Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello bloggies!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri darlings! Maaf zahir & batin. I skrg tgh tolong my mom buat rendang. Im the one yg always taste things here. Kuah kacang, and rendang..haha! Im loving it!

To all my Muslims friends out there, who's been reading and especially who's followed my blog, Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf zahir dan batin. I know, ive been kinda bitchy. So, saye dgn ini menyusun sepuluh jari, dr hujung rambut smpi hujung kaki, memohon maaf. Klu de terkasar bahase ke..terkecik hati ke..i am super duper sorry.

I'll upload some pics a.s.a.p yea darlings! So take care of ur health. Dont eat too much. Nnt naik kolestrol, darah dan lain2 lg.. Have fun and see u guys soon yea!

x o x o

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JuiceWorks Aug Promo!

hello darling! here's the latest promotion from JuiceWorks.
its kinda last minute promotion.
but still sempat..hehe!
to all JuiceWorks lover, do grab this promo yea..

u'll get 50% discount on Fruitee Sandwich or VEGGIE WRAP with any POWER DRINK PURCHASE

*depends on location yea. do read this brochure carefully yea. dont get misunderstood yea..*
both of this promo last til 28 AUGUST

take care darlings! 

x o x o

Headache + Gastric

what a day that i have to suffer these pains. seriously! one kind of pain is already painful, two? yeah, hell for me today. 

i slept as soon as i got on my bed (after changing my clothes, of course). then i keep on waking up due to my annoying tummy. i break my fast with mineral water, then continue sleeping till 8pm. i had these headache due to crying + mandi hujan! i lurve playing with the rain! hehe! so, now trime lah padahnye. and guess what? the flu is coming soon!!! head is dizzy, my throat is sore, my eyes are hot..YES! i am expecting! haha! expecting for fever. hehe!

so, back to the story ---> then i wake up, take my shower..later, buy something from the cafe to eat. not really nice. just for the sake to have a proper food. 

ble la sume2 ni nk gone..super tired already!

well, due to my excessive  sleeping time earlier, here i am..still awake. its almost 115 in the morning and i have 940 class tomorrow. 

so, im going back to Penang this Friday!!! cant wait to go back..

hehe! goodnight darlings!

x o x o

Monday, August 22, 2011

Last week activities

this picture is taken on our way to Cyberjaya with Abah.

this is when we arrived in Seremban on Saturday late afternoon.

this is soon after i got my hair done with my brother in a salon in Seremban.

these are what ibu and Amir had on Friday as our berbuka.

@ klcc

my bro @ klcc

oh yea..sesi rase, merase..i love it! 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things that i cant leave home without :

here are the things that i have in my handbag. so dont ask me whats inside my handbag.

my handphone (my maxis line)
my BlackBerry
my tablet (what a life without internet connection, right?)
important keys
baby wipes (not that i have baby, but this is essential)
sanitizer wipes (this only apply sometimes)
compact powder
lip balm (this is crucial! my lips are super dry!)
compact mirror (quick touch-up)
pantiliner (for emergency. we'll never know..)

well, what i have in my handbag are basically what other girls have. we have lots of things to carry around. so thats why handbag is another crucial thing. hehe!

thanks for ur time reading this.
take care darling! have a great day ahead.

x o x o


Sunday, August 14, 2011

My First Attempt!

okay guys, dun laugh at me. seriously, this is my first time. i may sound gedik and have pronounced some words wrongly. just that im super nervous! so, i am sooo sorry. do drop me a private message,k.

x o x o

Sbb xdgr ckp

hello bloggies!

i want to show u guys something. jeng jeng jeng..

ni la hasilnye kalau org da ckp jgn buat, buat jugak..

nasib baik just as pesakit luar je. klu masuk wad, jenuh gak la nk menjawab pertanyaan2 Ibu & Abah. and for sure, im going to get scolded. 
i guess, im going to be more careful this time. 
it starts with:
i keep on waking up to vomit. my tummy feels sooooo painful! 
well, i still can deal with it till 8am, i cant anymore. 
i need help!
im all sweating + serious pale + bleeding lips

then g la ke hospital yg terdekat menaiki teksi. i got the blue taxi. xkisah la kne byr brape pun, i cant wait any longer. i have to go before i faint anywhere. i dont want that to happen. 
sampai2 je, there is a cute nurse (a guy nurse, i mean) helped me. but all i think is about my tummy. serious xde mse nk mgatal that time. haha! 

that hospital is really nice! rse mcm seronok je nk duk lame2. hehe! 

i saw this one boy kne drip. kesian die..
dah la kecik lg..demam panas..sempat gak la borak2 dgn mak die. well, they lived kt condo sblh hospital ni kot! they must be rich! husband die de meeting, so xdpt ikot.
that boy nangis..mmg pity him. kecik sgt kot..da kne cucuk..
me, myself pun almost cried when kne cucuk. 
seriously, lain kali xnk dtg sorg2..atleast klu dtg dgn another person, i have a shoulder to cry on.
mate td da agak berair gak la menahan skt..malu! de budak tu xnangis pun! 
sabar je la..
nasib baik de org nk sembang2..
klu x, da mmg nangis! 

around 12pm, im already in my hostel.
i feel soooo..sleepy

food checklist:
- no chilies
- no pineapple
- no sour2 thing
- lots of fiber
- lots of plain water

x o x o

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Good Friday

This morning, i have to get up early. But i woke up at 8 due to super duper tummy pain! *pity aten for wake up super early to help me out with the clearance..thank u darling! I love u!*
Instead of getting on 730 bus, i took the 9am bus. And im super lucky that the roads are kinda clear on my way to campus.

And guess what? 1 only have 1 klas this morning. INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOPRENEURSHIP's class. I am trying to reaaly positive in the class nowadays. Huhu! Im kinda worried when Sir Zahdi said that we're going to do the same thing again as i did before in INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP during my 4th semester *i think so..* hopefully it wun be as awful as the last time.

Before the class start, as and aten start our kinda 2 minutes of our bitchy segment..which is TAKING PHOTOS OF US IN CLASS. ive uploaded one of these in my fb's account..
Can u see my eye bags???!!! Thats all due to late sleeping time + lots of assignments + lack of food consumed..*sigh*

At first i was sooooo shocked when i saw these eye bags. I was like "oh my Dolce! I have eye bags!!!" i was kinda shouting in the class. Its soooo ugly!!! I need helppppppppp! I need to double care of my eyes. Need to put lots of eyes stress gel..!

Well, i had a great day today! Hopefully u guys had fun today too! Take care yea darlings!
x o x o

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

:: Hibiscus Juice + Lime + Lychee ::

hi bloggies! 

i am super duper happy today! somebody treat me berbuka today. hehe! i ate Nasi Lemak + Ayam Goreng + Telur Goreng. yummm! sukenye hati bile diri ini dimanjakan. mcm abah slalu buat! tolong 'siat-siatkn' ayam goreng. hehe! i like! 100x like! 

then after that, before we went back, we make a pit stop at JuiceWorks. theyre having promotion now, during Ramadhan. 

BUY 1 and GET another 1 FOR FREE. hehe!

ive tried it. Hibiscus juice + lime + lychee = awesome!

they will cost u rm9.50 ONLY!!! instead of one, u got two. this is when u can start being selfish for a moment where sharing is not caring anymore when u can get 1 for urself. am i right? haha!

it tastes almost like lemonade. if u love sour sour drinks, then this is for u.

this promotion will lasts till 31 August and u dont need member card for this. hehe!
but, this promotion is available from 6pm - 8pm only.
here's the ads if u dont believe me:

(u may click on the image to enlarge)

have fun trying darlings! 
take good care of urself yea..
drink lots of water & take ur vitamins.

x o x o

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a reminder to myself

hello bloggies! how are u guys?
i wish that ya'll in a good health. i know, this fasting month have been challenging due to the hot weather..
do drink a lot of water yea..! and dont forget to consume vitamin C. 

talking about Vitamins, my mom have been a really great pusher. she have been calling me to remind me to take my supplements. especially vitamin C. 
to those who often get ulcers, that means u guys are lack of vitamin C and water. 
if u got ulcers during fasting, oh my Gucci..! i tell u, its going to be really2 painful as u cant drink any water to make it hydrated. and u have to drink lots of water! i prefer mineral water since the water contains minerals. haha! either way, u can have it ur way.

and another 1 more thing, dont eat spicy food during ur berbuka or sahur. 
u gonna get stomach pain. 
as for me, my tummy mmg baby sket. so i cant take any spicy food for the time being.
i took bimbim bap with kimchi on last Thursday. then toufu bento on Sunday. and as for yesterday, i ate ayam penyet. 
all of that was spicy. so i am receiving my treatments from the food til now. haha! 
but, how am i suppose to stop eating spicy food? mmg tak la kn..
eating non-spicy food wont give any satisfaction to me. its like drinking a mineral water. right?
well, for my own good..i guess i have to stop it for a while.

now i know how to niat puasa & doa buka puasa.
im super duper proud of myself!
before this, i will be caling Abah everynight for the niat. hehe!
now, i can rely on myself! 
i am super duper happy!
now, im not soooo spoilt bratz anymore..

this fasting month have taught me to be more patience. 
i think i dont really mad like i used to. i tend to shut my mouth up than cursing at others. 
insyaAllah, i hope these with last for a long time. its not good for people to curse at other people, right?
as for the forgive & forget,  i still cant do that. as i look at that person, i dont think i can even forgive..
im stuck. dont know what to do. oh my Prada..i hate that situations!

im hoping foe the best this fasting month. to those who knows me, im sorry for all my wrong doings. and as for my reader/followers, im sorry for the inappropriate word used. i really appreciate that u guys are actually reading my kinda 'syok sendiri' blog. hehe! 
and i pray for ur happiness!

take care darlings! 
x o x o

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekends in Penang with Ibu and Amir

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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hello bloggies!
Hows ur fasting so far? I hope u guys are all still alright. Hehe! And as for me, im still fine. Hehe!
My third day of fasting was fine. I got to break my fast with someone other than just myself. Sooooo not hot to break ur fast alone right? My first day, bored..second day? I got terrible, i am soooo happy! No more loney star..hehe! Hopefully tomorrow will be the same. Hehe!

The bad part is:

I have lots of assignments to be submitted next week. All these required me to draw, sketch. I am seriously bad in this. Since these are all individual work, i have to do it myself. No one cpuld do it for me. And i cant be anybody sleeping partner anymore. Thats not good.
Haha! These is how my desk looks like nowadays. The skecthbook is for my cartoon drawing for Storyboard Design subject. The magazine? Thats not for leisure anymore. Thats also part of my assignment. For my Creative Advertising subject.
Oh my Gucci, i need to have 2 brains right now. Im updating my blog as im taking break from drawing for a while. Since 10pm, i only fill 6 of the frame. I am still waiting for ideas to come. Dear brain, please help me with these yea..

Happy fasting tomorrow darlings! Dont forget to drink lots of water to keep u hydrated throughout the day.

x o x o

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My 2nd Day of Fasting

so far, byk tul dugaan..
i lost my money on Sunday.
and as for today, im in terrible headache until now.
can u imagine, how long did i try to endure this pain? seriously, i cant even think.
so, for my break-fast, i only drink 1 kotak of soya milk. 
i dont even gather my strength to go my get something better to eat.
redha je la..
now im taking pain killers. even though its not good, but u have too. i cant take this pain anymore.
and as for my assignments, i feel like as if im an animation student. all i have to do it sketches.
for creative advertising, storyboard design and visual communication's class, all the same. 
i have to came out with sketches..

i think thats all for tonight.
have a nice day ahead darlings!
x o x o

M : A : N : T : A : I

yup, many of u will be wondering whats up with the title. hehe! well, its like a celebration that 'orang nogoghi' will celebrate a day before fasting month starts. during that day, we will be having like a mini Hari Raya. we got lemang, rendang and soups. im kinda surprise that not all people have this in their hometown. well, next year u may come celebrate this with me. 
my dad fetch me from my hostel on last Friday (29July2011). on our way to Seremban, i was stuck on the jam for more than an hour..ish3..really bad traffic. as we arrived in Seremban, we pick up my grandmother at home for dinner. we had western dinner. i had chicken + lamb. i like the chicken, but the lamb was a turn off. 
on the next day which is Saturday, i had to stay at home since Mama and Abah went to KL with 2 cars. the other cars? all went to service center. except for Volvo. it was with Amir. so i had to wait for him to come back then only we will go out. since Amir was really late, me and Abah decided to go for 'meat hunting'. hahaha! thats for the rendang, masak lemak, and the soups. there was a really bad traffic going to Kuala Pilah. so we decided to make a u-turn, after dinner we will go back. as my brother arrived at home, we went out for dinner. we had 'burung puyuh' as our main dish. that was really nice! guess what? i ate birds!!! haha! after that, around 11 we went back for 'meat hunting' in Kuala Pilah. there are not many people 'mantai' this year...hmmmm...
after 3 hours of 'meat hunting', we went back home with lots of meat! yay! 
next day, Abah cooked 'masak lemak daging' for us. that was a blast! i love it! its been long since i had 'masak lemak'. i love it! then later my grandmother cooked rendang. i had to wait like almost 3 hours to get to eat that rendang. hehe! i love it tooooo. last weekend is all about foooood! i think, ive gained more weight!!! heeelp! hopefully during this fasting month i will lost some weight. hehe! 

thats all for now.
to all Muslims, Happy Fasting! 

"Syaitan sudah di ikat, maknanya, sifat-sifat buruk yg ada pd kita skrg ni, adalah datangnya dr kita sendiri dan bukannya dr gangguan syaitan. ubahlah sikap itu, tidak ada siapa yg akan mengubah sikap itu melainkan diri sendiri. cubalah berubah dlm bulan yg penuh rahmat ini".

x o x o