Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mud Night

something stupid happened today. haha!
seriously stupid.

me and my cousin, Nani went out to find something for dinner. then we decided to go to Pasar Malam. yeah, super duper gile ramai org. yeah, i dont really like going to Pasar Malam, but if i do, i usually enjoy it. hehe!
so we parked the car tepi jalan. i cant even go out from my side because i dont want to stains my feet. we dont even look at the tyres. so believe that the car was all save.

so we went for a walk for about half an hour. i bought chicken and cakoi. hehe! i lurve cakoi..! hehe! i remembered, last time i bought that was like 20cent each. but now i costs me50 cent each! wawah! naik rege sudah..hehe!

so back to my stupid story, after we bought our lunch, we went back to the car. we saw the cars next to us stuck in the mud. so Nani was kinda panic. hehe! we tried to do it ourselves but it didnt work out. we're super lucky that there are people to help us.

there is 2 guys was in the mud BAREFOOT! seriously, thanks to him. so me and Nani was super blessed that there is "semangat 1 Malaysia" when we're stuck in the mud. haha! there is few indian guys, malay guys, and chinese guys. may God bless all of u who helped us just now.

so now we have to send the car to the car wash. it needs major wash to clean up the mud! so people, next time if ure going to parked ur car, make sure that the space is safe enough for u to park ur car yea..hehe!

have a great weekends dear darlings! im going to bed after this. take care yea..sweet dreams! <3

x o x o

Friday, November 25, 2011

Packing and UnPack

olla dolls!

yay! i am super duper happy that ive done my work in KL! ive clean up my hostel's room..huhu! ive packed everything single thing and sent them to Nilai. my cousin's house. huhu!
super penat! ive been naik turun tangge 5 times to bawak turun all my stuff and load them in the car. nasib baik naik krete sorg2. klu la ade plak org yg nak tompang, mmg xdpt la..huhu!
im now in Nilai. and guess what? i got my own bed in Nani's room! hehe! its a sofa bed actually. but better than nothing kn..dah menompang kan..hehe!
after i finished unpack and kemas2, i'll upload my space's picture here. okay?

have a great weekends darlings! and take care!

x o x o

Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Day of my 1st Semester

olla dolls!

how have u been doing? today is the day of my temporary independence day. *til next semester starts in January* hehe!
i havent been sleeping well for more than 48 hours this week! i got eye bags now..and pimples..oh gosh i hate it! but u know what, im super relieved that i managed to finished my first semester. huhu! doing degree is much harder than my diploma. in diploma, we're given multiple choice questions. but now, no more A B more circles2..its time for open ended questions, so-called-subjective questions.
for this semester, the lecturer i love the most is Madam Suzi. mmg chill hbs lah madam tuh. mse wat FYP dlu pnye lah garang! tbe2 sem ni peramah plak madam tuh. hehe! and there is lecturer that i dont like. yg tu lantak die la. hopefully i lepas that subject so that i wont have to see that lecturer again. huhu!
throughout this semester, i learnt that i really really have to manage my time wisely. lots of things happened beyond my control. and the things happened have taught me to be a way better person. im lot more stronger than before. i learnt how to live my life. how to NOT make friends anymore. haha! u know what, dont expect me to make friends anymore. im sick of new people who tries to use me for their good and convenience. im not a doll, okay? what is enough is enough. and dont expect me to help u anymore yea.
and as for these person who have been with me all this time, thanks a lot. u guys helped me a lot in getting through this semester. even that we fought a lot of time, it brings us closer than before and we learn more about each other.

so enough with the sad stories..

how did i celebrate my last day of my final paper?

jeng jeng jeng..i ate meatballs at IKEA! i went there with Fatin Athirah Roslay as soon as we finished our StoryBoard Design's scrapbook. i actually have to buy boxes. so dah alang2 tu, singgah la grab a bite. i only ate 5 meatballs tummy is not soooo well. i got food poisoning from yesterday's burger. klu xfood poisoning td, mesti da balun smpi 10! hehe!
then as usual, jalan2..berangan-angan..*bile la nk kawen and have that kind of space in my house?* oleh sbb kami dah more than 48 hours didnt get proper sleep, we landed on the display beds. theyre super comfy! oh, i want that bed! more nicer than my bed right now! looking at their kitchen room..walk in closet..OMG, there is nothing i can say to describe my feeling at that time. its like im walking into DisneyLand! wawawawah!

but then, the hard part is..i have lot of things to pack up. malasnye nk packing.. i have to pack..then send them to Nilai..since my mom is not in Malaysia, so im not going to be in Penang. so im going to be in Nilai for quite sometime. hehe! Seremban? maybe. if my dad is there, i'll go. if not, im not going back.

im going to miss Fatin Athirah! *mcm la xbleh jumpe kn...* hehe!

well, thats all for now. im going to update really soon.
take care dolls! have a great weekend! churp2!

x o x o

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1 BKrazy Day!

hello bloggies!

its lunch time! are u hungry? if u are, i got 'food' for u.

hmmm..nyummmeh! all u have to do is to BUY ANY MEDIUM CARBONATED DRINK.  as easy as that, u'll get Spicy Chick 'n' Crisp for only RM1. simple right?
hurry up darlings! happy lunch-ing!

x o x o

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today is the day! Congrats to my Pak Lang. To my dearly cousins, sabar la yea..

People moved on. Nak wat mcm mne kan..

This is my first time g wedding yg the children sedih..

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

How do I feel today? Me? Ade org yg kesah ke? I miss all the people that I love. But did they even think of me?

Its hard for me to show I much I miss or how much I need them right now. Its not that I dont want to. But I cant. I will get scolded if I did that. U know what, I just have to learn to live myself alone. Sedih gile!

Malas nak crite byk.

I just have to be strong.

x o x o


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Friday, November 11, 2011

olla Lingeristas!

if ure crazy over cute, sexy and notty sleepwear, so this post is specially written for u. hehe! La Senza is having a crazy sale for sleepwear called "UNWRAP ME". yeah, i know how ladies loved to be unwrap. oppppss!
*this post is for 18yrs old and abouve only yea*

ho here's the deal. if u buy any sexy sleepwear, ure gonna get ur second piece for only RM11. YES, 11 bucks only! so that makes it not even 300 bucks for 2 sleepwear. the sleepwear normally cost like 100-250.
so ure thinking of chiffon Kimono robes? or Babydolls? sexy lace Merrywindows? Bustiers? haha! so go and grab them now ladies! its a ONE DAY SALE ONLY. i know how much u love today's date 11.11.11 right? u know what, u will soon wish that theres more hours in a day because of this sale. hehe!

hurry up and happy shopping my darlings!

x o x o

Adobe Courses at UniKL MIIT

hello bloggies!

this post is specially for UniKL MIIT's students yea.

UniKL MIIT is having an Adobe Professional Training program around 28Nov - 2Dec 2011. things that will be teach are Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. its a 3 day of course training and test.
all u have to do is pay RM100 *for 3courses!!!* that rm100 includes THREE day of training, exam preparation materials and examination fees.
the registration must be made before 16 November 2011. and the fees must be paid before the examination is held *to be confirmed*

for more info or inquiries, do contact Mdm Zuriani Ab Ghani 03-2175 4292 or 017-875 8534. or room number : 1112.

or for those who had made their mind, u guys can just email ur details to Mdm Zuriani at

Full Name:
IC No:
Tel No:
Email :
Course :

i am super interested in joining this course. since im not going to do anything. hehe! so anyone interested, hurry up yea! the due date for registration is 16November2011!

x o x o

Thursday, November 10, 2011

FireFly Cabin Crew

hello my darlings!

FireFly is looking for new cabin crews. for those yg bercite-cite ala2 Awan Dania tu, bleh la try yea. mne la tau, mule2 FireFly je..nnt lame2 bleh masuk MAS ke kn..hehe! anyway, for those yg xsambung blaja mne2 and jobless, why dont u try this. mne la tau u guys ade hidden talent ke kan..maybe cabin crew is ur thing ke..hehe!

for more info, visit their official website by clicking on this link

good luck darlings!

x o x o

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MMU Rakan Muda Run 2011

hello my darlings!

as requested by my brother, here are the promo for the event. im not sure whether u guys still got time to enter this event or not. *i hope still got time*

so, Kelab Rakan Muda MMU Cyberjaya is hosting an event called MMU Rakan Muda Run 2011. u guys basically have to run for 10 km. *its quite a distance* and PUMA is sponsoring!!!
so hurry up! u guys have to pay rm35, then u guys will be getting an exclusive PUMA t-shirt for the run *its limited. based on first come first serve.

for more info, visit
and do like their facebook page

if u guys participating this event, THANK U SOOOOO MUCH FOR UR SUPPORT!

x o x o

Saturday, November 5, 2011

MasterChef Malaysia

what do u guys think of this tv show, so-called MasterChef Malaysia?  i dont think its entertaining at all. first of all, the juries who judge the contestants. they're unfriendly. chef Ritz tu mcm bagos je. and i certainly dont like that chef Zubir or something. eeeuuuuuwing! puh-leeeez lah!
klu nk marah the contestant pun, xpyah la smpi nk malukan org lain kn. tah pape je.
overall, i dont like this show.

x o x o

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

hello darlings!

Selamat Hari Aidiladha!

this year i celebrate raye kt Penang. simple2 je. xbalik kampung pun. my mom is going off to Sweden on Monday. uhuk3..sian tggl la kt Malaysia ni dgn amir yg kt Cyberjaya.
maybe this is one of the signs that i have to start being independent. seriously.

anyway, happy hari raye! have a blast yea darlings! watch out for what ure eating k. i know the foooood are all tempting. but watch out. hehe!

x o x o

Updates on My Exhibitions

olla darlings!

how have u been? as for me, last week was a really hectic week for me. lots of works to be done in such a short time.
have u read on my last post on my campaign? that 1 of the 2 assignments that i have to come out with materials and all for the exhibitions, Thursday and Friday. phew~ im glad its all over now. hehe! so here are few pictures during the 2 days of exhibitions.

*set up*


*hunger crew*

*say pizza...*

*the guys of the group*

*me & yatt*

*me + yatt + qila*

*ied + me + yatt + qila + aten*

*wajdi + husnan*

*aten + hafiy + me*

*wajdi + wan*


that are all for as for my Creative Advertising's exhibition.

but im not too happy about it because i have another 1 assignment to be done; STORYBOARD. my next presentation is on 17November2011. still got time to improve my drawings. hehe!

i'll update on my another exhibition soon. hehe!

take care darlings!

x o x o

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creative Advertising's Exhibition

hello bloggies!

ive done one of my exhibition! yay! what a relief! so basically, my exhibition is about World Hunger Awareness. its quite a success lah! just that madam ckp ktorg potong xkemas.

*nmpk x isi perut kami?*

agak kelam kabut gak la pg td. i woke up late! i woke up at 715. tu pun ble Madam Suzi call suruh prepare level 12 utk exhibition today. huhu!
so now, kne tggu kul 5 for another presentation to different lecturer plak. skrg im still okay je. later, akan jd super nervous!

i'll update more when i get the chance soon yea.

take care darlings!

x o x o

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1 November 2011

yes, today is the day i come clean about everything.

finally, me, Alia Amira bt Abd Rahman and Muhammad Shabil Shamsuddin are no longer a couple.

but we promised to still stay friends like we used to. its a hard decision to do but we have to. we dont have any relationship issues but we dont feel that we are connected anymore.
he wants to explore the world, and i want to keep on continue exploring my world. so thats why we decided to follow our own path.
i wish he'll find things that he's been looking for.
thanks for ur time and support during all this almost 5years. i know we're still going to bump into each other a lot after this. since we're living on an island..haha! so, take care. hope to see u soon!

music in my head : someone like you - Adele

x o x o

Yours truly,