Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Convocation! 23.1016


Finally grad jugak Master!!!

Thank you all, especially my families; Ibu, Aflah, lil bro Amir, Abah, Mama, Uwan Jilibah, Kakim, Sweety Cousin Nani..
thanks for the support..and encouragements!!!

keep on praying for my another success in 3years: PhD!!!

til then,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Alhamdulillah..we made it to ONE YEAR!
*dance dance dance*
i dont have any idea that hubs was planning on taking me out for dinner, and in a hotel..i thought it would be the restaurant that we first met..or our fav restaurant..something like that..
and honestly i never knew he is that sweet ^.^

thank you soooo much Dorsett Putrajaya for the wishes and cake
and for making our dinner special!

i hope and pray that our jodoh will kekal til Jannah, insyaAllah..
i had fun enjoying this roller-coaster-ride-marriage
marriage is not always sweet..there will be bitter, and sour too..but i really hope that we will get thru this ups and downs in our marriage..
lets keep on making this marriage works!
will our lil baby out soon ^.^

Dear Hubs,
i know im such a spoil..i cant do this, i cant do that..but trust me that im learning to be a better person each and everyday. thank you for your Doas for me and for our baby..
I Love You, Aflah
to the moon, and back..

til then,