Saturday, February 25, 2012

it's Friday!

olla darlings!

Happy Saturday!

what a great sunny day to start with!
today is have to wake my darling up cause he have game this morning
and now, he's already there.
hbs la..mcm keling la balik nnt..main tgh2 panas tu..haihhh!

yesterday was a ordinary day for me
i got class at 230pm ONLY, and i got on that 1230 bus to campus
as soon as i arrived, i bought nasi lemak and float at the lobby
nasi lemak was okey la..
then i asked Fatin Athirah to buy me a whole meal bread sandwich and mineral water
well, the thing is that i have to finished my work for that 230pm's presentations
kinda stressful doing last minute thing
but then, im lucky that we managed to finished all that..Yay!
i finished my class at 4pm
the sad part is that my darling have to continue working til i have to go back by bus..
lucky that Yatt, Sal and Qila are there too
so im not alone
but i forgot that i asked Fatin Athirah to go have drinks.. :-(
i was super pissed off with that lady who works at the Goreng Pisang stall
so damn fucking rude!
nasib baik goreng pisang ko sedap..aku tahankan aje..damn!
as soon i arrived at the hostel,
i got changed, then sleep
i woke up at 7 when my darling called asking whether i want or not to have dinner
so then he sends me this:
my favourite kuey tiaw kerang! nyum3!
but bofore that:
gedik kn?
haha! after finished eating, i have to take panadol
well, ive been having these fever since a week ago
if i still didnt get better, i will be forced to clinic
urgh! i hate clinic or hospital
the smell of the meds..oh dear..
im going to faint!
xsakit pun bleh jd sakit..

so, that are all my story for my Friday which is yesterday
and as for today,
i think im going to be in hostel
but then, who knows?
i might going out to catch a movie later..hehe!
i wanna watch 'Young Adult'
mcm best..
macam la kn..

have a great weekends darlings!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday & Thursday!

Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

Wednesday was super nice! i got 3 classes on that day, but 2 of them was cancelled! yay! i lioke i lioke i lioke! but then i still went to campus early to finished my assignments..
today is the kinda last day for the Korean students in UniKL. so there's some presentations from them. i manage to take photos with them. this guy's name is Steve. really2 friendly! mcm ShinDong from SuperJunior! hehe!
*cover nk gelak + muke demam*

then later after class, Mr.Simple picked me from campus then went having a walk at the KLCC park. dgn kaki yg sakit sbb jatuh tangge kt UniKL, i still bleh jalan dgn baik..hehe! 
malu! jatuh tangge! damn!

then, we went dinner. ive been looking for this stall, da agak lame la..its Mali's! nyum3! ive been there once, tu pun da 2 3 thn lps..i ate char kuey tiaw special! nyum3! kalau lg pedas, lg sedap!
im super lucky that Mr.Simple sudi buangkan kulit udang for me..hehe! Thank u!


yesterday, Mr.Simple picked me up at 9am for my 930am class. im kinda late for my class. but lucky me that my lecturer didnt enter the class yet. he then waited for me at the lobby. hehe! well, i only have 1 class from 930am to 1130am. 
he promised to watch THIS MEANS WAR with me.
so then after class, we went lunch at Vision City together with Aten. they're having super duper much fun laughing at me. damn them! ceh!
after lunch, me & Mr.Simple went straight to MidValley to catch that 1.15pm movie.
this movie was seriously awesome!
its about 2 guys (Tuck & FDR), who fell for the same girl. both of them kinda fighting to get that girl. during the fights, many funny things took place. u guys, have to watch it! it got action, romance, bromance, and comedy. its a must watch movie for 2012.
seriously, if i got the chance, i would like to watch this again..

after the movie, we went to Shah Alam to the Taman Botani. unfortunately, it, we just hang out in the car..talking..laughing..*i mean, big laugh*on our way back to KL, Aten call asked me to pick up Nasi Beriyani for me and Mr.Simple. nyum..nyum..nyumm! 1 with beef curry, another 1 with mutton curry! well, aten is super lucky to have a mother who really love to cook! 
the bad part is..i have to go back early..Mr.Simple got training to attend at 830pm.. :-( and he's gonna play this Saturday in Bangi for a tournament or league *im not sure*
i wish u all the luck in the world for u to win the game this Saturday!

i hope ive given u a really nice movie to be watched during the weekends with ur friends or loved ones. have a great weekends darlings!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LMFAO Live in Malaysia!

im soooooooo in love with them! 

i wanna go! 
but i have to see my schedule.. :-(
tibe2 clash plak dgn trip pape ke kang susah plak..haihhhh!

to get the ticket, visit


me & my Mr.Doctor

my Mr.Doctor bukan main bersemangat manghantar ubat on his way to work..
thank u, Mr.Doctor!
jasamu dikenang!
btw, ive eaten all that!
and that soluble thingy tasted like crap! 
menyesal mkn!
i wished all of these tasted nice.. :-(
but then u forgot to get me something to eat.. :-(


Sunday, February 19, 2012

late updates

hello bloggies!

so tonight i got a few things to update. so first thing first..

i got that cheese naan! superb! untung plak ade org nk bawak kn..haha! yg xsuperb is just that tandoori chicken. biasa-biasa aja..u guys should try the naan! seriously!
this kedai is juat around Medan Tuanku
name kedai ni, RMSY
kalau tgh hri, naan ni ade from 12 noon to 2pm only..malam of course ade la..

chill kn?

NEXT --->
i got to finished my assignments on photography
i was looking to something that have constant moving speed
and suddenly, paip air is all in my mind
and paip air yg byk and cantek2 should be in masjid right?
so, here i am in Masjid Negara, looking for the paip
unfortunately, itu xmembantu..

sebelum balik hostel, terjumpe pulak abg pulis yg sgt handsome!
haihhhh..ble la nk terjumpe2 abg pulis beruniform ni..

so, pencarian spot2 yg menarik utk complete kn this assignment di teruskan lg..
so i went to Taman Tasik
ramai pulak la yg amek gamba kawen hari ni
oh, ble la nk kawen nieh?!
haha! oppsss..! 
so here we are..three of us..

and oleh krane panas sgt, we went to umah Fatin Athirah Roslay jalan2
Mek nk tgk kucing2 Aten..hehe!

thanks to Adiana Othman sbb berjaya menharungi 2 hari yg sgt2 panas meneman Alia menyiapkan assignment photography..jasamu dikenang! love u darling!
and to Mr.Simple yg bg krete for the weekends, thank u!
Mr.Simple xdpt teman sbb krete sbb yaya xsehat..nnt kalau nk kne naik public transport takot panas pulak..atleast krete de aircond..and kalau xpuas hati dgn tmpt tu, bleh cri tmpt lain pulak..katenye..
because of u, i can drive manual car..sikit2 la..hehe!
to Mek plak, thanks sbb sudi wat assignment dgn Alia..i had fun!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Wordless Friday!

hello darlings!

i know, many of us cant wait for today to end right?
Thanked God Its Friday!
its time to have real fun during the weekends right/
so, yesterday..
i got news from my colleagues saying that my artwork has been pasted on the information section on Level 12
so, dgn hati yg berbunge2 i went up from Level 2 to see whether its true or not
and guess what?
 ta daaaaa....!

 remember my last post on my photography work?
ini lah hasilnye!
i am super duper happy with my work!
thank u Sir Amad for choosing my work!
seriously, ive seen my of my classmates' artwork
agak tergugat gak la
but then,
im happy with myself

p/s: thank u sooooo much yea Mr.Simple for ur time teman me shoot kt Tasik Perdana hri tu. duk dalam panas tgh2 hari bute tuh..sweaty lg..then send me to Danau and waited for printing and framing tu lg..thanks alot yea!

the bad thing of the day is that, fever is on the way
i got sore throat + mini headache + lenguh2..

da 2 3 hari tdo xbetul kot..
genting laa..
assignments laa..
that longgg and boringgg workshop lg..
so today, im going to find Cheese Naan, insyaAllah..
i saw many of blogger posted on Cheese Naan these days
*saje je nk menaikkan selere makan ceq!*
i got this photo from a blog

cheese die tu yg xtahan tengok tuh! haha! 

well darlings, i got presentation to do now
*im updating my blog during class*
i'll update more soon
do keep in touch yea!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creative Kitchen

Hello darlings!

How have u been doing? I hope u guys are just fine and had a great week so far.

So what i wanted to share with u guys today is about the seminar that ive been attending since ysterday. Its called 'CREATIVE KITCHEN'? Dont get me wrong okay..its not a cooking class yea. This seminar is more on TECHNOPRENEURSHIP. Well, this subject is not in my study planner for this semester. I already took Technopreneurship, last semester. But still, i have to attend this seminar for my Innovative Management's class. My niat for being here is that, i want extra 20% marks for this subject! There u go, ive spilled it out! I dont really want to be here. Haha!
It was an interesting seminar at first. The facilitator was awesome! But then, as the time goes by, it gets more and more boringggg. Im sorry to say, but i think i need more fun seminar that can engage my attention to nothing else than the seminar only.
Well, i'll updat more soon!


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


hello my dearly darlings!

what a hectic day! i got Intro to Drawing's class till 830pm then, i have to settle my photography assignment near Danau. jauh mencari tmpt nk wat that stuff. thanks to the poeple whos been wonderful.
lps ni i da tau mne nk wat that stuff. hehe! so i arrived there around 9pm..punye lah ramai budak kelasku! haha! da mcm 1 kelas g tmpt yg same. i have to wait like almost 1hour! so sementare menunggu, i went having dinner at the mamak near that photo-lab.
well, mlm ni trase nk mkn kuey tiaw plak. so g la mkn dgn si mr.simple ni. nasib baik die ade nk hntr i g settle my stuff kt Danau tu. kalau nk g sndr, haihhhh..smpi kesudah la xsiap..hehe! but the bad thing is that another 2 mounting board that person xcut..sbb pekerje die da siap2 nak balik..hurmmm..sorry Fatin Athirah..sorry Hafuy Hamdan..sorry sgt2 yea..
so, the photo yg sir Amad approved is:

dlm byk2 photos taken, yg ni je yg die approved.
phewww~what a relieved..
nasib baik xkne wat balik..
so after hntr kedai, this is the outcome:

hehe! nasib baik ade mr.teddy yg sanggup jd model ha..hehe!
well, i got a seminar to attend tomorrow
from 9am to 9pm
xde la mse utk keluar dinner+dating2
weekend plak ade photography event in Putrajaya
wedding to attend lg..
no time for myself..

* * * * *

but then, im happy with my life now
i got someone who actually cares..who actually listens
and who actually understands
what is past, is past
let bygone be bygone
im not going to get married any soon
and i dont have time to think of guys..kalau rse2 nk semakkn my head, please..go away..
to my previous guys (i mean, ex-es) whos been coming back to my life,
'kalau ade jodoh, ade la..kalau xde, what can we do right'?
im sorry Shab..
and to the others too, im sorry..
im happy with my life now
when i need someone in my life, xde pun yg dtg..but when im get to know new guy, mule la beduyun2 tiba..haihhh..! 
im sorry..
its hard to let go what i have now


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Manchester United vs Liverpool :-)

as predicted..

Manchester United Won!
so now MU is on the very top of the list, straight to No 1!



hello bloggies! a student..
super tiring!
especially when ure talking course that require many outdoor activities

this semester, i got Digital Photography
seriously, this subject is really2 interesting
since im a camera freak, i need to learn more on how to take good photos
but then its always challenging
every week assignments + in class activities

so now i would like to share a few photos taken during my class

* * * * *
so today i did photo-shoot in Taman Tasik Perdana
cuace ter-sgt lah panas!
so shooting la cepat2
balik2 je pengsan!
supposedly, kuar hostel kul 10..but then 945am bru bgn..hurmm..kul 11 jugak la kuar rumah..hehe! jammed lg..hurmm..sabtu pun jam..KL kn..mmg padan la muke..

so now, back to drawing. 

so now got the picture? haha!
i have to draw these things together with the shading
awesome right?

i'll update once i finished these drawings


Friday, February 10, 2012

my day with my love ones

hello bloggies! 

im super duper happy today that my class is cancelled since my lecturer is on MC today. so, i made plans. ibu come to visit me with Amir. then we went lunch at the famous Chef Ismail's Rebung in Bangsar. he's in the house! haha! 

the food over there was awesome! worth every penny paid! so people, do visit Rebung Restaurant! its 10 minutes walking from the LRT Bangsar station. the price are not expensive at all. rm40 for lunch, rm30 for high tea and rm50 for dinner.its a buffet price. ive tried everything that restaurant had to offer. mmg puas hati! 
to taste everything, my tip is : DONT TAKE RICE! nnt cepat kenyang! 

Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail
No 4-2 Lorong Maarof
Bangsar Park
59000 Kuala Lumpur

to read more on the restaurant, visit this link :
thats the address! do visit that restaurant. worth every penny!

NEXT -->

after lunch we went to Ampang. visit my former 'babysitter'.
haha! its kinda awkward to hear how's ur behaviour when ure small. haha!
and funny too!
they said im super spoil! asyik main barbie doll je..haha!
cerewet bab-bab makan
but then when it comes to Amir's story, its even funnier! haha!

then later Ibu send me back to campus at 430pm

NEXT -->

i went dinner at Naili's Place in Sentul
nice ambiance! 
i love it
its fun and back to nature's place
thats my first time
really nice place
ckp je xgune kn..look for urself by clicking on the link below
to know more on the place, visit this link :

well, thats all that happened to me for today
i will update more as soon as possible!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tanah tinggi!

hello bloggies!

i went watching this movie last night
kesimpulannye? crite ni xbest!


yesterday, i went up up and away! haha!
i spend my night wondering around..
then later this morning i had breakfast at OldTown

how bored am i as soon as i discover there's no U line over there!
luckily, my bb is working!
thanks to maxis line!

i had English Platter and OldTown Hazelnut White Coffee for breakfast
and the others, not mine

NEXT --->

im super excited as i googled it
but then as soon as i walk-into that place,
biasa-biasa aja
but if ure going with ur loved ones, its super romantic!

even the swan are coupled!

i dont even know when is this picture is taken!

NEXT --->
Japanese Village

mak aih! jalan jauh!
as u can see, i changed my clothes!
its cold + hot at the same time
its hot since its near to the sun
and its cold since its up up and away!

hey mr.simple! thanks for this picture taken from behind
surprisingly, i dont look fat from behind!
*no photoshop applied!*

then later, i had dinner at 5pm!
i had poaches salmon at the IKEA
org belanje!
alhamdulillah..! semoge anda dimurahkan rezeki..!

thats all for now



well, here are few updates from my girl's day out!
we ate lunch at TGI!

Boneless Wing for appetiser!

mine? Mac&Cheese

Adiana Othman? grilled salmon


then, SHOPPING time!

later that late afternoon, me & Adiana Othman went back to Seremban
later that night, we went out driving to KL!
then we're back in Seremban!
that was fun!


Melaka trip with my beloved Wan & Adiana Othman!

Jonker Street!

lining up for Jonker Street's ice kacang!

ice kacang during hot day = superb!

Malaka River Cruise!

next day --->

IceRoom with my lil bro and Adiana Othman!