Monday, February 28, 2011

weekends in Seremban

i went back to Seremban on Friday's night. me and Edie was like running to catch the the last train to Seremban. we're super lucky that we got to catch that last train. huhu! siap spt seat lg!
we arrived around 0010, amir & wan came to pick us up at the train station..then we planned to get something to drink (or eat) at Senawang, tp da smpi tu Wan plak xnk, plan changed. balik rumah terus. balik, before going to bed, bincang where to go tomorrow..haha! mcm2 plan kuar..hehe! melaka, pilah..
next morning, (Saturday) we decided to got to Nilai, umah my dear cousin, Nani. Kina and anak die pun ade jugak. hehe! so, berkampung la kami seketika..diorg nk g MidValley. nk g Tony Roma's (baru dapat gaji la katekn...) well, we're not joining them. diorg siap2 nk kuar, kitorg pun kuar jugak..
on our wat back to Seremban, we stopped at ICEROOM! uh, the ice creams was super nice! 2 thumbs up!! me & Wan was having Yam Ice Cream, Amir = kiwi ice cream and Edie = Avocado ice cream..

after having ice cream, we went back home. then me, Amir, Edie and Ika decided to got to Ayer Panas Pedas. haha! the admission is rm12 each. u know what? I HATE IT. there's frog swimming with us in the river-like pool. sucks! nothing is there! AND THE WATER IS SUPER DIRTY! u know what? we end up sitting and chit chatting in the warm watered pool! damn them who did that place! WE TOTALLY HATE THAT PLACE!

then later that night, we went to Seremban 2 to buy some stuffs. Wan asked for eggs and oats. but we then bought a lot of other things too. huhu!
waaaaa! this weekend have been the SPENDING WEEKEND! haha! ive finished all my money! hahahahahhaha! but its all worth it! i got to be with the person i love. and i got to have fun!
btw, i got a lil' something for my dear youngest brother, JOAQUIM for his birthday. i hope he's gonna like it. now, im in KL already. i heve to got to work tomorrow while the other people had their semester break. uh, this is so not fair!
well, thats all for now. i will update soon! have a great day ahead!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Clean Your DSLR's Lens

since many of my friends have DSLR camera, i thought i will be nice if i share this info to all of u.
How to Clean your DSLR

*awwww..this is my dear baby EOS 450D*

Use a UV or Skylight filter
Before I get into cleaning techniques let me share a tip that all DSLR users should consider.
For each lens you own you should consider purchasing a UV or skylight filter.
Keep it attached to your lens at all times. In addition to it cutting out UV light they will
protect your lens from scratches or even breakage. It also means that when you do your
cleaning you’ll just be cleaning the filter instead of the actual lens (unless dust gets right in).
Keep in mind that filters come in different levels of quality – if you have a high end lens
consider investing in a higher end filter.
Lens hoods can also help protect the end of your lens as do the lens caps for both the front and back
end of your lens that come with it – always use them!

Lens Cleaning Fluid
In most camera stores you’ll find an alcohol based lens cleaning fluid that is well worth having.
It will help you to lift off fingerprints and other smudges without leaving streaks on your lens or filter.
Keep in mind that you don’t need too much of this fluid at a time – usually just a drop or two wiped in a
gentle circular motion with a cleaning tissue will remove most marks on a lens or filter.
Always apply the fluid to a cloth or tissue rather than the lens itself.

Alternatively – many photographers believe that simply breathing on your lens and then wiping with a cloth
is a safer method for cleaning it – rather than introducing harsh fluids. My own approach is to start with
reath and then use the fluids for difficult marks to remove.

Cleaning Tissues
To apply the cleaning fluid grab yourself some lens tissues. They are a very thin paper that will let you
wipe your lenses without scratching them. These tissues are one use tissues and should be thrown away after using.
Don’t use normal facial tissues – these are too rough and will scratch your lens.

Cleaning Cloth
An alternative to cleaning tissues is the more modern microfiber cleaning cloth. These washable cloths grab a hold
of dust and oils on your lens. The main thing to be aware of with them is to keep them clean themselves
with a regular wash – alternatively just buy yourself a new one as they are very cheap to buy and that’ll negate the
risk of wiping something from your wash into your lens.

Before using a cloth always check the lens to make sure you don’t have any larger pieces of grit on it.
The last thing you want to do is wipe it into your lens causing a scratch. Remove any larger gritty dust using
a blower or brush before wiping.

Most camera stores sell blowers of different varieties. While I’d personally advise being very careful with
them on the inside of your camera (you could actually end up blowing dust into it) they can be great for cleaning
the outside of your camera – including the lens. Before you use a blower make sure you squeeze if a few times first
to get any dust that might be inside it out.

If you have a lot of dust on your camera one good tool to get the big stuff off is a brush.
Get one with fine and soft hair (camel hair) to avoid scratching your lens.
Similarly you might like to invest in a lens cleaning pen which has a retractable brush on one end an a
cleaning pad on the other.

Silica Gel
One lost preventative measure before we end.
Grab some silica gel sachets to throw into the bottom of your camera bag.
The little sachets will draw any moisture in your bag to them to save your lenses and DSLR from being impacted by it.
Keep changing over this sachets over time or they’ll attract too much water and become useless.

p/s: i got this online. and ive been sticking to this tips since then. take care of ur baby DSLR ya!

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21 - 25 Feb 2011

kt klantan, bende ni nmenye Tepung Tukay. rse die manis2 and warne hijau.

ha, i like this! semalam singgah Pasar Malam dgn Adiana. ternmpk la pulak abg yg jual bende ni. aku xtau nmenye ape. ko aku ckp je la aku nk 2 ringgit. haha!
balik2, Adiana kate, name bende ni PUTU BAMBU. 
rsenye mmg i puas hati la..sedap! tgk org tu buat mcm senang je. tp stakat tgk je mmg la senang kn..hehe! hopefully nnt leh dpt bende ni lg..mmg sedap! lembut..xde la manis sgt..hehe! 
2 thumbs up!

ni 1 percubaan mengambil gambar menggunakan my baby BB with flash. i dont look awful. so i guess its a success then.

yeah, this is me. walking to my work place in Jalan Maharajalela. that shoes are giving me blisters! i want to sell it off. anyone interested? bru 2 kali pkai. stiap kali pkai, i got blisters. maybe this shoes are not meant for me.

haha! this is my dearly Shabil. he came, fetch me from work then we went to a dinner before i go back with Adiana. huhu! i had a nice dinner. 2 thumbs up!

x o x o


uh! i miss my blog! this week have been super busy for me. i got double job. i have to do some designs, and i have to complete data in Excel file. i have kinda rough time with the designing things. i dont really get the concept at first. but im super lucky that i have to do it with Kak Lina (she is one of the staff here). at first, i juz came up with a .jpeg but then they asked for .gif. thats when my difficulties arise. im soooo bad in creating stilled images animate. huhu! and as for the data, i have to complete to atleast 2000+ data. huish! super tired. and tensed too.
but today, i managed to finish them all. hehe!

these are the best two of my designs (i think so) :

and another thing that i miss is my baby EOS. its been long since i last handing my baby. later, shabil is going to bring it to me! cant wait. im super glad that today is already Friday. later, i planned to go to MidValley. i need to detoxify my body. huhu! yeah, ayat gedik. i need my weekly dose of JuiceWorks. i need something that will detoxify my body. as for tomorrow, i promised my brother to go back to Seremban. so im going back early in the morning tomorrow with Adiana. my grandmother is staying alone, so thats why me and amir wanted to go back. WE LOVE OUR WAN!
well, technically because i cant go back to Seremban next week. ibu is coming to KL next week. so i have to be in my best behavior to NOT going back to Seremban. last time i went back, she dont sound pleased after she knows that im in Seremban celebrating my dad's birthday. well, thats the ugly truth in life when u got divorced parents. u need to have a strong heart in order to lie to one of ur parent. yeah, thats what ive been doing all this while. ONLY the lies will pleased both parties.
eh, i almost forgot! LA SENZA is ahving sale now. all up to 50% and plus 15% for Prestige Card's member. isn't that great? haha! yeah, im definitely GOING later. hehe! esok da xsempat. so i need to catch up the sale! hehe!
the worst part is, SHABIL IS GOING BACK TO PENANG TOMORROW! uh, how can i survive in KL alone? but there's nothing that i can do. he cant juz neglect his family. his parents might miss him, its okay. shabil can go back to Penang. even its hard for me, it going to be hard for him to. he have to please me and his parents. nnt diorg kecik hati, susah plak.
and Shabil will be back here in KL again on Thursday or Friday. he have something do to with Pengajian Islam class. i hope he's going to have fun in Penang. he's not going for long pun..
it think this all for now. i will update soon with things to be updated here. take care darlings!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Kitty Themed

juz look at those photos. uh! im SUPER jealous! i want that too!
while Shabil in US, he bought me few stuff from Sanrio. i got a necklace with the big face of kitty..hehe!
Emma Watson got that too! (but hers is real diamond!) 
i wish i could have that too. there is Sanrio's mini outlet in Isetan,KLCC. im super in love with the hello kitty head pillow. it costs rm200++. 
yeah, i had a fight with my mom and my dear shabil about that pillow.
i saw Paris Hilton have that pillow in her arms! SUPER jealous! 
u know what? i could die from jealousy!

check this out:

ive touched that pillo. SUPER soft! that pillow is soooo going to worth my money. i'll buy that! tggu la ko yea! its been long since im collecting Hello Kitty stuff. i want to collect that again.

and i am wondering, can i have this dress fro my wedding?

this is sure going to be fun if its here, in Malaysia.


thats enough for now..makin ditengok, makin gerammmm! 

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

"No String Attached"

i love this movie soooooo much! yeah, i watched it on Saturday (yesterday). its about a man, and a woman who agreed to become a 'sex friend' but they end up falling in love for each other.
i think, ade few parts yg da kne cut. ala, its normal if u watch it in cinema. i have to get my brother to download this movie for me. 
the movie have romance, romantics elements, funny, sad..ALL IN ONE! what else can u ask from a movie. i love NATALIE PORTMAN & ASHTON KUTCHER! they just sooo good to be together..huhu!
for those who haven't watch it yet, please do. 

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

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- Prosecutor Princess -

uh! i love this drama! its about a girl that works as Prosecutor in Korea. it kinda a lot for me to explain here. why dun u guys watch it for urself?

x o x o


Juz came out from a movie - NO STRING ATTACHED - it was a nice movie. Juz how I like it. Huhu! Funny + romance + sad all in ONE.
Today I woke up, with tears in my eyes. I don't know that people can cry while they're sleeping. Last night I dreamed of Mak Lang. I was like a flashed-back. How I grew up having her..til the last day I ever saw her. OMG! I wish she's not gone. I wish she could attend my wedding..I wish I still can go to her house in Gemas..eating food she cooks..uh, I miss that.
I want to get away from that thoughts. That why I went out today. As usual, had ayam penyet for lunch, watch movie with popcorns. Whenever I remember her, it seems like I can't stop my tears. Yeah, I mengade2..but she is somebody in my family. We use to be close before my parents got divorced.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Why is everybody is super easy to fell for what other people said? They're juz words..its not something that definitely true.
Juz because ure family that u refused to hear it from the other party? That's supaer unfair. Human was created with a brain in it..are u that DUMB to accept that MAYBE ur family member is not being true to u? I super believe in KARMA. What did u do to me now, u gonna have it soon. I'll make sure that. Don't be so happy.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

this is my 100th post..

tgh duduk2 ni tbe2 plak event alarm kt hp berbunyi..rupe2nye, esok da genap setahun Mak Lang xde..maybe org akan kte aku ni OVER. but this is my first time handling death.
tbe2 tringt plak sume kenangan2 bersame Mak Lang. by the looks on her face, she is so calm. until the VERY-VERY last time i saw her one year ago. mse kecik2 dlu, aku xsuke sgt g umah mak lang sbb jauh sgt! xsuke duk dlm krete lame2, dah la tu nnt kne bgn subuh! haha! tp dlm xsuke tu, suke la jugak..umah mak lang best..sejuk je..mak lang masak pun best. ade skali ni, mak lang aja mkn limau nipis tu dgn garam! haha! that is STILL my favorite.
skrg ni tgk limau nipis dlm limau ais pun tringt kt Mak Lang. Mak Lang is my dad's fav sis. die penah ckp, nnt ble die da tue klu xde sape2 nk jge die xheran sbb Mak Lang ade. *oh my god, i cant stop my tears now* dun worry la abah, mira kn ade..Mak Lang ni pun my mom's BFF. klu ade kenduri ape2, ibu dgn mak lang nnt bercerite smpi ke pg! haha!
ingt lg aku janji nk balik Seremban jumpe die hri jumaat tu die da xde. and aku ingt lg aku kecik hati smpi nk gaduh sbb ibu xnk balik after i got msg from my dad saying my mak lang da xde. abah siap soh aku naik bus balik lg. nasib baik mak lang akan dikebumikan hari sabtu..klu x, xdpt la aku tgk mak lang.
i miss her. da xde org nk bising2 tnye aku bile nk kawin..da xde org nk pggl aku "mira mehbuu".
mira syg Mak Lang! mira xkn lupe mak lang smpi bile2!
i still have the msg from abah ssaying that mak lang da xde on 19Feb2010.

semoge Mak Lang dtempatkan di tempat2 org yg beriman..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I was on my bed while writing this post..I juz came back from rains heavily at KL Sentral. So I went to the food court with Shabil (oh yea..forgot to tell that, Shabil come pick me up today). The food there was okay la..boleh makan la..I ate Thai Chicken Sizzling with rice, and Shabil ate Thai Beef Sizzling with rice. We have a lot of things to catch-up since I'm busy with work and Shabil is busy with studying and his stuff.
Shabil told me his problem..but I couldn't help him..pity u syg..xpe la syg,k..sabar je la k..I really2 miss him! We promised to catch a movie together this weekend. Hopefully it happens..huhu! We're going to watch NO STRING ATTACHED. So I'm going to make an online reservation..
Urgh! I am soooo tired! Working life is tiring! I don't want to work anymore..boleh x? I've asked my mom that question. And guess what she answered : "baik la ko xpyah smbg degree lps ni. Duit tu buat a bli handbag + shopping. Xde la membazir nnt". Haha! What a stupid question to asked right?
I was thinking of having lunch with Eza while settling the matter tomorrow..but busy plak die. Xpe la..malas nk kacau. People have their live too..
I think that's all for now. I wanna and take my shower..I'm super sticky after a day xmandi! Bubbye!

x o x o

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"kancana appa ta"

Eun Chae Ryung is a spoiled daughter who had always completely relied on her father. When he is involved in an accident one day, she finds herself rudely awakened from her sheltered life and forced to mature, encountering numerous hardships before she gradually becomes an independent person.
Eun family
* Park In Hwan as Eun Ki Hwan (Chae Ryung’s father)
* Moon Chae Won as Eun Chae Ryung
* Lee Hee Jin as Eun Ae Ryung
* Kang Won (강원) as Eun Ho Ryung
* Kim Hye Ok as Heo Sook Hee
* Yoo Seung Mok (유승목) as Heo Man Soo
Choi family
* Lee Bong Gyu as Hyuk Gi’s father
* Lee Yong Nyeo (이용녀) as Hyuk Gi’s mother
* Choi Jin Hyuk as Choi Hyuk Gi
* Shin Min Soo (신민수) as Choi Duk Gi
* Lee Dong Hae as Choi Wook Gi
Jung family
* Park Geun Hyung as Jung Pil Suk
* Yun Woon Kyung as Yeo Chang Ja
* Kang Sung (강성) as Jung Jin Goo
* Jin Se Yun (진세연) as Jung Se Yeon
* Choi Ja Hye as Seo Hee Jae
Park family
* Lee Won Jae as Park Kwon (Jong Suk’s father)
* Park Hye Jin (박혜진) as Mo Yoon Kyung (Jong Suk’s mother)
* Jun Tae Soo as Park Jong Suk
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
i juz finished  watching this drama yesterday. OMG! this drama is sooo good! im soooo touch! its kinda related to me since im "appa ta". hehe! it means daddy's daughter. by watching that, i realized that i have love and appreciate the people that are there for me no matter in what condition am i. im so glad that i have my families. this drama is kinda sad drama. its about life that we've been living in. we will never know what will happen tomorrow.
"live like we're dying"
i dont have many friends like other people, but i can confidently say that they never betray me. they're there when i need them, when i need help. AND im SUPER lucky that i have Shabil in my life that understands me more than other people i known. he accept me for who i am. i have cousins that treat me like we're sisters. haha! what else do i need when i already have everything? hehe!
to all the readers that knows me, SARANGHAE!
p/s: appreciate and love people around us that care about us.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

:: Food For Love ::

i love all drinks from JUICE WORKS! if ure JUICY VIP like me, u shud know about this promo. if ure not JUICY VIP, ure welcome to ask me to go there with u to enjoy the drinks..hehe! 
u are what u consume. take more vege and fruits juices than carbonated drinks. they will make u healthy!
this promo is until 23 February 2011! cepat! nnt hbs!

x o x o

My Dearest Abah's mini birthday gathering

as usual la kn..our favorite frozen yogurt

hello people! haha! photos abpve are taken at J.Co Donuts Pavilion,KL. while i was waiting for my dad to come and pick me up to go back to Seremban. huhu! me and my dear Bambam had 2 J.Cool yogurt..huhu! thats our fave! then we saw a handmade candy..wah..SUPER impress with them. the candy looks so soft! i'll buy them one day. hehe!

it was a last minute plan to have my dad's belated birthday. around 3pm on Saturday, we (me, wan, and amir) planned to just celebrate it at home. so here's the menus :

1) Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
2) Prawn Fritters
3) Mee Goreng (mama buat)
4) Cake! 

while i was planning for the mini party, i msg-ing with Nani. my dear cousin kate die xde wat pape and sudi menghadirkan diri to my dad's gathering. so here's the guest list: 

1) yours truly, me of course!
2) amir akram (my brother)
3) nani, my dear cousin
4) kak kin (my sis + hubby + 3 kids)
5) abg oun (my bro + wife + 3 kids)

*to my other sibblings, next year wat lg korg mesti dtg k*

chit-chatting, rupenye ramai la pulak yg birthday in all of u, happy birthday yea! semoge panjang umur, dan dmurahkan rezeki..amin..


p/s: to sape2 yg birthday nye xdisebutkan di sini, mintak maaf yea..lupe..huhu!

so here's the photos taken during groceries shopping time and during the gathering. ENJOY!

me without proper makeup going to Pasar a.k.a TESCO

my fave chocolate cake!

the food..hehe! 
amir + nani yg tolong fry kn the prawns..thank u guys.. jasamu dikenang

me + wan + mama

my beloved wan + me

gulai udang masak lemak cili api

my cousin, nani + wan + me

at this point, wan ckp "budak2 ni begamba yo pulak"

my beloved brother, amir

nani + wan

cucu2 Jilibah yg goma an camera! huhu!

mama + abah

wan menyonggee lopeh kono sakat dgn abah..haha!

hehe! im SUPER happy that i still got to celebrate my dad's birthday! im super looking forward for the next year birthday gathering. hehe! its been long since my dad's birthday celebration with me. i think, my last having this kind of gathering with my dad was in 2005, and im 15 at that time. now, im 21 already. super long time! hehe! 
thats all for now. im going to update again soon! 

x o x o