Saturday, February 23, 2013

Legoland, JB - pics


New and Awkward Fringe

My bad. I hate my hair now. My fringe is super duper short! And i am super regret that i cut my fringe last week!


Oh my English ---> Opppss my English

I know, to have English Education is very very crucial these days.
And yes, i saw many attempts. First of all, please read more English books/journal and listen to English radio stations. Thats how u can learn English in simpler way.
If ure not sure of what ure writing, please dont. The past and present tense ARE VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Dont just simply puts '-ing' at the back of every verb words. And if it is not MORE THAN ONE, PLEASE DO NOT PUTS 'S' AT THE BACK OF EVERY WORDS.
U know what? It is superbly funny to hear someone talking like a pro with 's' in every words. Am i right? And it is adviceable if u could ask ur friends to help u. I think they must be happy to help u.
No offence, okay? Tidak ade kene mengene dgn makhluk yg masih hidup atau pun yg sudah meninggal dunia.
Peace ya'll


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Abah and Me and Adik

I always love to see this pic. My dad bought new sunnies that kinda similar with me & my bro's sunnies which was bought from Korea. Well, i think three of us look funny. Haha!

x o x o


Last weekend, as soon as im in Seremban, i went to JB..for Legoland..
Went there with the whole families. Well, it was quite fun..but not so much rides..for me, i prefer Genting more..more rides to enjoy..
But hey! Its Legoland ya'll!!!
I stay in Thistle Hotel..well, very very nice hotel. My dad is a regular customer, he knows..i live it there!

JB = Legoland + Thistle + good food

I Love JB


Friday, February 15, 2013


I really2 love blogging! And now, ive found another way to keep writing! Thru my phone! Yay! But it wont look as nice as i did on my lappy..sorry guys..

Well, i have another one good news to share. InsyaAllah, im gonna buy new lappy next month. *i hope my mom wont change her mind*
Well, im thinking of getting an Asus lappy since i cant afford to buy a MacBook..well, the specs are all good and very suitable for my work as a graphic designer..and im crossing my finger to get that lappy with and i7 processor!

Well, its getting late now..seriously i dont feel like sleeping after hearing this good news! And im going back to Seremban tomorrow!

Till then!