Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Resolutions



i have one.

well, its a lot actually..hehe!

for my 2013 resolution, i got most of them. the remaining un-resolved resolution will be bring forward to 2014.

for 2014, 
i want to be a better muslimah. i will try to do my best. i think its time for me to change now. im not saying that i will wear hijab, but change in other things first. hijab will come a bit later..
*im sorry..its just that im not ready yet*
thats my first resolution!

after that, bla bla bla bla..soooooooo many new resolutions..
i will keep on updating if i achieve my goals (resolutions)


2013 ---> 2014

Hello my darling readers..
in a couple more hours, we'll step into the new year of 2014
i am soooo excited as i am getting older in couple more days

2013 had given me lots of things to remembers. the good and the bad.

Early December, i got thru my Final Year Project. and i can say with flying colorssss. my project was selected to the symposium..and to the FYP Competition as well. that was the best thing that ever happened to me. all my life, i thought getting a good pointers is already good enough, but being selected to the Creative Media's section Top 4, thats was beyond everything! i hipe i already made my parents proud at this point. and i cant forget all the hardwork, the helps that MrSaranghae have put into, that counts too. all this while, the is the one that always have faith in me. and he is the one who took care of me when my parents are not around. thanked God for sending someone sooooooo responsible to be by my side. 
and to my bff, well im sorry that we argue a lot this year. regardless of what happened, ure still here with me, still lend me ur ears and ur shoulders..thank u sooooo much babe. and im sorry for the things that i cant help u with.

after all those years of being looked down, i finally rise from the ground. i got accepted into the Spring Semester Exchange programme to KOREA! Alhamdulillah..thanks u soooooo much to my parents, my lil bros, my darling, and dear close friends who been praying hard for me. i wont forget all of u. what more can i ask for right? thank u soooooooo much!

31 Dec 2013 was kinda a bad day for my MrSaranghae. forced to moved out in such short notice because housemate is getting married in 2 weeks. i pitied him. he's already loaded with long and tiring working hours. after this he have to find a new place. sorry to say, that kind of person is superbly retarded. why on earth that it is soooooooooooooooo hard for you to tell him earlier? did u just set the date YESTERDAY that u ONLY TELL HIM EARLY IN THE MORNING TODAY? what do u feel waking up with THAT kind of news? i wont wish u well in ur life! and u DONT deserve a happy life! wait and see what will happen to you :)

im looking forward for 2014 as sooooo many good things happened in 2013. i want to kepp on continuing those things ive started :)
firstly, i cant wait to go to Korea for my spring semester. i hope when i go, i will be back more matured, and independent. of course i am sad to leave my dear MrSaranghae here alone in Malaysia. but we have to do things that we have to do. he will stay here, and keep on working hard to save money. and i will work my ass off to finished my that i will come back, and get a job, and save money..and then get married :) but he will come and visits me in Korea, in sha Allah at the end of March to celebrate his birthday there. 
In sha Allah, if there is no problem i will be in Korea late February! i cant wait!

tooooooo many stories to be told here. if ure following my life journey, u probably already know what happened in my life right? 

dear 2013,
thank you soooooo much for the experiences. those are all lessons learned that will never be forgotten :) the good and the bad..i will take all that. 

dear 2014,
please be kind to me. i am just a girl who's still finding the woman in me. still searching whats the best..and what not..


Sunday, December 15, 2013


i am super duper happy that at last, 2013 is one of the best year of my life!
i will update more on it soon (^.^)


Friday, December 13, 2013


Ya Allah.. thank u soooooooo much for all these :)

for all those hard times while finishing this project..i feel soooooo proud of myself..
all i can say is that, Thank u sooooo much Allah for all these

and..thanks to both of our (ateen & i) parents..and whoever that was behind this project..thank u sooooo much!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today is THE Day 11.12.13

FYP Presentation Day

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Well Spend Weekends

i believe that a pic speaks a thousand of words..
but i have 5 pics to speak on my behalf

this is how i spend my weekends


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big News

hi darlings!

remember that i said i have an interview?
 and guess what?!

i was selected and nominated to do my internship in Korea!!
only God knows how i feel at that time!

i couldnt believe that news either..but..its true! 
i got it!

sorry..the first pic was blurred..

to those who prayed for me, only God knows how thankful i am to u guys..
thank u soooo much!

and In sha Allah, im going to Korea next February!


Monday, November 11, 2013


hello readers,

so today is my totally cheat day. well, im actually in a stress mode. the interview for my internship is finally TOMORROW! can u imagine that? can u imagine how nervous i am? 
but the most important thing is that i dont want to be together with that bunch on "babi"-es..i dont want to see them anymore :)

so to heal my nervous-ness, i went out eating..hehe! 
so my stop today was Grafa SS15
it was not my first time..but i have not been there since May if im not mistaken..
me and my MrSaranghae ordered GrafaMama's Lamb Grill (if im not mistaken) Joe's Spurr, Nasi Goreng Ketam and a Vanilla Milkshake.
the only i satisfied today was the Nasi Goreng..mmg sedap..the lamb was a bit salty :(
 and when im home, my house-mate bought this chocolate moist cake from our lecturer's wife..yummsss!

please pray for me too..for my interview tomorrow!
have a great day ahead dear darlings!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Monthly-versary!

finally, after weeks of waitingss..
we finally got to go out together. he's busy..and im busy too with family affairs and my fyp..
he's busy working..and training..and coping with shifts..ciann :(
so we decided to celebrate our monthly-versary at The Curve Damansara.
venue? Tony Roma's 

 our starter..kinda garlic bread.. then simple meat soup.. 
so this is our main dish of the night. lamb ribs with 1/4 chicken accompanied by mash potatoes and broccoli. 
because we went out kinda late in the afternoon, he is starving. so thats why..
me? still decent.. (^.^)

to my darling Aflah Saidi, happy 23th monthly-versary! i hope that we will still hold each other's hands thru ups and downs that will come in our way soon. and we will forever love each other. and keep praying for our next level of relationship, okay?


Monday, October 28, 2013

Tale of me and my Bff

hello my dearly readers..
so last weekends, i went back to my Dad's house.
on Saturday, my Dad asked me and my bro to go with him to Endau :)
pergi balik hari je. not staying there because my Dad, Mama and lil bro will catch their flight to Kuching Sarawak on the next day, which is Sunday.
he actually wants to see his house progress. he is building a house there. so he wanted to see whether there's any problem or not..and maybe a few things to add or to remove.

so, after sending my Dad, Mama and lil bro off at the airport, i went straight to my Bro's house in Cyber to take the car. i planned to meet my bbf, Adiana Othman. but its kinda early in the morning, i fell asleep in the car while warming up the car. haha! 
*i woke up at 4am to send my Dad for his 710am flight!*
so then i met my bff around 9am. and we went straight to the Starbucks. i need some caffeine to sober up. haha!
and as u can see here, im messed up! its all because i slept in the car. haha!

so we sat at the Starbucks for hours, complaining..and gossiping..and ALL!
its been long we didnt see each other. so, there are lots of things to be told. im happy that things have been good to her. she have job now with good salary. well, she is 25 and now she got her eyes on Honda and a studio apartment in front of her workplace in Cyberjaya! so can u imagine how great her life is? just in case ure wondering where is she working, she works at the T-System in Cyberjaya!
she is now building up her life. and im happy for her. no matter where she is right now, she is still the person who i used to know. the same person i met during our uni life together. 
then, we had meatballs for lunch! yummmssss! its been long! but its too bad that my MrSaranghae cant join us because he had his volleyball tournament :(
we had a great time imagining how our house will look like in the showrooms in IKEA. we're laughing..and do some silly things. haha! 
i missed being who i am. with her, i dont have to cover anything. she is soooo cool with any of my behaviours. thats the best part of having someone who knew like EVERYTHING about u. she is someone who dont judge others. and most important thing is that, she is happy with who i am. she is such a true friend. if ure reading this, i love u, Edie! and im glad that i have u as my friend. and i hope we'll be friends for the rest of our life!

p/s: jgn buat buat lupe that u promised to let me do some decorations to ur house, okay?! love u babe!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Group Picture

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the tale of pavlova and me

hello readers

what am i about to talk in this post is about my 'guilty plessure'
i got this pavlova from one of my lecture, Madam Ramona
she is the best bakers i ever taste!
the pavlova was not so sweet nor too creamy. just right for my taste.
and this pavlova was only rm35
and i got superbly big strawberries ONLY on top of my pavlova

this pavlova was actually to celebrate my monthly-versary with my MrSaranghae. but unfortunately, he have to work overtime on that day. 
so im left with the pavlova alone
well, it wont be good if i keep it til late afternoon but MrSaranghae will only finishes his work time at i have to eat it. 
so as u can see, i ate more than half of that Pavlova. i am soooooo lucky that im at my lecturer's workplace at that time with few friends. so they helped me too.

so the moral of my story for is that, dont try to surprise him. because u dont know what will be planned next. haha! sounds sooooooo 'redha'. haha!
anyway guys, have a great day! and take care


Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello Readers!

After a week of mid-semester break, im back in KL! So today i went to campus even that i dont have class. I sat in my closest lecturer's room.
Im not alone. Aeen & Zaty was there too. When i reached campus, i was lunch time. So my tummy was soooo grumpy. I asked them to accompany me to KLCC to have Nando's. After thinking briefly, i decided to have Nando's delivery. Yay! Problem solved! I dont even have to get up to get my lunch. And they was fast too! I got my lunch in less than 30mins.
Im one happy girl with happy tummy today! Then later someone brought m&m cookies from AkidCookies. And that was nice too! So today im full with chicken, and lots of cookies too!

Have a great week ahead peeps!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Awful Dinner

hello guys

have u been to Penang?
well today i went out for dinner with Mom and Bro. so we decided to try new place recommended by my Mom's friend. the place was actually nice.
but the service is bad..slow..
we asked the staff to wipe the table. but when he wipe it, foul smells pulak yg dtg..haihhhh..! 
then the food yg dtg was COLD. we asked for a steamed fish..its supposed to be hot. but..hampehhh..

so, that place is highly NOT recommended!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Kelantan!

yep, i travelled alone yesterday. no Mom and no Bro.
yay! im an independent person!
i can do it alone! hahaks!

*muke cover selfie. xnk org tau..hahaks*
haha! well it is just an hour and 5 mins journey from Subang Airport by plane.
oh, i am super duper in love with planes now. i can anywhere if and only if i got to travel by plane. haha! sgt gediks di situ.
so this time, forget about AirAsia and FireFly. MAS lg la perlu dilupakan.
its Malindo Air.

overall, okay je. just like Firefly. ive been on Firefly once from Subang to Penang. same feeling. just that the snacks on Firefly are more nicer. hehe!
i was given a hard red bean bun and a drinking water. compared to Firefly, i got croissant and an orange/apple juice. i think thats the different. 

 masyaAllah..what a magnificent view. this was taken a few minutes before the landing.
so this how Kelantan looks like from above (^.^)
throughout the journey, the skies are cloudy..soooooo beautiful
then, i think of that cartoon
how can he manage to turn the clouds into foodssss..lots and lotsssss of foooddddsss!
my darling accompany me yesterday while waiting to check in..and to get into the departure hall.

we came early. then we had breakfast at Subway. 
nasib baik ade acik ni nk tlg angkat beg naik tangga jejantas tu..hehe!  (^.^)

as soon as i reach Kota Bharu, i didnt waste anytime. 
i was brought to Yati Ayam Percik on our way home, Tumpat.
Kelantan is famous for Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Percik.
so i we tapau and rush home.
i was soooo hungry at that time.
i dont know what got into me that makes me soooo hungry these days..
i'll update more soon, okay.
take care and have a great long weekends my dearly darlings!