Friday, July 27, 2012


Alhamdulillah..its been a week kite berpuase..

yang xberape best, my auntie masuk wad
last night, she slipped while getting air cincau from the dapur. landed on her butt. so its something like slip disc, i was told..
so now my auntie tu terlantar di hospital..
i got the chance to visit her before berbuka just now.
she still can smile..maybe okay kot..

lets pray that she will be alrite


Thursday, July 26, 2012

#excited #nervous #chill #happy

the new semester is just around the corner! 
im excited but im kinda nervous at the same time
every semester, i planned to work hard on everything i do. but in the end, it will be something that i feel lazy to do. there must be something bad about it. maybe the lecturer..or maybe the subject itself.
this semester, i planned to NOT looking at something in negative way. i will try my hard to overcome the challenges. atleast once in my life, i want to make my mom proud. i want her to be happy.

so, talking about challenges, here are some
1. there's no more driver this semester. haha! well, all this while, ive been staying in hostel. so, i got bus every morning and every afternoon/late afternoon to go to campus. but now, since im going to stay on my own in Kg.Baru, i have to walk on my own..hopefully there's someone will walk passing thru my gate so that i can have someone to walk with. hidup berdikari scares me! 
2. my darling is not working on shift anymore. he's working on office hour. and its far away from KL.. :-( so, no more extra helper for my its gonna be just me and Aten to work it out..
3. new subjects! there are few subject that i found tough! 
3D Modelling & Animation,  Digital Audio & Video Production, and Web-Based Authoring. those 3 are tough!!! im hoping to survive this semester! nasib baik me and Aten got in the same group! 

...ummmm..i cant think of any more problem at the moment..huhu!

okay lah! will update more soon!

Friday, July 20, 2012


here are my new darlings!
my brother's Beyonce and my Hamtaro
both are female

Beyonce sleeps in her wheel 
di suatu pg yg aktif!



hello there!

i know, many of u guys must be wondering, what is 'mantai'
thats the most exciting word for all the Nogoghi-rians.
'mantai' is kinda like a mini celebration to celebrate the coming day of Ramadhan
we usually have rendang, lemang, gearbox soup, etc
*lain org/family, lain la care celebration die*

for me, today im having lemang, rendang ayam, and sup tulang rusuk!
those are the reasons why i love staying in Seremban!

so here i would like to wish all of u:
"SELAMAT BERPUASA. semoga all of us memperoleh keberkatan di bulan Ramadhan yg mulia ini"

yours truly,
Lya (",)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Broga - 15June

hello peeps!

today's post is about my Broga experience.
slame ni, people on saying that Broga is real hard
but i memberanikan diri utk naik jugak
this time, with my cousin, Nani
well, i wasnt that hard
to those yg keep on telling me that Broga is hard, i pity u.
yg sebenarnye org yg ckp tu xnk bawak i naik..huhu! xpun die tu yg pnakot..haha!

so here's are some pics taken on that day!
i feel awesome!
it was my first time, and i think im going again!

ive found new hobby!
memanjat Bukit Broga..! 
sape kte org gemok mcm i xbleh wat aktiviti memanjat-majat ni?
to those yg dis-encourage me dlu, look at me! 
im at the top at the hill! 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

im back!

hello peeps!

im back! after having some issues, now im back t blog!
for those who have been patience-ly waiting, thank u sooooo much!

so, i still have around 2 3 weeks more before the new semester starts. im currently staying at home, and do nothing..haha! just KBS and ramyeon that still keep me company. stay at home alone is kinda nice. u can wake up at ur desired time. well, that was at first. now, im tired of sleeping. nowadays, i woke up at 7. then do some poco-poco dpn tv with the korean songs. haha!

there are lots of things to talk about. well, hows ur exam result? i hope u guys got good results..and as for me, as usual laaa...xnaik, semester resolution: TO DO WELL AND GET GOOD GRADES! this coming semester, im going to have audio and video subject..another tough subject to deal with! *sigh*

anyways, enjoy ur holidays! i'll update more soon!