Friday, December 30, 2016


hmmm..everywhere people keep on talking about new year's resolution
they want to do this, they want to do that..


as for me, just like the years before..
i wish to be a better person than i was. i want to keep on improving myself. and learn more on life. this year, im gonna turn 27 years old young.
and not to mention, i wish to be a good mother soon. and hopefully i will be just fine while delivering this baby soon. haha! Only Allah knows how frightened i am when thinking about these!
Like seriously, i dont know what to expect. but seeing few of my friends who already delivered their babies, i think i cant do it..kahkahkahkah!
i wish i passed the proposal defend! so that i could start looking for opportunities abroad..


there are soooo may things that i wish to achieve in life.
but i decided to just go with the flow, but still improving myself at the same time :)

u know i will update here whatever achievement i achieved, right?
keep on praying for me yeaaaa..InsyaAllah, Allah will also grant you what you want also :)


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

21.11.16 - #18weeks

Hello dearly readers ^.^

So..this is my 3rd visits to the doctor


look how big is the baby is..hahahaha! im kinda surprise myself too when i looked at the screen..according to the doctor, the baby is now hav perfect figure..just that we gonna do detailed scan in 5 see more clearly! im excited! cant wait!
AND..during that day, i will also have to take the diabetes's test..which means, they have to take my blood..TWICE! one will be at 8am, and another will be at 10am..
urgh! kinda nervous! because they used to have trouble while extracting the blood from my arms..they cant see the veins..

please please please..

please pray for me..make it easy for them to take the blood..pleaseeeeeee
so, thats my baby!!! normal heartbeat..normal body growth..just that, Mommy je yg overweigh! thats why i have to undergo the diabetes test -.-

well, till then..


Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hi everyone!

seriously? its been 5years mannnnnn..
how can these happened? hahaks!
well, let me remind you again how i met this guy

well, we met actually on Facebook. never knew he's been my stalker for quite sometime. hahahah til he asked me for my BB's pin no.
then we talked, we shared problems, opinions..

from the first day i know him,
he's always humble. always honest.

kalau die takde or die tak tau, die akan honestly tell me
he's different from those guys i known..who will tell me stories to impress me.
mule mule kenal die he was like "im just ordinary guy, try to make the best of everything i have"

and today,
its hard to believe that im married! and carrying a his baby now!
rse mcm baru je kawen..hihiks!
tak sangke la..die boleh tahan dengan perangai wife die yg ummm..hard to describe..and plus dgn adik ipar yg sewel duk serumah..hihiks! ibu pulak yg slalu dtg..macam kelakar je..


to my dear, Aflah
thanks for keeping ur words to make me ur wife..
thanks for accepting me for who i am from the very first day
thanks for always being there for me..even if u cant, u've tried ur best
thanks for accommodate me with the best thing u could ever giv
thanks for accepting my families
thanks for taking care of me
thanks for making all those affords

there are sooo many things that i wanted to thank you for

i love you ^.^

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lil Cousin Wedding! (29.10.16)

Hello Readers!

hhuuhh hhuhh..! habukkkkk!
hahahha dh lame xupdate blog
lazy + tired all the time
honestly saying, im not enjoying my pregnancy life
but thats the truth
u'll understabd once uve taste the back aches, vomiting, sore breasts, nausea, and so many more..
mayb i will be better in time, insyaAllah..

so back to the title,
last weekend is the groom's side kenduri in Kelantan
the bride's side was held the weekend before

so me, hubs and lil bro flight back to Kelantan to attend this kenduri
im want to brag..that..i made that photobooth!!!
well actually me, Ciksu, hubs and amir bounce the idea while setting up this booth
so we discovered our hidden talent!

anyway, congrats lil cousin Rushdan! and to Sha, welcome to the family!

semoga kekal bahagia til Jannah, insyaAllah..

theme: hmmm..i would say batik motives
forgive my auntie in the middle, she lost her kain

lil bro + Ibu + fat Alia + hubs

this was the week before 22.10.16 in Ipoh
theme: ijo kepale itik..kahkahkah
okay, wrong pose. made me look super fatttt!

til then,

Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Convocation! 23.1016


Finally grad jugak Master!!!

Thank you all, especially my families; Ibu, Aflah, lil bro Amir, Abah, Mama, Uwan Jilibah, Kakim, Sweety Cousin Nani..
thanks for the support..and encouragements!!!

keep on praying for my another success in 3years: PhD!!!

til then,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Alhamdulillah..we made it to ONE YEAR!
*dance dance dance*
i dont have any idea that hubs was planning on taking me out for dinner, and in a hotel..i thought it would be the restaurant that we first met..or our fav restaurant..something like that..
and honestly i never knew he is that sweet ^.^

thank you soooo much Dorsett Putrajaya for the wishes and cake
and for making our dinner special!

i hope and pray that our jodoh will kekal til Jannah, insyaAllah..
i had fun enjoying this roller-coaster-ride-marriage
marriage is not always sweet..there will be bitter, and sour too..but i really hope that we will get thru this ups and downs in our marriage..
lets keep on making this marriage works!
will our lil baby out soon ^.^

Dear Hubs,
i know im such a spoil..i cant do this, i cant do that..but trust me that im learning to be a better person each and everyday. thank you for your Doas for me and for our baby..
I Love You, Aflah
to the moon, and back..

til then,

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy Birthday, Lil Bro! 27.09.16

Happy 24th Birthday!
celebrate kt KLIA je..ibu is going to Mongolia for 2 this is the most suitable time

semoga panjang umur..murah rezeki..sihat slalu..amin..

Monday, August 22, 2016

precious - 20.08.16

first of all,
Thank you Allah for this precious gift in both of mine and hub's life..


that morning, i was seriously not feeling good..mayb im sick..mayb i have fever..
so when hubs came bcak from work that morning, i told him that im going to the clinic alone, and dont worry..just fever..
so i went to the clinic. he checked me and told me that i dont have he's asking for my urine so that they can run some tests. so i peed.
5 mins later,
i was called back into the room, and he showed me the this pregnancy test.
"hmm tgk tu, awak pregnant lah. tak demam pun.."
i was shocked at that time and dont know how to seriously?
so then i went back together with the pregnancy test

i saw hubs was sleeping..when i sat on him tummy and mumbling about how can he let a sick person drove herself to the clinic..bla bla bla bla..
and then we woke up guiltily and asked how'd it goes
i told him that the doctor said that i was fine..and he gave me something to look at..
i hand him the test..and he asked, so whats the meaning of the test, am i okay or not..
then i was "ntah la..doc kasi ni..pastu xkasi pun ubat demam ke ape ke..kasi ubat sakit tekak je".
Hubs was still half awake actually..
then i laugh like really really loud and said
"syg ni! ni pregnancy test laaaa..i xdemam pun!!! i pregnant je"
he then woke up his body and hugs me..kiss me..and he was smiling from ear to ear
i bet that he is really really happy with the news
he didnt go back to sleep, but he decided to go out to have lunch
so we went out for lunch..after that he said that we wanted to go to Giant.
hahahha he wanted to buy more pregnancy tests..hahahahha!

so i ended up to do more tests to please him
so funny!
he must thought that i was pranking him

to families and friends, thanks for all your prayers..
i also pray that Allah grants your wishes too.

this is super new
and i still cant believe this :)
i know that i shouldnt be telling people, but i cant keep this news to the people who've been praying for me..
once again, thank you sooooo much!

til then,

Monday, August 15, 2016

#AflahAliaShortVacay to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

12-14 August 2016

thats was our first vacation with Ibu and Amir.
me, Aflah and Amir were actually there to accompany out Ibu who wants to go diving. She just got her diving license. 

and, thats the first time Aflah ever went to Sabah. So i got the chance to show him around. not too much due to time constraints. so thats a sign that we have to go there again.




Day 1: arrived around 9pm, then we had seafood something like shellout kind of thing.
Day 2: went to Mamutik Island! so we're there til around 430pm. then we head to the hotel to freshing up, then went to Gayang Seafood Restaurant! Im actually looking forward to eat baby lobsters. but unfortunately, not the season i think. so we ordered pearl lobsters instead. before we go back to the hotel, we stop by the road for coconut jelly! it was super awesome!
Day 3: went to the market to grab some fresh seafoods, then we cook them in the hotel. then we packed to check out around 130pm. we had ikan bangus for lunch, and that was also a must eat food in sabah! hahaha! and again, we stop by the road for the coconut jelly. then we stopped by the Philippines market to show Aflah around. and as usual, i went to Jamilah's for the brooches. after that, we off to the airport! and wait for our 810pm flight back to KL.

til then, xoxo  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya!

Maaf Zahir & Batin

Saturday, July 2, 2016


since im not going back to either mine or his kampung, i decided to make my very own kuih raya. i got the recipe from my sister in law from Kuantan :)
it was very easy peasy to make these! and i was super excited to make them. even my cats enjoyed these honey almond conflakes :)

so here are the 3 ingredients:
- 5 cups of cornflakes
- 1/4 cup of honey
- 1/4 cup of melted butter
- roasted almond *optional* (you may add cerries or choc rice or raisins*

1. melt the butter in a pan, and put it in a bowl
2. pour in the honey and mix them
3. add in 5 cups of cornflakes in to the mixture
4. add in the almond
5. mix them together
6. put in the small cups then bake them in the oven for atleast 10-15mins

see, easy peasy right?
thank you sooooo much to my sister in law! uve made my Raya this year more exciting!



Assalamualaikum my dearly followers,

Alhamdulillah..we meet again with this holy month of Ramadhan..
this year, im a wife!

how time flies, the Ramadhan is almost over
this is photos from iftar last 2 days before Raya
hihiks :)

so guys, 
before i forget, Selamat Hari Raya uols!
Maaf zahir & batin!

from urs truly,
Lya Abd Rahman :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Balik Kampungs

we took some days off just to round the east coast of Malaysia, Tumpat, Kerteh and also Kuantan. we took off early in the morning after sahur and reach Tumpat, Kelantan at 1pm. we managed to get some things from Tesco Kota Bharu before we go back to the house. 
the we went to the bazar because he was looking for 'nekbak'. hahaha! i never ate that before i think. then we found ketupat sotong..and also percik perut! yummies!
close snapshot of 'nekbak'
its like bahulus, soaked in syrup
according to him, Terengganu's was in yellow color.
he went mad buying all sorts of sweet desserts. sgt sgt murah!
this is ketupat sotong. squid with sticky rice inside. and cooked in gula melaka. what they call, 'nisea'
im not a big fan of these..sbb die sgt manis!
haaaa these, my choice! only RM1 per stick! sedap! lame gile xmkn nieh! boleh kire thn dh!

then later that night after isyak', my auntie brought us to a stall to eat 'colek' according to her, 'colek' can only be found during Ramadhan. we are lucky that we're there! 
seriously to die for! this is also one of the reasons why i dont want the Ramadhan to end :)
-colek perut & paru-
-colek maggie telur sotong-

so there goes my diet!

sadly, we took off to Kerteh on the very next day..i wish we could stay longer..

Kerteh, usual, hubs request for ayam masak merah from his mom..the we went to bazar to buy drinks and also a few kuihs..
we stayed there for a night, then we took off to Kuantan on the next morning.

my fav place! and fav people!
the main dish of the night is the gulai ayam! yummy! i love it! did some chit chats while waiting for berbuka..and also after berbuka before we took off to KL around 12 midnight.
i really enjoys the girl's talks..hahaha! totally fun! and i got to give the abaya i bought from Dubai and  few fridge magnets and souvenirs to them :) after soooo long..
and sadly, we have to go back home..hubs gotta go to work :(

and today, here i am..back to reality..back to work..

til then,

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

-20 april 2016-

Saat aku tatap mata mu
Aku merasakan segalanya indah
Bahagia rasa bila bersama mu
Jangan pernah pergi dari diri ku

Bila ku jatuh kau selalu bimbing ku
Bila ku perlu kau kan senantiasa ada dengan ku

Ku sudah temui nota penantian
Tak perlu lagi ku sendiri
Kaulah penyelamat engkaulah cinta ku
Kaulah pelengkap diri ku sayang

Cant move on๐Ÿ™ˆ still mesmerizing the trip! Cant wait for our next trip

Till then,