Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mary Stayed Out All Night / Marry Me, Mary

this is the drama i currently watch. soooo sweet! 
every Monday and Tuesday, 9pm to 1140pm at KBS

im sooo in love with Jang Geun Seok! <3 <3 <3

enjoy ur night! 

x o x o

Bad night

I juz talk to shabil. Very disappointed with myself. Hurmm..I thought all I did all this while are RIGHT. But it turns out that I'm TOO PUSHY. What a bad habit of me.
So I made a decision. I wun bother him anymore. I think, we spend more than his sleeping hours talking to me. After this, I will juz wait for his call. (Agak2 boleh x I wat mcm tu?)
When I called, he always doing something. So better if he's the one who call first. Cuz I don't do anything much.

1. I wun call him unless its emergency.
2. I wun ask him out.
3. I will juz do my thing.
4. We will go seperate ways.

All of that DOES NOT mean BREAKING UP but juz for each other's own good. Its kinda hard for me since I'm depending on him all this while for almost 4 years. I guess, its not too late for me to learn to do all things alone.
Next semester, I planned NOT TO SEE EACH OTHER EVERYDAY. Maybe just once a week or once every two weeks. Hope it will turns out the way that I wanted to. Hehe!
After this, I'm going shopping, eating ALONE. Terase mcm single la nk wat mcm mne..I have to stop bothering shabil.. (Please pray that I can do it)
I'm going to sleep now. When I open my eyes in the morning, I will start with all of these. Goodnite!

x o x o

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

:: Barbie Fashion Farytale ::

OMG! Barbie is soooooo beautiful! i wish i could be like Barbie. hehe! well, these are the picture in Queensbay Mall, Penang during BARBIE FASHION FARYTALE. i used to have them..but not anymore. i still remember my dad bought me Barbie. hehe! that was the greatest present ever! im the only ONE who have that new Barbie at that time. after moving a few times, i lost them.
well, thats why i dont have any toys that can reminded me of my dad.
owh, i miss him! i miss u, Abah.

well, malas la nk cerite byk2, these are a few photos. i went there with my Bambam. hehe! had lunch at the Johnny's then walk..then frozen yogurt at J.Co Donut! hehe!

thats all for now. goodnite people!

x o x o

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Days with my Bambam!

Shabil is going back to Seremban on Wednesday. So we decided to spend Monday and Tuesday together. I gonna miss him..he's going back to get ready for his job this new year.
He's going to do the video of my best cousin (ever)'s wedding! I am sooo thrilled (and super dupper nervous too!) to see the outcome. Hehe!

* * * * * *

Here's the story --->
Hehe! On monday, we ate Prosperity Burger at McD Sg.Dua..soooo nice! Its nice to see shabil after a long-time-no-see. Hehe!
Then yesterday we ate CHEEZY ZINGER CRUNCH! Sooooo cheeezy! Not good for my diet! Hehe! (Tp skali skale ape x?) Hehe! We walked from my house to KFC, from KFC to post office in USM, then pit-stop at the ANJUNG (anjung pe ntah..lupe plak). After that, we walked to my home. Today is like a "safe the environment's day" to us..hehe!
That's all for now..til then,

x o x o

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lunch at Anjung Semarak

Soooo modern concept..I like this scenery! Dgn keadaan yg tgh hujan2 ni rse mcm kt oversea..or kt cameron highlands..

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Here we go again...

I had a cold fight with my mom. I dun know what I did, but u know she is mad at me. I can think of a few things. But its soooooo small! Xkn sbb tu pun smpi nk treat me like that.
Well, I'm not mom's fav daughter.. I should know that..dr dlu lg..
Da 2 3 kali mom asked me wat practikal kt Penang. Haha! Klu mcm ni la kn, better not. Living with her will only makes her more angry & hate me. Its for our own good. Pasal hal kecik pun nnt smpi xbercakap. That's what happen now. So better la I stay in KL do my own things rather than stay in Penang and gaduh je. Org tnye je die jwb mcm myampah or something.
A few days ago, she sick. I'm not sick but I have headache the whole day. She doesn't believe me. Klu I skt, she wil never believe me. Mcm I buat2 sakit. To her, I mude lg and xsepatutnye skt. She always compare her way of life when she was at my age with my way of life now. What can I do? Dulu dgn skrg lain. Mcm mne nk samekn sume tu?
Bkn I xnk stay in Penang, tp we can't stay together for a long time. Klu setakat cuti2 tu boleh la..klu lame, my mom akan jd meyampah. Utk mengelakkan kejadian itu dr berlaku, lbh baik la I stay in KL je.
I'm not Amir. Klu amir wat pape pun, she wun be mad for long. Not like me. She will not talking to me for a really long time. I'm not her fav daughter. Amir is her everything..he's smart, went to a great university, dpt scholarship something to talk about among her I got nothing. I was just finishing her money. And malukan die je..I know that.
And my mom always call amir. When she went overseas, she will call amir. When she can't reach amir, then only she will call me.
Now, I just have to wait a few more weeks for me to go back to KL. I don't hate my mom..but its better this way. Lg lame keadaan mcm ni, lg la die hate me.

Til then,

x o x o

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas's Mood

Wah..g mne2 hotel pun skrg da de christmas tree. Sooo lovely. I'm loving it. Huhu! Well, I'm now at Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya. Got stuff to do..
That's the christmas tree's photo taken from the lobby of this hotel. Tp xde presents2..
I am soooo tired! Masuk je bilik, I think I wanna sleep..hehe!

Til then,

x o x o

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

*wajah2 kegedikkan*

this is what happened if i dont have anything to do.
bru blaja this software from a friend
klu x tu gne photoshop je..lame..

update for today :
yesterday i added Hazwan Zulyadain in facebook.
and to day die da comfirm me.
then ptg td die we chat
he is now study to be a nurse.
nk jd midwife rupenye..
and die nnt nk smbut my baby.
haha! angan2 la sgt kn..
baby is not my thing
love to see. but not for me. i prefer not to..
but shabil, he insists to have them..urgh!
(thats something that i have to bear with if i want to be shabil's wife)
hope i will just fine to have a baby soon. maybe 7 or 8 year more..huhu!
seriously, i just want to be with shabil alone. no other distractions. baby is a distractions..
(please dun be mad at me if ure reding this, okay learning to like them)

*wink wink*

back to the story, hazwan still calling me Princess..hehe! i was once princess. hehe!
dr skolah dulu pun die suke la sgt panggil i Princess.
its good to see more familiar faces these days.
(faces that i like ONLY!)
hope to still be in touch with him.
for a long, long time..hehe!

well, thats all for now.
have a good day, people!
and thanks for reading my stories..

x o x o

Monday, December 6, 2010

i miss him

my current thoughts?
me & shabil
i miss him!

*i know people yg bace ni akan ckp "gedik gile minah nieh!". but who cares? sape soh ko bce blog aku kn? ade aku pakse? it mine!*

tp 2 3 hari ni shabil suke sgt2 buat i marah! i dun know whats his intentions but he still give me money. hehe!
thank you syg!
love u soooo much!

if u read this syg, please stop making me mad. mad will make me have an early wrinkles. u know i hate that. and u know i juz did my laser treatment. u dont want to spoil that right? hehe!
u love me right? so stop making me mad.
call me as frequent as u could. 
bbm me always!
cuz i miss u soooo much!

it may sound ridiculous, but thats all my thoughts for now. and i am waiting for shabil to call me. we juz had a small fight. 

*pujuk la i cepat*

thats all for now.
x o x o

~cultural night at Park Royal Penang (23/11/2010)~

*where all Asian unite*

x o x o

one fine day.. *i guess*

Friday, December 3, 2010

i should have a meeting in KL on the 10th Dec but still cant confirm that. urgh! is it hard to confirm that?
same goes to my biz trip to Sabah on the 18th..
susah la mcm life full with plans.
i need the actual date for me to organize my schedule..urgh!
so frustrating!
dah la cuti ni xdpt g mne2 coz of the work..
but at least, i gain some money...

* * * * *

me and shabil?
hmmm...hard to say.
sometimes okay..sometimes bad..
asyik gaduh je
yeah, maybe we need space. 

* * * * *

skrg ni da xleh g Korea.
korea utara tgh perang dgn korea selatan.
so, we'll see
ingt nk g hujung thn ni..
tp nmpknye..tidaklah..
tp xpe, next year ibu duk sane for at least 3 months.
so bleh la g around nov or dec next year.
hopefully everything okay at that time.
we got a lot of plans for next year
:: 2011 ::
a few more weeks dah nk masuk thn baru.
so excited
im going to be 21!
next year bleh g overseas a lot of time since ibu akan duk few places.

thats all my thoughts for now.
til then,

x o x o

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My own spaghetti day!

Xtau ler pe mimpi hri ni yg tbe2 ter-rajin nk madsak memasak nieh! Hehe! Well, smlm g tesco ternmpk spaghetti..maybe sbb tu la termasak hri ni kot..
Rasenye hot & spicy. Juz my taste. Hehe! Sedap okeh! Klu de sape2 yg penah rse spaghetti yg I masak mse Intro to Biz's sale tu, this taste totally different.
Fyi, I dun know how to cook malay2 ni je la yg mampu..hehe! Better than nothing right..hehe! Poor shabil soon have to be really patience with my cook..hehe!
Well, that's all for now..see u guys soon,k!

x o x o

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