Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Crib

hello there!
i think ive never post about dorm yet right? *if i have, im sorry peeps..short memories..*

so this is my crib while im in Korea
i stayed in the Hanyang International House. this dorm is only for the international students from US, Canada and Asia only
other than that, they are all staying off-campus, which is more expensive..hihi!
for the price i paid, this is nice. i even got private bathroom. and i only have one roomate.

in Malaysia, mine is usually in pink, but here, blue suits me


Friday, March 28, 2014

On The Net Shopping

ive buy lot of stuff online
and ive experienced sooooo many kind of online seller

if u want to sell ur stuff online, u have to be very very patience!
as an online shopper, i only get to see the items..i cant hold it..i can see it in front of my eyes
for a person who is not size 0, i need more info on the item!
i TOTALLY pissed
the thing is that how am i going to buy if i dont know whether or not that stuff suits me?
please get this logic into ur mind!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday My Darling!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

We at Lotte World :)


as usual, every week mesti nk pergi somewhere..
kebetulan, friends from Semyung University are coming
so we decided to take on Lotte World

Lotte World for me was okay laaa..
for someone who've been to Disneyland, i think Lotte World is not really that fun as compared to the stories i heard on people's review..quite disappointed thou ~
we are so lucky that we got coupons to get into this amusement park
instead of 44 000won, we got to get in with only 16 000won

there are lots of pic taken using my friends' camera..i will continue updating on the pics soon. for now, these are all i have



after that we went to Itaewon for dinner

these are quite good and kinda expensive too
but its all worth it :)
once in a while is fine thou ~

i think this is all for now
x o x o

Thursday, March 20, 2014

my first ever test

hello there,

today i would like to share my experience on the psychometric test that ive just took just now.
well i guess it is true that this test is for them to identify whether or not we can think wisely.

im kinda lucky that there are few friends of mine who already took that test earlier (different sessions). so they told me whats in there.

the test was divided into 3 sections; A B and C
section A, there are questions that required us to think outside the box. its like mind game.
section B, questions on ourselves. we rate ourselves based on the qualities given.
and lastly, 
section C, more on general knowledge. i think this section is the most difficult! urgh! i wish i have more time to think or even google!

but whats done is done.
now i will just wait for the results..soooooo scary isnt it? damn it! i wish i studied more!!!

* * * * *

at first, i was just applying just because everyone is applying. honestly, i dont have the confidence to get these because my application dont really meet their requirements.
my pointer is not that great.
i dont have working experiences.
and i didnt get any offer letter yet.

then, when a friend of mine who is in Korea here with me checked and he got it, i was like 
"hurmm..its okay..i know i wont get it"
then he asked for my IC no. and guess what? I GOT IT!
that was one of the nest thing in my life that ever happened to me! and i was almost cried!
according to this, i have to take an online psychometric test. so i googled it. there are soooooo many people has done this before. so i read their experiences. so from there, i got myself ready a lil bit.
when the day actually come, i just answered those questions. i can say that there are hard questions and there are also easy questions. 
when i finished the test, i got this slip stated that ive sat for the test :)

the test from my point of view was hard. i wish i have more time to answer those questions. 1 hour is not enough, especially when you have math question to answer. 
anyway, im praying for the best now.
i really hope i will get this.
its been my dream since ever to go abroad to study. to open my eyes to sooooo many beautiful things in this world.
my target is that, i want to get my PhD before i reach 30.

ive been thinking about my interview too.
how am i suppose to go for interview if im in Korea right now? the interview will be held next week. what if they reject my application after they find out that im not in Malaysia right now? seriously, this is bothering me soooooo much!
what should i do?

ive done my best for the, interview..


"kalau ade rezeki, ade la. right now, tawakkal je la"

till then, 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Itaewon Trip (16March2014)

since i landed in Korea 26 February ago, i didnt had meat or chicken..
oh yea, i almost forgot i had chicken at the campus's caferia. but it was seriously 'ciput'.
so today, i decided to go to Itaewon, a.k.a the 'halal paradise' (thats what i think of Itaewon).
this is me, while waiting for the bus to the nearest train station, Wangsimni (pronounce as wangshimni)
*Mark&Spencer Jeans, tailored blouse, Madamoiselle by Etoile long jacket, ClarksAir shoes and brandless handbag* 
so this is the bus i usually take to go to that station. it used to be bus no 2220, but now it changed to bus no 4211. it doesnt stop at where i use to stop at. i have to walk farer than before :( 
many will ask, why didnt i take the one in Hanyang university? the answer is that, YES, its in Hanyang. but the thing is that it is far from my dormitory. i have to walk just like i walk to class everyday with 2 small hills and stairs. and there is no bus.
so i took the easiest way to get to the train station, which is by bus. and the bus station were just infront of my dormitory :)
besides, Wangsimni station is more convenience since this station is the interchange station. which i can change the subway line. *if you dont know, Seoul have sooooooo many subway lines. in order for you to go to one place, u may need to transfer a few times* 
so this is the station, Wangsimni. from here, i have to go to Sindang (pronounce as 'Shindang') and take line 6 towards Cheonggu (pronounce as 'Chonggu') and stop at Itaewon station. and from there, take exit 3. when ure out from the subway, u may see lotssssss of halal restaurant and mostly, middle eastern restaurant. Turkish, Dubai, Pakistani. 

i decided to eat Turkish food today which is kebab.
the name of the restaurant is Pasha. when ure out from the subway exit 3, walk straight, then u will see this restaurant. its just a small restaurant. 
this is me while waiting for the food to come. my excited face to eat the chicken!!! 
tadaaa! this is Chicken Iskander Kebab and it costs KW8,500. Lots of chicken slices. underneath that chickens, there are panini bread and served with a lil bit of fries. truly Turkish taste! 
this restaurant is famous for this wrap, but is doesnt attract my interest..hihi! 

if u ever come to Itaewon, there are variety of halal food choices. if u just came here for a vacation like a week or two, i suggest u to go and have a real Korean food.
i dont think u may miss chicken or meat during that time. but as for me, ive been here for almost a month now. so i kinda want to eat chicken and meat.

here, u may see lots of foreigner!
as for me, Itaewon is not really for me. i will only some here for the halal food :)


Aflah & Alia

Happy Monthly-versary!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Gangnam & COEX Mall Trip (15March2014)

when we talk about Korea, the most famous things about it is the singers, and beauty products..
anf if we talk about singer, there are lotsssssss of Korean singer..right? i think the most famous is PSY. because of his Gangnam Style i right? everyone in this whole wide world know him, right?
so, i went to the famous Gangnam.

i didnt miss the chance to take a picture of that Gangnam's signage. 
this is the main road of Gangnam.
well, biase biase je..the street are filled with sooooo many locals and international brands shop and boutique..
i came here to see what is soooooo great about Gangnam that all Koreans are talking about.
if theyre talking about clubs, Malaysia have this kind of area too..i think very similar to Bukit Bintang..or Changkat..
maybe because there are sooooo many elite people here..

COEX Mall.
okay la..just like Malaysian Pavillion and KLCC..
all branded items here
and there is Aquarium in there too
according to the internet, COEX is the largest underground shopping and exhibition center im not sure whether in Korea or in Asia..something like that laaaaa



cute headband i saw in the souvenir shop 

today is their they gave beverages, popcorns/cotton candy, and cookies for free!
i love their pink concept! 
this is ABC Mart. kalau kt Malaysia mcm Al-Ikhsan la..all branded sport shoes..byk sale.. 
on the right, its the jewellery that was inspired from dramas..sooooo cute!
kalau rase nk pendant mcm yg dlm 49 Days tu, ade kt sni :)


Monday, March 10, 2014

My Hongdae Trip! (10March2014)

so here's about my trip to Hongdae. i cant believe i went to Hongdae during the day and on Monday! haha!
the thing is that, my mentor who i called JooPica asked me out. then she asked me where is the place that i really want to go. at that time, i have nothing on my mind. anywhere will be fine.
so the next day when we met, she suggested that we go to Hongdae to hangout. maybe at the cafes of somewhere there to have lunch.
after walking for quite sometime, we reached here!!! HELLO KITTY CAFE!!!
i couldnt waste any more time. we went inside the cafe and look at the menu displayed
there are not many choices. but one thing for sure, there are soooooo cute!
this is me while waiting to order at the counter. i am sooooo excited and i order a few desserts.







while waiting for the food to come, i couldnt help myself but to take lotssssss of photos of the cafe as well as myself in there. the cafe is superbly cute. and everything was hello kitty!
u can see how excited i am by looking at my face ^.^

so here are the few things we ordered while spending time in the cafe. i ordered chocolate waffle with banana aside and tiramisu. and not to forget, lattes. caramel latte and green coffee latte.

so these are the pics of the woman's toilet! isnt it cute? i love the pink color of the toilet! makes me feel more in love with it!

above is the seat i sit! isnt it cute too? urgh! i love everything in this cafe!



and here are the pics of the man's toilet!
haha! i couldnt help myself to not taking pictures of this. even that it is not pink, i still think that its cute. hello kitty should be also accepted by the guys out there. its not a girly thing.
so thats about the Hello Kitty Cafe.

then we walked around Hongdae. my mentor wanted to bring me to this gallery. Korean is also famous for their inventing passions.
so this place is called 'SangSangMaDang'




in the gallery, there are lotsssss of things that are invented by the Koreans in order to make human's life easier. its a waste that i cant take picture in this gallery. this is not just gallery. they sell the stuff too. very modern and unique. and there are also hand made items.
i can say that, the Koreans are superbly talented people!

moving on --->

we continue walking again to find the Coffee Prince Cafe
rakyat Malaysia yg g Korea especially girlssss mesti nk g cafe ni. well, bkn murah nk g Korea ni, kn? alang2 dah sampai, mesti la g.
to see the cafe, from the drama in front of our eyes kn..? ^.^ i understand. i feel that too
i love the drama.

but, the cafe is just ordinary for me. but the coffee is expensive than other place, so do the dessert. hurm, maybe once okay laa..





i ordered Americano and tiramisu :)
it was okay. but nothing special.

then we went back to where we came from. the Hongdae streets. to find things that i can eat. the safe choice is, 'bibimbap' no meat, no chicken, no pork. just an egg, rice and lotsssss of vege.
dont be surprise, very tiny stall have this machine. this machine displays menu and take orders from customer. and we need to pay at here too. then take the receipt to the 'ahjumma' and she will prepare ur food. very convenience!

tadaaa..! 'bibimbap'!
delicious and easy to eat!