Tuesday, August 26, 2014


ibu happen to be in town for the weekend
and she will be staying in Nenne's house in Nilai
so all of us went there to!

this photo was taken during Ibu's friend's open house
really great food!
happy faces!

this is us, me and my bro sending off Ibu at KLIA2
had dinner at the Johnny Rockets

till then

Monday, August 18, 2014

Point in Life

what kind of point?


hahaks! adulthood lah sgt!

well, a point in life where one-by-one of ur friend are getting married!

yup, getting M.A.R.R.I.E.D!
yes, im 24..ONLY 24! and im still my daddy's and mommy's lil yeah, i cant get married now. PLUS, im jobless *imy part time job is not counted* and im still going to continue studying this September! urgh! soooooooo many reasons for me for NOT getting married yet..
im thinking of my future. if im married, can i still ask money from my parents for Birkenstock's sandals? hurmmm..i dont think my mom will do that..once im married, im off of her *i think* well atleast thats what i understand from our casual conversations months back..or even years back..
but..i want to get married..

thats why im working my ass off to get my Masters..then that i will have more money. so that i can buy whatever i want. right?

and im wondering..why did my friend's life are simpler than mine? their parents are superbly supportive in supporting their marriage expenses..even that my friend and are jobless and the guy is only making RM2500 a month! *yes, thats the reality of the fresh graduates price* i wish my parents would say, "u wanna get married? nah, take this 20k for the expenses.." or "let me sponsor some of the wedding expenses". 
i wish!

thats sooooo unfair! theyre not rich..i mean, compare to mine..but they afford to get married! urgh! stress! stress! stress! i think this is what they called as a mid-age life crisis!

in a few years, i bet people will start asking, 'when are u going to get married?". and maybe that time, i will be pissed off when people ask me with that stupid question.

anyways, to all my friends..or followers..or my readers..who are going to get married, 
semoga segalanya dipermudahkan..amin..

please dont ask me when am i going to get married. i will get married when im ready..mentally, physically, and most important, ECONOMICALLY. unless you want to sponsor my wedding expenses.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


been waiting for these!

i'll update more on this soon

til then,