Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thursday & Friday

hello bloggies!

i love my friday!
i got to watch Journey 2 at KLCC
on friday, my class is at 230pm
but then i went out at 9am!
had breakfast, then movie at 11
after that, 
masuk class..short class! supposed to be 2 hours of class
but shortened to only half an hour
after that,
i went out for picnic! awwwwwww..its something that i wanted to do for a long time!
afla treat me nuggets!
haha! seronok!
then g tgk hockey training!
i havent done that before..

early this morning, i went back to Seremban..
i woke up super early in the morning
i took the 8am komuter..

i'll update more soon!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

tired + excited + happy

hello darlings!

this week have been a week thats full of walks! me and my friends went outings looking for books..and the most important thing is to use the book voucher before they expired. haha! there have been ups and downs during the search of the bookstore. well, im actually need on sketchbook A4 sized. thats all.but if i were to use the voucher, i have to use in round. meaning that, rm50 or rm100, or rm150 or rm200. 
i have difficulties in getting things to be round off to rm50. i even have to add 2 lollipops and i still have like 40cent balance. haha! im not really a good stationeries and book shopper i guess. even today, i went to Sungei Wang to look for graphic books. yup, i found it! but i dont really like the books there. i prefer Kinokuniya in KLCC better. its not because its in KLCC okay!

ha, after being 'nagged' on how i eat, i am now on green diet. it called green because its fruits and vege more than everything else. and i spend like 1hour running in the gym everyday. superb tired! but then, there's no harm trying right? we'll see where it goes..haha! berjaya ke..tidak ke..

i have 1 more great thing to be happy about.

do u see that? i got 60 page views for yesterday..! wooooaaaahhhh! thank u guys for keeping in touch with this blog. u guys have been really wonderful to me.

take care darlings, have a great weekends ahead! see u soon!


hello bloggies!
i did baked macaroni!
yeah! my big accomplishment!
first, kte gorengkan macaroni seperti mne yg kte nk..
pedas or xpedas, suke hati..

then, put it in a bowl yg oven safe
then pour the desired amount of eggs
then baked in oven until masak

tadaaaa! nyum nyum nyum! sungguh sedap!

my auntie, CikSu gave me this apam comel
super sedap!
sweet and fragrant-ed!

so on our way back to KL from Kelantan, we made a quick stop to a restaurant that Ibu used to stop dulu2 *like more than 5 years ago*
i ordered - limau ais
limau ais die was superb! 
mcm ni la bru rse limau ais yg best!

then we ordered Mee Kuah. its famous here
rse die best la..bleh tahan..
tp as usual la kn...makanan Kelantan..manis..

* * * * *
so this is me 
after a 4 days-of-only-eating-holiday

my only class for today, PHOTOGRAPHY
that class was tiring!
i was forced to be in the middle of the busy road to get a good shot
this is me & hafiy in class after an exhausting activity 

and we went out buying stationeries today!
super penat!
but im super lucky that Hafiy yg tolong bawakkn my bakul.
thank u Hafiy!
love u!

thats all for today!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

my birthday in Kelantan!

hello darlings! 
how are u guys doing?
i guess u guys are really enjoying ur extra 2 days right?
suke kn? haha!

well, im in Kelantan right now
dah lame xbalik Kelantan
and as usual, mesti pitstop kt tmpt makan belut 
ahhhh! mmg sedap!
i lioke! 
dah lame xmkn that belut..!

CikSue janji nk celebrate my birthday!
haha! so this is my third time having birthday cake! 
ahhhh..rosak sudah diet!

this is baked macaroni.
sedappp! i should learn how to make this!

see, lychee cake with mixed fruits on top
mmg sedap!

sampai2 je rumah we're served with foods and durians..and cake!
well, i can say that amir is getting super fat right now! haha!

i'll update more soon, okay!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anything lasts?

life is short
so enjoy it while it lasts

urs truly,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Na Na Na

(Pics) 1st week of school

 hello bloggies! 
here are few pics taken during my first week of semester 2

my first day! pkai simple2; singlet + jacket + jeans with simple make-ups
xde lebih2..
my first day was more like taking a tour to campus & meeting old friends
there are few friends yg bru masuk this semester
my classes cancelled on Monday
phewww~ more time to lepak2

this is when we're in taxi going to Pavillion
aten is going to hold a birthday party
so im doing her a favour
show her what i like and basically hows my ideas on the party theme of gifts

aten took this when we're in Memory Lane
this penguin is super soft! im loving it! 
rm99 kot! mesti sedap la kn..huhu!

later that night i went out
then later i ate burger for dinner

this picture is taken on our second day of school
both of us wear something with hood
haha! mcm berjanji je
someone said bju ni ke laut
dont wear this often..not good

this is taken during our first Introduction to Drawing's class!

this is also during drawing class
since it was a FOUR HOURS of drawing class, this is what happened
we got bored and tired!

thanked God that i dont have to go back by my own
its scary to look at Dang Wangi
i hope, after this the bus schedule changed or maybe someone nice could sent me back
*finger crossed*
later that night i went to Nilai to get few stuff that i forgot to take last week
i had McD's nuggets and fries for dinner

today, i didnt take any pic
i got 3 classes today
2 hours each and 1 hour break after one another
but the class in enjoyed the most was the Digital Photography's class!
my lecturer is super funny!
i hope he will remain funny & cool throughout the semester
*wink wink*
im super excited that im going to learn more on photography
the thing that i enjoy the most
i love taking picture and i enjoy being taken

im going back to Penang this Friday
Ibu asked me & amir to come home so that we will be driving together back to Kelantan
in going to have extra 2days of holiday because of Chinese New Year and i will be back on Tuesday!
im going to have another birthday cake & celebration in Kelantan!
yay! im super excited!

so now i have to get back to my assignments
i'll update more on other things happened (or not happened) pretty soon!!!


my first day of school!e

hello dearly bloggies!

my first day of semester 2 was nice. its more like a meeting old friends. my class was cancelled. me, edie and aten went to pavillion to do some surveys. atrn is going to host a birthday party! and im the official planner! hehe!
actually, we have been planning this party since last month. and im thrilled to planning it.
my second day of school was tiring. i have class til 830pm! its drawing class!

i'll update more soon!
take care and have a nice day


Saturday, January 14, 2012

my timetable!

my timetable tu okay la..
but if i can change, i want to change so that i will have 1 off day. hehe! 
perhaps, Friday
hurm..we'll see..


my birthday in Seremban

today Mama kejot pg2 suruh bfast same2..
rupe2nye mama wat cake smlm for me!
i slept at 1030 last night. so xsedar ape pun
mama wat soto Johor and fried mee
ni la die muke xmandi..hehe!

my brothers yg sengal!

girls generations

me + hamka harith! in Gemas

* * * * *

then later tgh hari, perut pulak wat hal..haihhh!
dah lame xservice agaknye..
too much pill consumed

x o x o

Thursday, January 12, 2012


there are lot more thing to pack!
urgh! malasnye!
i need more hands to help me!

x o x o


my grandmother who i called Uwan/Wan is the person i love the most in this world. seeing her like this now just break my heart. now, she is kinda sick. she refused to eat because she dont have any appetite. i dont want anything bad to happen to her. i cant handle anymore lost in this family. i wish i have somebody to talked to right now. im sad to see my grandmother like this. she looks skinny than before. oh! i hate it!
i hope that nothing bad will happen. im going to send her to the clinic for her check up.

x o x o

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Younger Brother Yg Gedik

how sengal is my brother
well, just a lil something to share before i go to sleep
my bro won second place in this Hanbook Competition
he is super proud of this that he amde this picture as my default picture on my lappy
to those who 'like' this picture on Facebook, thank u super duper much!
i love u guys!

x o x o

My Birthday Presents (^.^)

both are from ibu

Lola by Marc Jacobs
well, i like Oh Lola..but Ibu bought me Lola..
hurmm...okay la..
still loving it! 

* * * * *

ive upgraded my baby tabby from Samsung Galaxy Tab to ---->

Samsung GAlaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
lighter, slimmer..more powerful!

anyways, thank u Ibu! i love both! thank u super soooo much!

x o x o

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Night to Remember

9 January 2012

is definitely a whole day to be remembered

i got lots of wished from my Facebook's friends..
there a few who called..
and sms..

well, i got to spend my evening in Melaka.
sight seeing..
walking like a tourist!
take a seat and enjoy the view of Sungai Melaka
while talking and laughing
yes, im super happy!

super romantic
i really wished that i could do it the person i love
well, i turns out really nice!
im enjoying every minutes of it

i came home at 630am this morning! hehe!
well, i wish everyday is my birthday!
i love the dance!

-a night to remember-


Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday

hello darlings!

today is one of the best day of my life! 


today is my birthday!

i already got 2 birthday present from my mom in advanced.
perfume and my galaxy tab 7.0 plus
*thank u soooooo much Ibu!*

lots of friends wishes me on facebook and sms-ing me

and Afla who called to wished and sang happy birthday's song to me..thank u darling! love u!

thank u sooooo much for making my day! 

i love u guys soooo much!

x o x o
Alia Amira bt Abd Rahman

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cooking Wednesday!

i was left at home today with nothing to eat. my mom left super early in the morning for work. 
so im kinda forced to cook. 
as i opened my fridge, i saw raw chicken that has not been cleaned yet.
so i put on my pinky gloves, and i began cleaning up the chicken. hehe! kinda awkward. 
i usually got the cleaned chicken to cook.
but today, i have to clean them up myself.
then i look for ingredients.
well, nothing much.
i took out chilli paste, oyster sauce.
the chilli paste is to make it spicy since i dont have any other chillies in the fridge. 
then i googled for recipe. hehe!
i found one the suits to my ingredients.
then i cooked the rice.

at home, we mix these two rice.
ordinary rice with the brown rice
usually we mix it with the multi-grains too..but its finished already..

haaaa...i managed to get everything in the pan. hehe!

ta daaaa! a bit spicy. but really nice! hehe!
call me pro!
walaupun dah lame xmemasak, still jadi! im super dupper happy! yay!

x o x o


everybody wants a perfect wedding. since i have lots of time, i berangan. here are the things i found on the net. 

1. my dream wedding dress: 

2. the hairstyles that will go with the dress:

3. my dream wedding cakes:

4. my dream engagement ring:

i want something like this. awwww...super nice!

5. my dream wedding rings:

soooo sweet!

6. my dream wedding favour:

something sweet for the sweet-tooth.

tp, i nk kawen lmbt lg..berangan je lebih. haha! in a few more days, maybe i will change my mind pulak. haha! to those yg nk kawen dgn i, this is roughly my idea. so get the cash ready yea.. ($.$) 

x o x o