enough for now
while gaining experience, i can have some pocket money too
just in case i might need some for my masters soon

some of my friends got call from campus to go for a briefing on continuing studies in Korea. but unlucky for me, i didnt get any call from anyone
thats a sign that i have to do it myself
no one will help me, only ME who can help myself

one of the lessons in life: DO NOT DEPENDS ON OTHERS!

tak pe la..let bygones be bygones
now, usaha sendiri
insyaAllah..kalau ade rezeki, ade la..kalau tidak, kite cari rezeki lain pulak..

til then

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


31 May 2014

all pictures taken by using my Samsung Galaxy SIII