Friday, June 30, 2017

Mommy Last Checkup


Yay! Today is Mommy's last checkup!
everything was fine, my womb is back to its normal position and shape and im now good to go! kah!
Ikot petua org tua tua, elok la still jage makan since Ayra is still fully breastfeed. So I pantang ice for atleast 100days kot, InsyaAllah..

So tadi skali harung la buat pap smear skali
dlu dlu pun tau that we are, as a woman especially married woman suppose to take this test.
tp td mmg xplan langsung nk buat. haha! ive Googled it and it seems scary..hahaha!
hmmm..after buat tu, okay laaaa..sbb lgpun doc check tempat jahit tu, so skali harung la..tak prasan pun da settle..hahaha!

so to all the ladies out there,
go get urself checked! if there's something wrong, atleast we know it early
dont be afraid, and just do it!

so til then,
have a great day ahead everyone!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy 2nd Months Old!

Ayra is 2months old today!
and looks like someone is going to get a jab in a few days..kehkehkeh!

Mommy and Walid love you so  much baby!