Monday, May 30, 2011

At the airport

Hwllo bloggies! How are ur weekends? I hope u guys enjoyed as much as i did. Im in LCCT right now..waiting for my flight at 330pm. Its super duper noisy here! Nk ckp phone pun xdgr!
And people here are super duper ramai! Too bad that we're having vacation during the school break. Xdpt la nk jd raje sgt..denggggg!!!
But im super excited to shop!!! The only thing i can do well is shopping. I have black belt in shopping!!! Hahahaha!
I hope i guys will be in a good health. Take care darlings!
I'll update more soon maybe from Bandung!

x o x o

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loooong eating journey

Today i woke up at 630am to get ready to go back to Nilai. Tonight, im going to stay at my cousin's house. Before that, i have to pick up my brother in Cyberjaya. He just came nack from Sarawak yesterday.
Im actually planned to go back to Nilai last night, but since ibu was soooo tired, so the plan changed. We had our lunch in Kedai Mamak in Cyberjaya. Then sampai Nilai, we straight away went to ICEROOM!!! And as usual, i ordered Yummy Yam!!!
I just came back from dinner. Near Giant in Nilai. The food was okey la..but im not impressed..
Im going to Bandung tomorrow..pity my darlings..kne puase for a week not to msg or call me

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eating trip in kelantan..

Whenever i come back to Kelantan, i always come to this restaurant. They served lauk2 kelantan..i enjoy eating these very2 much. This restaurant is near the museum and i call it "restaurant bawah umah". Haha! Sbb the restaurant is under the museum..hehe! So, after lunch, we went to Tesco to buy some groceries..then after that, we stopped at the food court for dessert..i love it! It was seriously nice! Mine was the green one. After eating that, mom and my auntie was laughing at me..cause my teeth and lips are green..haha! So i dont dare to smile while showing my teeth..hehe! Together with that, i ate kaya balls too..hehe! Mmg best! Maaaaaaaaakan je kje! Im super duper bloated. So, to the guys out there, if u come to kelantan, do come to that restaurant near the museum..
I think thats all for now..take care darlings! I love u guys!

x o x o

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Im in Kelantan!!!

Hello bloggies!
Hi! I just arrived in my mom's hometown, KELANTAN. Well, last time balik was like last, before me and ibu off to bandung, we have to come back..then next time kitorg akan balik will be Hari Raya soon in's the picture of my fave dish! Belut masak pedas! Sedap!!! And one of my gedik picture..haha! I have a few activities lined up for me here. So, tomorrow i will be going to Kota Bharu for lunch at my favorite restaurant! *i shall update u guys with lotz of pictures tomorrow..hehe! Im still mot feeling well. Still with my flu..urgh!
I think thats all for tonight. Goodnight darlings! Sweet dreams!
x o x o

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Monday, May 23, 2011

my new fave korean drama! - BABYFACED BEAUTY

ive been watching this drama..
thsi is very2 funny! i love it..
every Monday and Tuesday, 9 - 10 pm at KBS channel 391 (some 303)

Jang Nara as Lee So Young
Choi Daniel as Choi Jin Wook
Ryu Jin as Ji Seung Il
Kim Min Seo as Kang Yoon Seo
Yoon Hee Suk as No Yong Joon
Hyun Young as Ji Joo Hee
Oh Yeon Seo as Lee So Jin


The story of Lee So Young, a 34-year-old woman who’s saddled with family debt and only has a high school qualifications, but dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her youthful appearance is her only advantage; she is mistaken for a 25-year-old university graduate and subsequently lands her dream job when she’s hired by a fashion design company, where she meets Choi Jin Wook, a man who looks more mature than his young age.

if u have the chance, watch this!
take care darlings! 
x o x o

miss my mommy-daughter time!

hello bloggies!

typing using my dear pinky lappy feels soooo nice rather than my dear bb or dear tab..hehe! bru la ley tulis panjang2..hehe!~
so, what i want to talk about today is about yesterday's conversation i had with my mom. she told me all her plans for this year and next year. by hearing to all that, i think im not going to see my mom as often as before. even now, its really hard for me to see her. after our family trip to Bandung this coming 3 June, she will be off to Paris on 5 June, then to Monaco. im not sure when will she be back. i think its probably going to take like 2 weeks. im going to see her for a week after that, then she will be off again to Brunei. again...again..and again..all that will be repeated..until the end of next year..(i hope so...)
she will be going to Sweden for 3 months this November. then to UK for a month, then to Norway. i was shocked hearing that last night. then my mom said "thats y i bought u that tab. so that it will be easier for us to keep in touch". i dont need that. i just need my mom! since i was small, i never get the chance to be close to my mom. so i thought when im a bit older i will get the chance. but i guess not.. :-(
my dad asked me to handle everything thats y i cant follow my mom to Paris after our Bandung trip..urgh! not fair! im still young kowt..i should be following my mom around the world..too bad..not my luck..
i hope that the time will come soon for me to spend with my mom..real time without work..*crossing my finger*
take care darling! have a nice week ahead!

x o x o

Friday, May 20, 2011

After my first day of working

Hello darlings!

I just finished my work..yeah, first day.. A lot of thinhs to set up..but i managed to get all done eventhough my tummy is kinda giving me a lil bit trouble..i got a lot of great shots. My mom satisfy with my work. So i guess today was a success!
My body is super dry right now..i can bleed my own lips anytime i want, and i can vomit anytime..i cant even eat properly..denggggh! I dont know whats wrong with my head feels soooooo heavy..oh, this is sooooo pathetic!
Well, this hotel is kinda okay la..not really a hotel..its kinda like a homestay. But really nice homestay..its like stepping into a wedding garden..everyroom have a large flower arch. This is sooooo nice. I like! Well, it feels like ure in wedding ceremony!

x o x o

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Perginya Seorang Blogger

hi bloggies! good morning peeps!

so, my entry for this morning is about a person. well, im probably the last person to know about this. well, tuan punye blog telah pulang ke rahmatullah.. im serious here, okay. im a not a friend of his, but i do read his writings. to others who want to know more about him, u can read it here :

al-fatihah to the owner of the telordibasuh, Abdul Hakim bin Mohd Kamal.

x o x o

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New member to the families!

Congrats to my dear cousin, Akem!
This is his son. Super cuuuuuute! Mcm nk picit je pipi baby ni..his name is MOHD HAMKA HARITH. Tang harith tu i like. Hehe! Waaaaaaa! Bestnye akem da ade 'akem junior'. Sooooo jealous!
At first i got a msg saying that his wife is admitted to a hospital in Pilah. Then just now, around 3.30 pm, akem mms me this picture. Sooooo cute. This baby looks like him.
Im soooooo happy for u, Akem! Semoge kelahiran baby ni membawa rezeki yg melimpah ruah to ur family..amin..

A date to remember : 19 May 2011

Thats all for now..take care darlings! Have a good day!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Girl's tips


Ur elbows and heels are prone to dryness too. Just because u dont see it often, doesnt mean other people cant. To keep these off-neglected areas from dryness, follow these tips:

Elbows. The skin on the elbows is much thicker in texture and therefore more prone to dryness and roughness. Our elbows succumb to abuse as we use it to rest or lean on different surfaces.
SOLUTIONS? Exfoliate elbows with a sugar scrub the proceed with intensive moisturising to rehydrate the skin. The most effective moisturises include petroleum jelly or almond/olive oil. To aid better absorption, try wrapping yoir elbows in plastic wrap.for a few to seal in the moisture.

Heels. Exposure to the elements and wearing the wrong type of shoes can lead to the heels of the become thick, hard and discoloured. These symptoms may be worst when a person regularly wears shoes or socks made of synthetic material.
SOLUTIONS? Soak ur feet in warm water before exfoliating the heels using a pumice stone or even a rough towel. Exfoliating creams are also beneficial to get rid of dry, hardened skin. Try making it a habit to apply a deep-moisturising lotion to ur feet and then covering with socks before u sleep, as it allows the moisturiser to work deep into the inner layers of the skin.

Ive personally tried these tips. Its working! This tips is not just for the girls as i found that guys should also concern about their elbows and heels too. Hehe! And guess what? These tip can reduce the amount of money u spend just to get heel treatment. Have fun trying these tips darlings! Take care! See u soon..

x o x o

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

These are my friends..they knew who i am..and they accept me for who i am..thanked God i found them during my school days..

x o x o

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Girl's day out!

I went out with my best buddies to Queensbay Mall. There are lots of things that we talk about. We catched up things..oh, i miss them sooooo much. Last time i met them was like early this year. OMG! Thats a long period of time..
As we catched up on things, guess what? FATIN IS GETTING ENGAGED!!!!!!!! Oh, im sooooo envious of her. Dah ade org nk pinang die..damn! Just me and Afidah je yg belum disunting lg..haha! Belom ke?
Hearing her stories and future plan, made me super jealous! Her fiance-to-be is super cool..treating her like a princess. Oh, i wish i could be just like her..they can start looking for wedding costumes..preparations..and all..soon, she's going to talk about having a baby pulak. Damn, im soooo jealous! Da bleh role playing as mummy and daddy..he would be asking "how's the baby doing?". Oh, sooooooooo jealous! No one would do that with me..haha!
We ate, talked, ate frozen yogurt, talked lastly rotiboy..we're soooooooo bloated! We'll have this kind of meeting again in the future..perhaps weekends..
x o x o

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Wesak Day

Hello bloggies!

I know most of us are having a really great time today. Because today is a holiday!!! I got up really early today. Me and mom went to pasar in Minden Height. Last saturday, i had a murtabak right? Today. I had chapati! Kinda nice! I love it!
While we're looking for parking space, there is a guy knocked on my mom's window. As my mom lowered her window, that guy said "kak, bleh mintak derma sket x? Isteri saya sakit buah pinggang dan saya plak ade sakit jiwa sket". Then my mom was like "huh?". Then he went off riding a motocycle. I guess die tu mmg sakit jiwa kot. Haha! Mcm tu pun ada ka *in penang's dialect*
Then we bought some prawns and squid and the chef of the house kn..hehe! Well, mom said my cooks are better than before. But there are still things can be improved. Org dulu2 slalu ckp "klu xreti masak, mcm mane nk kawen?". Haha! So sekarang i can kawen! Cause i dah reti masak! Hikhikhik!
Anyway, have a good day darlings! Take care of yourself and others around u..

x o x o

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

To be honest, i hate my school days..its not that i hate to wake up early in the morning, but because of some teachers i found really really annoying! And im still dont like them now.
During my school days, i am super duper naughty. My mom always been called to school..haha! But sometimes its not my fault. THAT teacher yg mgade2. But ade yg stengah2 cikgu yg okay..depends on how cool they are. My fav? Cikgu Huong Sin Siew..mmg chill la die! Love her sooooooo much!
kalau nk crite pasal ni, smpi esok pun xhbs..haha!
Anyway, to all the teacher out there, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!

x o x o

Hi darlings! Good morning! How r ur weekends?
My weekends filled with tablets. I think i told u guus that my mom is getting herself a tablet, right? So here's the stories.
On saturday, we went to Queensbay Mall to get a closeup to iPad2. Yeah, ibu was super excited tu buy that. But after knowing that she have to wait for a quite sometime, she had a lil doubt. Then we went to Bukit Jambul to look at Samsung Galaxy Tab. After asking a lot of places to ask about yhe fuctions and whatever things that she wanted to asked, we took a break.
Then we remember my brother is asking for Motorola Xoom. Kebetulan, ade kedai Motorola. Ibu felt in love with that, and bought that. Balik rumah, i tried to set it up, tp xboleh..
Then we went back to the store to ask th to set it up for us. Guess what? They dont know. Since its Sunday, Motorola is not open. Ibu is kinda furious about it.
Then on our way back, we stop at this one kedai that we asked yesterday. Guess what? Ibu bought me Samsung Galaxy Tab. I dont really want it cause i dont know how to use it and i already have my BlackBerry. Hurmmmm...
Im thankful that ibu bought me this. Im happy!
So, we need to buy another one for my beloved brother as a present that he scored 3.76 during his last semester.

I think thats all for now. Take care darlings!

x o x o

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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Haha! I'll update about this soon

do u ever think of..

do u ever think of how will ur life be in a few more years? u maybe be getting married? or even trying to conceive? well, ive been thinking about this these days. kinda creepy, but...
do u ever think that one day, u will get pregnant? haha! before this, i never think of that. but as i grew older (like now), i began to have that in my mind. all this while, all im thinking was to have a good job + good husband. but whats next? building a family right? seriously, having kids is not my thing. i hate kids, i dont like to be even near to babies. but now, thinking that i might be getting married in a few more years, these thing come into my mind. i am totally okay living with no kids. but what about my husband? will he have the same thoughts as mine? yeah, never. guys ALWAYS think of their legacy. 
i think that, if i have kids my husband will pay less attention to me.but who knows what will happen right? my husband maybe going to love me even more! haha! i wish sooo. 
do u ever think what will pregnancy look like? haha! big question! i am soooooo 'rajin' that i googled images of pregnant women. haha! crazy alia! this is how it will looked like if ure pregnant:

this is weird. knowing that theres something living INSIDE of ur body. this just freaking me out! i cant believe that i HAVE to get thru this! OMG! seriously? i wish there are other way to have kids.

i dont know why, but i love this picture!

x o x o

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prates of the Caribbean

this was NEVER my favorite.
i like Johnny Depp, but i dont like this movie.
its eeeuuuwing. mcm pengotor je.
but i do watch the first one i think. 
anyways, this movie will hit the theater very very soon. 
to all pirates of the Caribbean lovers, dont miss this.
it is advisable that u book the tickets early to avoid disappointment and the super loooooong queue.
have fun watching this darlings!

x o x o

what kind of person i am?

i got another email from Sarah, person i know from facebook. she is asked me to create a post " what kind of person u are?". so i hope u enjoy reading this.

i am:

1. the first thing u have to know is, i am 'daddy's still little girl'. i love my dad too much that i resembles him soooo much. haha! i have my dad's Chinese looks, which come from my grandmother.

2. i am spoiled. my parents spoiled me enough that i became who am i today. dont blame them but i like the way i am now. i always get what i want.

3. i am not friendly. i hate being nice to people that i dont now. whether im nice or not, people still going to judge me that im arrogant. so, deal with it. i can only get along with a few people.

4. i have more guy friends than girl friends. i found that its easier to hangout around guys than girls. girls always stabbed me in the back. so, better for me to stay away from tooo many girls. i dont give a damn if people want to called me "player" or not. thats their mouth. i dont wish to shut their mouth up.

5.  i love shopping. even that sometimes i dont buy anything, i love window shopping too. shopping makes me calm. shopping mall treats me well, more than a person would treat me. i spend most of my time shopping. and i love spas too. PLUS, manicure and pedicure too!

6. i love to eat. i would like to try everything, that the world could offer. so far, i love foreign's food. ayam penyet from Indonesia, macaroons from Paris, sushi from Japan, bimbimbap from Korea, pasta from Italy, and soooooooo much more to be said here.

7. i love travelling. seeing other countries makes me calm and have that amazed feeling on how people there can do something that we, Malaysian cant do. and how come they have things that we dont have. there are a lot of things to be compared.

8. i love writing. thats why this blog is created. i feel like i have sooooo much things to shared with others. i love to share almost everything, such as tips. it doesnt matter on what, but if i have one, i'll write it here.

9. im a short-tempered person. i can easily get mad over small things. yeah, thats me. so deal with it.

10. im kinda a perfectionist . i love everything go into my way. so far, EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. im good in planning, managing and completing. i have certain standard to achieve in order for me to be proud of myself. at my point now, i dont really think im good enough. there are a lot of things to be improved.

11. i am NOT an attention seeker. i hate attention. i hate it when i walked with my dad into my dad's office, and people will be point at us and said "that must be his daughter". i want people to now me for ME, not because im my dad's or my mom's daughter. when i attend dinner with my mom, people kinda treating me weirdly. i dont really like that.

12. im easily to get annoyed. it is soooo easy for me to be tired and sick of something thats soooo LAME.

13. im NOT gadget freak. what i have today is not whats up-to-date. cause what i have today are what i think suit my purpose as a student. i dont really starve my tummy just to buy iPad 2. hahahahaha! im soooo thankful of what i have today.

14. i will either wear branded or NO BRAND AT ALL. i will never buy fake/imitation stuff. just imagine, ure the designer. what will u feel if ur multi-dollar design being imitated, and sold for only 10% of the original price? mad right. so thats why, i would not support fake/imitation stuff.

i think thats all. but i will update if i feel like theres more to add. hehe! to sarah, hope this answered ur questions earlier. thanks for asking me darling!

x o x o

Wednesday blues...

hello my dearly bloggies! 

well, im a full-time housewife now. i stay at home, learn how to cook. my everyday work is, google for a new recipe, and i will watch the tutorial from youtube. hehe! the next day, i will try making them. hehe! i also learn how to clean the house. sweeping, mopping, re-arrange the furniture. and the best part is, i love watching tv! from 9 - 11 am, i'll watch TLC. there are few baby & toddlers segments. haha! thats is soooooo not me! but im glad, i did watch all that. its for my own good too. haha! the more i look at babies, the more i like them. haha! *just dont imagine me with them*

today, i cooked rice, black pepper beef and fried long beans. haha! i love black pepper! i love to put black pepper in most of my food. but my mom and brother will say "mcm makanan org lepas bersalin". hahahha! they did said that. A LOT! haha! but, its up to me right? im the one who's cooking. not them. as long as i like it, then i should be fine. today is my first time cooking using long beans. honestly, long beans is not my favorite ingredients to use. i love to eat them, but not cooking it. im still looking for recipe on how to make "ayam masak halia". whenever i went to restaurant, i love to order them. so now, i want to learn hoe to make them. and my mom asked mt to find recipe on how to make "sambal terung". hahaha! i dont really like terung. its tastes weird. but im going to learn how to make them. next week, im going to try to make "caramel pudding" for dessert. 

* * * * *
my dad asked me to think of business opportunities. well, its hard for me to think of even one opportunity because i never like business. he wants to hear my verbal presentation my next week! OMG! a week? mne la cukup! urgh! i hate pushing myself to think of something that i dont like. 
the problem is, i hate business. but i love money! ($.$) hahahahahha! i love to shop! super duper love shopping! so what should i do? what should i think of?

* * * * *
people have been talking about Akademi Fantasia (not my cup of tea. never like it). while im waiting for a commercial break to end, i browse around Ria, Prima, etc. then i came across AF. there's apart where the jury will give comments based on the contestant's, performance. im TOTALLY agreed with Kak Ogy Ahmad Daud. she spoke her mind about something. rather than others, who will always compliments. if they cant handle critics,  why on earth are they there? super stupid. asyik nk yg manis2 je, tp suare hampeh. i never like AF shows. when they're out from the academy, then only i will like but only few of them. to anybody who feel like joining a reality show, think twice or more. can u handle critics? because the community wont be nice to either one of u. stop wasting ur time.

* * * * *

thats all for now. take care darlings!
x o x o

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

things that i hate and like about guys

i got a request from a friend. she wanted to know what are the things that i like or hate about guys. so here u are. i hope u enjoy reading this.

i hate it when:

1. i hate it when i called, he didnt pick up. or sometimes, i cant even get thru the line or is not reachable. klu mcm tu, baik buang je hp tu dlm laut. u can always tell me where ure going or battery is going to be dead any minute. right?

2. i hate it when a guy love to ask too much things from me. i never asked for anything from a guy. so i wish he didnt do that to me. i will loose respect for him.

3. i hate it when a guy have no manners to the elders. i may not perfect, but i tried to avoid that situation where i will start cursing the elders.

4. i hate it when a guy jalan seret kasut/slipper. i feel like everybody is looking at us as we walk. 

5. i hate it a guy dont have table manners. i always attend dinner. i wish to bring him too. i wanted to show people who's the one in my heart. but, he have to have table manners.

6. i hate it when a guy chipping when he eat. i will get super duper annoyed by listening to that sound. even my dad hates it too. its like 'pantang' in my family.

7. i hate it when he dont even want to mix around my families. my families are super important to me. i want to know his different side of him when he's with my family members.

8. i hate it when he is madder than me. he is suppose to be the calmer person. when he first met me, he should know im very short + hot tempered. im not proud of this, i will change soon. but meanwhile, he should understand me.

i like it when:

1. he wishes me 'good morning' every morning. waking up with that message in my phone feels super duper nice. i felt lovable. 

2. he cared about me. he always mad when i did something that will effect my body.

3. he always nagged if i did something wrong. many would hate this but, this is the way i know that he cared. and he usually looks sooooo hot when he's nagging. 

4. i like it when he knows when to control me, and when to loose a bit. i may sometimes go out of boundary, so i need to get back on track. so i need him to lead. 

5. i like it when he tries to lead me. i like a guy who can lead me. i am super duper stubborn.if he can managed me, then he is my superhero! hehe!

6. i like it when he knows to get around my friends and families.

7. i like it when can get along with my cousins very well. its nice to know that my cousin like him too. hehe! im going to be the happiest girl in the world to know that.

8. i like it when he wants to a father. hehe! i want him to convince me to become a mother too. haha! i like it when he touch my tummy and say "i want my baby to be in there".

9. i like it when he hugs me from behind when we're on escalator/lift. i like it when he kisses my neck too. i dont know why, but i love it!

10. i like it when he starts dreaming about having family with me. the house, the car, the house rules and almost everything about marriage. thats will make me have a better picture on how a married life should be.

11. i like it when he understand me. i need him to understand me more than anyone does. cause im going to trust him when i spilled my secrets to him.

12. i like it if he can accept me for who i am. there are soooo much to handle about me. i wish that he can be strong in order to be with me. ive been living like this since i was small. so its hard for me to change in a blink of eye. 

to the person who request this, i hope these answered ur questions. thanks for ur email darling!

x o x o

my own soto day

hi darlings!
guess what? today i woke up at 9am to cook! yeah! yesterday, ive googled the recipe. so ive tried cooking it. hehe! u guys must be wondering what ive cook right? haha! i masak soto! huhu!
ade 4 things to be prepared.
1) masak nasi impit
2) make the soup
3) make the sambal kicap
4) fry the glass noodle

i did all that except for num 4. malas. my mom is coming home for lunch around 1 or 130. so, i got lots of time to do that.

hehe! ive eaten a lil bit of these. hehe! for my first attempt, i was okay im going to wait for my mom's response. wish me luck darlings!

x o x o

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunsilk Weather Defense

just bought these new hair product from sunsilk.
sunsilk has teamed up with Teddy Charles, a world-class style expert, higly experienced in style creation in different weather conditions to co-creat Sunsilk Weather Defense. with weather shielding technology & UV filter, it helps to comtrol frizz and helps maintain ur style. the formulation provides dual protection against the effect of changes in weather conditions by:
1) balancing the level of moisture in the hair
2) helping to shield against damaging UV rays.

so sistas, try these. mne la tau, bleh cut budget from always going to salons for hair treatment. haha! i hope so..with the super hot weather in Malaysia, i think this is going to be my BFF.

x o x o

La Senza 3-27 May 2011 offer!

i'll be running to Queensbay Mall tomorrow if i successfully get money from my mom to buy these! haha! la senza is my addiction! their design are simple and super comfortable! so sistas, here's ur chance to get new bras with RM20 off. this is a must! have fun trying new bras darlings!

x o x o

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all mothers out there!
to my darlings yg dah jd mother, this goes to u too!
 me and my mom, we're kinda in different world. we fought kinda once every two weeks. but she always gave me what i want. but sometimes i felt that she is not traeting me like she did to my brother, Amir (sibbling jealousy). haha! well, thats true.
if i come to think about it, yeah. i didnt grow according to her plan like how my brother did. 
im not blaming anybody in this matter. this is what i choose since i was small. im more close to my dad. as i said, im daddy's little girl. hehe! 
so far, i got all my gadget from my mom. dlm bebel die, i still got what i want. haha!
well, ive been living with her most of my life since my parents got divorce. the is the best mother.
it just that we super tooooo ego to say i love u to each other. 
i hope my mother-daughter relationship will be better in time. i cant live without my mother. 
i love u, Ibu!

x o x o

Limited Time Offer

oh! by looking at these, im super duper hungry! so guys, for limited time only, u guys can have these from Pizza Hut. they're giving 50% off of all these from Monday - Friday. 

im sooooo on lurve with the chicken wings and meatball bolognaise! grab all these according to the day, okay? u know what? u guys should plan on what to eat, then go only on the day ur fav are on 50%. okay darlings? haha! 
have fun!

x o x o

im super clumsy

before that, yay! im in Penang already! so far, im kinda okay. yesterday, as i step my feet on this island, i went straight away to Pelita. to buy nasi kandar + kuah banjir! SUPERB! dah lame xmkn mcm tu. slalu mkn fast food je kt KL. 
so back to the topic, im super clumsy that i left my things everywhere. yeah, i left my Mother's Day present in someone's car AND i left my pink lappy's cable in my hostel room. im sooo lucky, people are willing to help me. hehe! as for the present, that person agree to help me ship it to Penang straight to my mom's office. and as for my cable, Shab's mom will bring that back to Penang. its kinda suck that i cant online thru my own lappy. hukhukhuk! im using my battery now as it can stand for another less than 2 hours.
hurm..i'll update more after this okay darlings? take care and have a good day ahead! 

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Friday, May 6, 2011

samsung galaxy tab VS ipad2

if ure thinking of buying it, u must be in dilemma. yeah. my mom going to buy both of these for herself. haha! yeah, she is out of her mind. i dont know what happened to her. 
since she was back from Maldives last week, she became weird. hahahahah!
anyway, we are talking about gadget now. hehe! im not a gadget freak. i dont even know what to do if i have either one of that. hahaha! im here to share things that i think SUPER DUPER nice that human ever invented (for now).

sexy gadget!

here are the price. taken from the website.

this is nice too..!

well, check this out too, Motorola Zoom and Blackberry Playbook.
google them okay? hehe! thats all for now darlings! take care and see u guys soon!

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guys will always be guys

life is hard. when it comes to relationship, it even harder. its hard for me to deal with everything when i have everything to loose. i wouldnt care if that relationship means nothing to me. i wont be bothered by any of that if i dont give a damn about it. but why cant the other person understand me? being into relationship for me its like being into another world that i have to adapt. i am happy, but i need more time to adapt. im just a girl who still trying to find what up with the world. all i can say here is that im done trying everything in the world. during my school days, i already done all that. so no more now. im just trying to find the right path for me to follow. im 21, got lot more things to learn. i am happy if u could help me with that. im happy if u could be my leader in life. and i hope u will be the head of my family. dreaming of having life with u is the best thing that i ever do in my life (the best after shopping). 
so u have to accept me for who i am. 
im not that rich. its just that i always got what i want. i am short-tempered. so u have to be the water that calms the fire. not the petrol to add up the fire. im bratz. my parents spoil me a lot. so i hope u can spoil me too. just like how my parents did. i love to sulk. so dont be mad if i sulk a lot. haha! thats just me. i like everything over the top. i love big parties, i love grand place. so deal with it. even that i have to be admitted into the hospital, i want private hospital. unless its under critical condition. general hospital is my least option. based on my experience before.
u should be more matured than me. im childish enough for u to become one too.

well, if im talking about these, i will take me like 4 hours to write even its already in my mind. haha! its hard to put it in words. haha! i'll update more about this.
before i go, here's what i found from other's blog. hehe! take care darlings!

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^ lots of things to update ^

hello bloggies!
oh, i miss u too! this week have been SUPER busy for me. got lots of stuff to settle, my industrial training report, completing my logbook, packing, and being in love! hahaha! i don't know which one to begin. so forgive me if the things that im going to update wasn't according to the correct chronology.

last Friday, 29 April was my last day of internship. hehe! i was really excited to finished my internship. so on my last day, before we actually say goodbye, we went for lepaKing at mamak. my supervisor blanje. we had a talk on whats next, that we have to keep in touch, and so on.. hehe! im kinda upset to leave the office, but im kinda excited at the same time.well, honestly that place hav taught me to be a very2 independent person. i larnt how to deal with lots of things. before this, i work for my parents. so i can do whatever i want. but here, i have to follow orders. i have to have a good manners in order to get good marks. hehe! thanked God that i found that place. that will be the greatest perioed in my life even though i have to wake up at 7 EVERYDAY, then i have to walk, change from taking bus to taking monorel. what a hectic life i had there. while walking, my eyeliners came out of place. yeah, that sucks. but the experiences gained is SUPER DUPER nice. i got to meet new people. people in the real industries. yeah, sooooo nice!

last Monday, i went out with Adiaana Othman to Bangsar Village Shopping Center. we planned to try Canoodling Restaurant. yeah, the name is weird. and even a friend of mine pronounce it as "tenggiling". hahahhahaha! so, the restaurant was nice, decent. the scenery was very pleasing. i like it. very simple yet very cozy. just my taste. the food? okay la. i wanted to try their Asam Laksa but the time i arrived was quite late, 9pm. so finished already. so i get myself a salad then. haha! since i was on diet that night, i ordered Vietnamese Chicken Salad. shredded chicken with peanuts and salads. kinda nice, but im allergic to nuts. hehe! and as for Adiana, she got herself a Seafood Noodles. i like it! the taste is simple, no un-ordinary taste. just decent taste. well, its hard for me to explain it here. so why dont u guys try it urself. Canoodling in Bangsar Village Shopping Center in Bangsar. just in case u dont know, its in the new mall.

simple decorations

cozy place to hangout with friends and families

the table sheet where u can write or draw while waiting for ur food being served

Adiana ordered three layered tea while i ordered honey lemon 


so this is the SEAFOOD NOODLES

got every channel that u might like

the crayons is provided for u to express ur talent! hehe!

after Canoodling, we went to Tutti Fruiti! yeah! our favorite froyo!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding of Will and Kate

due to my commitments a lot of things, i just happened to see the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton just now. honestly, it wasnt like how i imagined the wedding should be. the wedding dress? uh, did she just lost her sense of fashion? ur wedding dress should be something thats extravagant cause ure gonna wear it once. but thats just me. maybe thats how she like her wedding dress to be. 

to Will and Kate, may God bless ur marriage.