Monday, October 31, 2011

Dummies ---> Rich Core Media

hello darlings!

so, before im off to bed i would like to promote something:

they are expert in web services and media consultant *i think there are many more that they're expertise in..forgot already*
anyway, if any of u did read a post on dummiesgarage, this is them actually. but different company name. this time, name diorg lagi giler gempak! hehe! the new company name is Rich Core Media. best kn? dah ala2 Media Prima kn?

so here's the new website link :

do browse around their new webby yea. mne la tau if one day u might need to find expertise in these2 area, bleh la contact these guys.
and do like their facebook's fanpage yea :

this webby do provide info too such as; their blog post section. kinda interesting to read. dont forget to browse around yea!

take care darlings!

x o x o

11 Jawapan utk Soalan2 Faizah Fyn

thanks yea Faizah Fyn utk tag tu yea. so here are my answers:

1- Paling lambat korang pernah bangun pukul berapa?
around 4 pm. *buruk perangai tul anak dare bgn lambat!*

2- Korang suka budak-budak tak?
to be honest, no i dont like kids. but right now, im trying very2 hard to like them. hehe! *my PandaBear suke so i pun nk lah try jugak suke*

3- Korang berani tak nak cakap yang korang suka dekat lelaki/perempuan yang korang suka?
mesti lah x! haish! malu + segan !!!

4- Suka tak course yang korang ambik sekarang ni?
suke! byk design2.

5- Pernah tak bergaduh dengan parents lepas tu korang terus keluar rumah?
keluar rumah tu xde la. belum berani lg nk wat mcm tu. hehe!

6- Kalau takde blog korang buat apa?
menulis diary kot. back to traditional method lerr..huhu!

7- Benda paling mahal korang pernah beli guna duit sendiri

8- Korang paling tak suka kawan yang macam mana?
ni mcm panjang je jawapannye. i dont like kawan yg suke mgambil kesempatan ke atas kebaikan org; yg xbleh dibawak berbincang; ade angin; xbleh trime pendapat org lain; ble susah bru nk cari; hypocrite; liar (penipu); yg suke belagak; xbleh tgk org lbh; dan lain2 lg lah yg memang panjang la jawabnye..hehe!

9- First time korang bercinta umur berapa? Jujur eh!
mak aih! lupe la..rsenye mse Standard 4 kot.. hehe! skolah rendah.

10- Korang rasa korang ni handsome/cantik tak?
mesti lah! *hbs la kne kutuk lps ni..*

11- Korang rasa soalan aku ni macam bangang tak? Haha
hahahhahah! xde lah. chill je. 

to Faizah Fyn, hopefully ure happy with my answers. thanks for tagging me. 

x o x o

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Olla darlings!

Im updating from Seremban. Nothing much to update actually. Just that I planned to go to PD later with Eza to see Aten. She's having a family weekends there. Hehe!

So darlings, have a great weekends ya'll! I'll update more soon.

x o x o

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Test! Test!

Im trying new software on my tab!
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it may seem like a simple question, but the answer can be trickier to figure out than an advanced Sudoku puzzle. more than just owning the latest Zara threads, happiness is an overall state of mind that is not altered by our environment.

"For lucky ones, happiness comes easily. But for most of us, its something that we need to work at"

so, as for my opinion, u guys should try this principle : CHOOSE

CLARITY - set clear targets and make specific plans to ensure that they become reality.

HEALTHY LIVING - its hard to be happy if ure sick or tired all the time. stay healthy and u'll crack a smile a lot easier

OPTIMISM - happy people see things differently. they search for more positives

OTHERS - happy people have more relationship than those who are negative. devote time to develop and fostering ur key connections

STRENGTH - rather than trying to fix their "weakness", happy people use more time identifying and utilizing their strengths. find out what ure good at and do it as much as possible.

ENJOY - by taking time in moment rather than looking back at the past, u'll love life lot more!

just 8mins in the sun each day will top up ur Vitamin D levels, which in turn to lift ur energy and mood and help ward off seasonal affective disorders.

try these if u have time!

x o x o

:: S :: H :: O :: P :: P :: I :: N :: G ::

its something that i enjoy the most! i grew up spending lots of time in shopping malls. my parents spoiled me a lot that i can get whatever i want when i was a lil girl. if they cant keep their promises, they gave me money. if i achieve something, the will give me money. so money had become the most important things in my life. i cant live without money.

but things started to change when my parents realized that i had become a shopaholic. i tend to buy things that i dont need. i bought things that i thought was cute. and i love to treat people. so when i have that kind of attitude, i have lots of friends.

so now, my parents gave me super little money that i could only survive to eat for the week. my mom would bank in me some amount of money just to buy food. not other stuff. haish! thats kinda hard for me. ive been living with that convenient way for 21 years old. seriously, its hard.

during my diploma, i had Starbucks English Tea together with Bagel and Egg for breakfast. almost every morning. and i would have Subway Sandwiches for lunch. a slice of cake from Secret Recipe for tea time and something light that i can grab like Caesar's Salad of Cold Sandwiches  from BSC for dinner. and every week, i'll get new clothes or accessories. but then, thats just memories now. my parents dont like the fact that ive been spending money like that. huhu! poor me. instead of having 500 a week, i only got 200 per week now. transportation and assignments' needs are not included as i will ask money for printings or if i want to buy stationery.  i used to know which mall held a sale that month and where to get certain2 clothes. and i used to have membership at all my regular store! dont u like it that not all people can have that membership card? seriously, i love being member to a certain2 stores. ure going to get really nice treatment if ure member. i love that attentive feeling! hahahahah! but not anymore.

as im doing "WORLD HUNGER AWARENESS" campaign for my assignments, i began to realize that i wasted lots of my money for something that i dont need. people in Somalia are dying out of food, but me here wasting my food just because i dont like the taste of it. what an attitude right? yes, people hate me because im tooo over react with things that i hate.

so darlings, the purpose of this post today is, DO NOT WASTE UR MONEY & APPRECIATE THINGS THAT U HAVE NOW. for me, nothing lasts forever. u may enjoy ur freedom now but as for tomorrow..who knows what will happen?

started from that day, im more less mumbling about money. money comes and goes. so i told myself that i would not continue being "THAT" kind of person i was. and im trying my hard to be nice with everybody around me. but sometimes when i see a person who acted like she worth thousand bucks, i feel like i wanted to tell her "u know what, my handbag worth more than what ure wearing now". i used to be that person, but then ive changed maybe. i tend to not doing that anymore.

im a new person now. a person that able to overcome any difficulties. hehe! im super proud of myself. u know what, i want to learn how to live in really moderate environment. i would love to if somebody would take me to experience things like that. hehe! i would like to travel like a backpacker instead of travelling like Paris Hilton. thats my dream. i wish i could be more human than devil. hehe!

p/s: i have 1 great news for myself! my exhibition for Creative Advertising and Visual Communication has been postpone to 3 and 4 November instead of 27 and 28 October! yay!

well darlings, that all for now. i'll update soon for more stories. hehe!
have a great week ahead!

x o x o

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guys Facts VS Girls Facts

so, the guys seems to be more sweeter than the girls here. hehe!
the girls seems controlling pulak.
i wish all these (guys' facts) are true..
cause im starting to believe in them..

have a good rest my dear darlings

x o xo

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loving You Tonight - Andrew Allen

Lost, In the day, In a wayIts the same as the one before thisand i wish, I could saythat its all black and whiteBut its gray, Its the same, its the sameAnd i'm so tired but you are what im comin home to
Oh im thinkin' 'bout a red wine, buzz and takin' it easyand i got you in my arms, Takin' a break from crazy
And I'll say hey,You'll say baby, Hows your dayI'll say crazy,But its all gonna be alright,You'll kiss my smile,I'll pull you closer,Spend awhile just gettin' to know ya,But its all gonna be alright,Loving you tonight,Ohh Ohh Yeaaah,Loving you tonight,Ohhh Ohh, Yeaahh
And you are thereIn my heart, at the startof my my every morningand i can't deny, by the end of the daythat I'm runnin' on emptyBut you make it full, Steal my breathYou're so unpredictable,That's what I'm comin home to
Oh I'm dreamin' 'bout a romance , slow dancin' with youWhen i got you in my arms, Then i don't care what we do
Cos I'll say heyYou'll say baby, How's your dayI'll say crazyBut its all gonna be alrightYou'll kiss my smileI'll pull you closerSpend awhile just gettin' to know yaBut its all gonna be alright,Loving you tonightOhh, Ohh, yeaaah.Loving you tonightOhhh, Ohh, Yeaaah
Cause' everyday is just the in betweenthe hours separating you from mei know you'll be waiting,I know you'll be waiting
And I'll say heyYou'll say baby, Hows your dayI'll say crazyBut its all gonna be alrightYou'll kiss my smileI'll pull you closerSpend awhile just gettin' to know yaBut its all gonna be alright,Loving you tonight,Ohhh, Ohh, yeaaahhLoving you tonight,Ohhh, Ohhhh, yeaaahLoving you tonight,Ohh, ohhh, yeaaahhLoving you tonight,
 Loving you tonight

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Language Day

x o x o

Im Blossom!

thank u sooooo much for making me smile!
lurve ya!

x o x o

Bad Night of My Life

hi bloggies!

17 October was the day that i dont want to remember the most! because of that night, i hurt my wrist. im sooo lucky that during the performance, the other was wearing gloves. so thats kinda cover my bandaged wrist.

i hate Indians a.k.a KELING! dont call me racist cause they dont deserve my respect at all! fuck them all! if there's Indians asking for my help in the future, dont blame me cause not helping at that time. life is all about karma baby! i hope ur sis, or even mother is raped one day. and that day, u'll remember me. u'll remember what u did to me last night. i pray for the worst for both of u. 

im super lucky that there's nothing bad happened to me. its just that some scratch on both of my arms and neck. i really2 hate keling now! because of them, im afraid to even looking at the bridge now! 

to the people around me who knew about this, thanks for ur support. even kene marah balik, i love u guys. im trying my very hard to keep my promises to u guys, okay..hehe!

x o x o

Monday, October 17, 2011

a girl with 3 guys in almost 24 hours?


im going to be the happiest girl in the entire universe if that girl was me. 

as i blog-walking, i saw a post entitled 'my greatest night ever'
its about a girl who spend her almost 24 hours with 3 different man. 'spend' here doesnt mean having sex yea adik2..dont get me wrong yea..
she spend her time for dinner with Guy A. then later after that spend the rest of the night hanging out with Guy B. then siang, with Guy C. 

i adore this girl. she is seriously cute. i think shes every guy's dream girl. 
im super jealous!
i think she had sooooooo much fun during that almost 24 hours. 
in her blog, she did mention how the guys looked like. haish! 
i almost dropped my jaw..

how lucky she is..

have a great day darlings! 

x o x o

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Good morning my dear darlings!

Today i was awake with screams and loud tune of voices..not my alarm. Haha! U guys must be wondering what happened. Guess what? There's somethings happened between my roomates.
Not that i care bout that but, it happened in the room, early this morning. And the room is not that big..
Kinda pissed off jugak la when u planned to wake up late, but u end up waking up at 730am. Urgh! Superb bengang. Lain kali nk gaduh, keluar la dr bilik tu. G la mne2 yg korg rse bleh jerit2. Ingt la, bilik tu ade penghuni lain selain dr sndr anda td i hope things settled.
There are too much drama going on. Pheww~ im glad, ive passed that time. Huhu

So people, think before u told anything to other people. They might look super innocent, but later u'll regret it.
Dont simply give ur bf/gf num to ur friends. U might not know what will they do to ur bf/gf. Just beware.
Masing2 da besar. Hopefully da bleh fikir whats good or whats bad..huhu!

Take care darlings!


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Monday, October 10, 2011

My Convocation! (con't...)

x o x o

My Convocation!

hello darlings!

its been long since my last post. i miss blogging sooooo much! but there's nothing i can do about it because i am super duper busy with assignments and all. seriously, klu boleh nk update blog tiap2 hari!

so my entry today is regarding my convocation day. it was one of the best day in my life. but i wish i could have ALL the persons i love to be with me on that day. thats the only thing i regret. someone told me that i cannot have all the things in the world. maybe its true. that person called me, to calm me down. even though i cried, but i feel good soon after that. u know what, I LOVE U SOOOO MUCH!

so darlings, here are some pictures taken on that day. enjoy!

few more pictures to be uploaded soon!