Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting ready to school!

Haha! Guess what? Im SUPER happy today. My dad is back! Huhu! I will be in Seremban this weekend. Yay! Xde la stuck here, in hostel alone while everybody going back to their hometown for mantai. Hehe!
We will be fasting starting this Monday, insyaAllah..but.. :-( what to do. This is not my thing to decide..sabar je la..
These are taken after i got ready to go to class. My class was supposedly started at 430pm, but theres something that i have to settle with HEMs.
Tomorrow is Friday! My class cancelled! But still, i have to be in campus. To still settle my things..anyways, enjoy ur weekends ya'll. If u could, spend ur time with ur families.
I'll update more soon! Take care darlings!

x o x o

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my movies wish list

these are the movies that i wanted to watch. its either at the cinema or just ask my brother to download it for me. so here they are:

goodnight darlings! have a great Wednesday tomorrow! 

x o x o

Our First Day as Degree Students

haha! not to brag, but we're doing our degree now! haha! so im going kinda busy girl now. on my first day, i already have to prepare for presentation next week. *sabar je la*
so these pictures are taken by using my tabby while waiting for my lecturer to come. but unfortunately, she didnt enter the class.

bersuka ria before the class really starts. take care darlings! and take care of ur heath too! enjoy ur weekdays, and weekends ahead.

to Fatin Athirah Roslay : get well soon yea! 

x o x o

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cleaning up Sunday!

Its not cleaning up my dearly Sunday. But its cleaning day today! Ive done some sweeping, mopping.. *ouh, sakit tulang belakangku* since my room mates are all gone balik kampung, so i have to do it alone *dear room mates, if ure reading this, u have to thanked me. I almost sprank my spine*
So, back to the tidying up my place, i almost forgot that i have one more unpack bag under my bed!!! Oh, tidakkk!!! My locker da xmuat! So i have to re-shuffle my locker balik. Thats really tiring! And i havent had my lunch yet. Its almost 4pm!!! I really do have toooo many stuffs.
After all those sweats and pains gained, it all paid off. See my place? Hehe! Kinda proud of myself. I did all that by myself! Before this, i hired that cleaning lady to clean up my room. I called my mon and told her this. She said "its a sign that ure not spoilt bratz anymore". Haha! Then that makes me think, "am i a bratz before?". Anyway, i hope i can keep this up.
Im going to me my mom later and im going to spend my night with her. My first day of school tomorrow!!! A bit nervous, but i'll manage. I hope this semester and more semesters to come will be more exciting for me.

I'll update more soon! Have a great day dalings!

x o x o

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New TimeTable!

so here's how it looked like:

okay la..since there are 7 subjects in this time table (i add Creative Advertising, just in case Fatin didnt get into Intro to Drawing). this timetable is not too heavy for me. just that i got Intro to Drawing class for FOUR HOURS? waaaaaa! bleh juling men-drawing nieh! four hours mannnn..
hopefully da xde la "kartun awak ni bulat sgt la.." "kartun awak ni gemok.." haha!
hopefully this timetable wont change anymore. im quite happy with this.

so this is Fatin's timetable look like. just that she dont have class on Thursday. thats Intro to Drawing's class.

*click on the image to enlarge pic*
thats all for now. take care and have a nice weekend tomorrow!

x o x o

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Band Perry - If I Die Young

Subject Registration

its not something thats hard to be done. its not even complicated. but i do have problem with these. ive heard all the briefing about this matter during orientation. and then i went to see my lecturer, Madam Yati for confirmation.

i got a list of subjects to be taken throughout this course. so this is the list:

well, i managed to get add semester 1's subjects. but as i did this for Aten, tersangkut plak kt Introduction to Drawing. as u can see, ive made some changes to the subjects taken this semester. we managed to get all subjects, except for that particular subject. urgh! i called Madam Yati to ask what should i do. then madam suggested that Aten have to take Creative Advertising this semester. 
this is the outcome from the adding process:

see the different? i have 6 while Aten have 5 subjects. alaaaa...mcm mne ni? so ive added Creative Advertising for both of us. we just have to wait and see if there's anybody drop that subject this semester. if not, i have to drop Introduction to Drawing then add that Creative Advertising. i hope that i dont have to drop that.

well, i will start my class this Monday! hehe! cant wait to get in class. *semangat ni ade mase mule2 start sem je..ble da half sem, mule la malas pulak. trust me*
i hope for the best this semester. and im hoping that this matter turn out the way i wanted it to be *crossing my fingers*
this is all for now. i'll update more soon! have a great weekends darlings! take care!

x o x o

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I made it through the day without one of my parents. My beloved cousin, Nani is the one who send me here. Yeah, pity me.
So, here it goes. I wake up at 530 but i manage to get myself up at 545. I went showering, iron my baju kurung, and make up. It took me almost an hour to complete my make up. Haish!
I touch down my feet at unikl around 830am. Then i have to wait for my dear, Fatin Athirah to arrive. As soon as she arrived, we went register together.
After register process complete, me and my cousin went to my hostel, drop my stuffs then we went to IKEA for lunch. After that, buy some stuff then she drop me off here, in hostel.
Well. I dont feel good having these people as room mates. Theyre freak! I need to get out of here!
Dear God, please help me thru this semester..amin..

x o x o

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Friday, July 15, 2011

last2 weekends (^.^)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Foods that will promote your brain's health

hello darlings!

today im going to make a post on foods that will promote ur brain's health.
i did follow these as i got these from my nutritionist. and now, i would like to share them with u.

  1. Apples. eating an apple a day protects the brain from oxidative damage that causes neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  2. Asparagus. asparagus is rich in folic acid, which is essential for the matabolism of the long chain fatty acids in your brain.
  3. Lean Beef. Lean beef is rich in vitamin B12, iron and zinc. these vitamins and minerals have been shown to maintain a healthy neural tissue.
  4. Blueberries and strawberries. studies show that people who eat berries improve their memory and their motor skills. in addition, their antioxidant properties can protect your brain from the oxidative process.
  5. Dark chocolate. dark chocolate offers incredible concentration powers. it is very powerful antioxidant containing natural stimulants that increase the production of feel-good endorphins.
  6. Salmon. salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which studies have shown to be essential for brain function.
  7. Dried oregano. certain spices have powerful antioxidant properties. in several studies, oregano was shown to have 40 times more antioxidant properties than apples, 30 times more than potatoes, 12 times more than oranges, and 4 times more than blueberries or strawberries.
  8. Walnuts. walnuts are rich in protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins E and B6, which all promote healthy neural tissue.
  9. Whole grains. whole grains deliver fiber and vitamin E that help promote cardiovascular health, which helps improve the circulation to the brain.
  10. Yogurt. yogurt and other dairy foods are filled with protein and vitamin B are essential to improve the communication between nerve cells.
i did took some info from the net. so darlings, start eating healthily! do more research on things that u should eat more and should eat less. 

take care darlings! have a nice day ahead!

x o x o

Monday, July 11, 2011

Gadget Freak?

NO, im not. Just that i have them. Last week have been a busy week for me. Im going to register for a new semester this weekend, so i have to get all the documents ready, medical check-ups.
Medical check-ups have been a really awful experience for me. I have stand naked in front of a really hot handsome doctor. For the x-ray and breast cancer check-ups.
Last weekend, i went back to Nilai with my mom. But, on our way there, we have to visit my mom's cousin. She is now in stage 4 cancer. Poor her. Started with a breast cancer, its now become cancer in everything. I wish i dont have that.
Then, the next day we went hunting for a lappy for my brother. Before that, the actual reason why we went back is because my mom wanted to take her iPad2 from amir. Yeah, she bought that without having to queue. Haha! Instead of Nilai, we went to Seremban 2. There is where we got Amir's new lappy. Not that expensive..3k for an Asus lappy. Thats what he wanted. So i guess it should be okay. I love the speaker! Even that the lappy is cheap, it have nice sound system. And its super big and heavy!!! Almost 16"!!! Damn! I will never wants to have that kind of lappy. Look at mine now, its kinda big tooo..haish!
In my family now, we have ipad2, motorola xoom and galaxy tab. We're not gadget freak. We just bought things that we thought might help us in our everyday life.

Take care darlings! I love u guys sooooo much! Have a nice week ahead!

x o x o

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Anoyying half-sibbling

I dont have real brothers and sisters, but i do have half-sibblings. But people said that if u guys shared the same dad, ure consired sibblings and u dont normally call them 'tiri'.
Whatever lah! I dont care. Guess what happened today? My super eldest brother told my mom that my dad's car is with amir now. WTF is wrong with him? He is like almost 40 to behave like 5! Da tue mcm tu pun nk mengadu! Damn! Now me and amir have to think of ways on how to explain the real thing to ibu. Why on earth did he have to do that? Is he that fucking jealous? Come on, ure super old for that. Just focus on ur own family la..xpyah masuk campur hal org lain boleh?
And plus, we dont share the same mother. So what gives him the right to talk to my mom about that? Between me, amir and ibu, just let us settle our problem sendiri. U dont have to mind our business. Klu diri sendiri tu perfect sgt nk bcakap pasal org xpe la jugak. Ni xpun..worst..
U just ruined my late afternoon! I dont like u!

x o x o

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

I hate it when im sick. Im super sick of food thats "unchewable" (my own word for food that cant be munch/chew). Haha! Well, this is marsh potato with mineral water. Hmmmmm..same old menus: porridge, soups amd marsh potato. What a sad food.
Well, the good news is that im getting better. Just that i may get headache sometimes. I just take it as recovery process. Ive been taking medicines on time. *im soooo proud of myself* haha! And ive been sweating too. I guess thats also a sign right? Haha! I really2 hope that i will get better really2 soon. Cause im going to KL this weekend.

So darlings, have a blast weekend ya'll. And take care of ur health or u'll end up being like me. Haha! U dont want that..hehe! Take care!!!

x o x o

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