Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Miss Kitty

this is the outcome for my final assignment for 3D Modelling & Animation's subject
i really puts a lot of efforts in this. seriously, designing is fun! (if and only if i got more time and i dont have any date line to run to..haha!)
because of this, i only got 3 hours of sleep in 24 hours! 
and now, im glad its over..
im liking this subject towards the end of the semester..too bad..

im glad, i made it!
bukan kerja cincai-cincai, its really really me who did this, with sweats and tears..


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


sponsored post

how many of us are insured?
how many of us know the reason why we needed one?
how many of us are aware of the benefits of getting one?

when we walked across those people who try to give awareness to us on the importance, we was just "talk-to-the-hand". am i right?

here's one situation:
ure diagnosed with one chronic disease. u need surgery as soon as u can. after gathering money from families, u still need 20k in order for u to get the surgery. 

where will u get help from? will ur neighbours help u by donating 1k each? 
think about it
everyday, we saw people who asked donations through Berita Utama Tv3. did they managed to get those amount of money? what if, first round, u manage to get that surgery..second time? will other people help u again by donating their money? other people have other commitments too. they have children, parent, etc..they also need saving for their future. 

to be safe, get one for urself. i am not trying to sell products here, but im trying to give awareness on the importance on being insured. once u get sick, there is no point for u to look for these things anymore. no company will sell u their insurans. 

i am lucky that i have this awareness right from the start. Alhamdulillah, my mother has insured me since 2008.
this card will help u in ur difficult times. and the great things is that this product is also act as 'Retirement Plans'. and with this card, u will feel at ease even when ure sick. u dont need to worry on where to get money for medical. all u do is to get the best treatment to cure ur sickness.

to know more on this plan/products, inbox me and i will direct u to the professionals.

Friday, November 23, 2012

22 November 2012

hello my dearest reader!

yesterday was really2 tensed day

i have to finished my 3D project a.s.a.p, because of the due date was 22 November!
3D this semester is like "a pain in the ass"
this is my hard work for today.
well, it might be easy for others, but its really hard for me. and i am really putting my efforts on this. i dont like doing anything with drawing or animate-kind-of-thing..
but then, look at the brighter side, i learnt new stuff, even that the time is superbly not enough
with the help of my friends, ive made it this now, no turning back!
* * * * *
after a really long day in Villa Omar Ali, my darling has finally come and rescue me

take me out for dinner and movie
dinner : Jusco Assam Laksa
movie title : Twilight!
seriously, this movie was superbly awesome!
as always
full of drama, action, love (even they cut certain2 parts), family
and its funny too
i love Bella in this movie, ever since part 1. she is beautiful!
Bella Swan and Edward Cullen or Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, they made a cute couple
it sad to know that they've broke up in their real life relationship
and i just cant believe that Kristen cheated on Robert with that director for The Snow White and The Huntsman. seriously???

let's get back to the movie,
so this time, the movie is about Renesmee. After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi. 
its a happy ending for all of them.
and the funny thing is that Jacob will be with Renesmee at the end. haha! and im wondering, can he starts calling Edward "dad"? haha! that must be weird. i love the ending, and i wish the author of twilight saga will change her mind, and will be writing on the continuation on this movie.

so, enough about twilight.
the night before yesterday, i went out for a movie.
movie title: Pitch Perfect

people has been always into Step Up-kinda-movie, right?
so now its time to try something new : acapella
this movie is about a group of students who chasing their dream to be in the finals of the Acapella competition. so there were the drama begins. this movie is super full of laughter! seriously, i laugh all the way!
if u guys into music, u definitely have to watch this! 
hilariously funny, trust me!

well, thats all for tonight.
have a good rest everyone!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cycling @Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam


Friday, November 16, 2012


hilariously funny! put this in ur must-watch-movie's list!



sometimes, we wondered "am i doing the right thing?" and "what if i didnt do it?"
those are the questions that lingered on my mind right now

i began to wondered, "what if i didnt say a word. will this happen to me?"
before i started thinking of the negative things about what happened, i've already apologized. 
at least ive done my part
if im wrong, im sorry. but if im right, ive let u know the things that bothers me
i thought, being in a relationship (*refering to all kind of relationship; lovers/fiance/friends/sister/brother, etc.) means that ure willing to be honest with each other
if u have something that bothers u, u should come clean about it
am i right?

dont get me wrong, im not trying to prove anything here
i love u as much i love our relationship
we shared everything together
and now i feel like ure bailing on me
u got the wrong picture of what ive said before
and im sorry for that
but u wouldnt listen to my explanation..
when ure ready, u know where to find me..i love u!



today is officially my first morning ALONE!
i hate this feeling but i have to get thru this
after this, this is how its going to be *sigh*
the bed feels so cold and the night feels so long
the talks will only be on the line
what a pathetic situation
i will figure out how to me this my way

well, in a few days im going to get a new rommie!
im technically-already-met-her
i dont like it, but whats the harm of thinking in a more positive way
but the thing is that, i hate it when people bossing me around
if u want to be in here, learn my way then
im not going to change anything accept for the arrangements in the room
im sorry, i cant do that


Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello (>.<)
this is how my Sunday looked like! 


Saturday, November 10, 2012


YES! im not capable of doing EVERYTHING!
but im trying my best to do it
and right now, im trying my best to keep my mind straight and still stay positive
the more i want to be positive, more negative things coming
its like NEVER stop
i am super dupper not in a good mood
if only i knew these things will happen, i wouldnt have come at first place
i should follow mr.Saranghae to Sunway Lagoon for his workplace's family day.

its not that hard, i just have to get that free ticket, then enter..let him finish his family day..when its over, he is all mine
i should have fun today!
Saturday is suppose to be a day where i dont have to thing about stupid things 
even if i dont want to follow mr.Saranghae to Sunway, i could just sleep all day at home
rather than being here, like a Stonehenge.
well, okay what rather than being a tomb..haha!
i thing, im wasting my time right now. this shouldnt be like this at the first place im mumbled alone in my heart, i remember..
my first question, "mampu ke?"
hahaha! yes, sye xmampu..sye manelah pandai sume2 ni..
i ONLY good in fully utilized the facebook..blogger..twitter..instragram..
bende2 academic ni, mne lah sye pandai


Friday, November 9, 2012

9 Nov 2012

after watching that movie, mr.Saranghae keep on telling me that im kinda act like the girl in that movie. not that im fluttering myself, but i think that it is not true. i think that i am so much cooler than cuter than that! haha!
*here we go again..Lya is fluttering herself*

so, today is 9Nov
for the past few years, today meant a lot to me
its Shabil's birthday
well, as u all know..we're not together anymore
but i somehow remember all the surprises, the present, the lunch, the dinner..huhu!
good times!
to Shabil, it ure reading this post, i would like to wish u, Happy 22nd Birthday!
semoge panjang umur & dmurahkan rezeki. after all we've been thru, im glad that ure still my friend.

so next post is about relationship
im sooooo glad that ive made friends for the past few weeks
all this while, i thought that i have nobody to rely on, to ask help from
but now, im currently happy with this new relationship
thanked God!

so from now on, im going to be more positive on things


My Movie Night (^.^)

 last night was my movie night with my mr.Saranghae!
we actually wanted to watch TED or the SkyFall
but as we reach the counter, SkyFall was sold out! and as for TED, only front row left
so we cancelled our plan to watch either one of them
its the premier day of 'Istanbul Aku Datang', so we decided to watch that
well, i seldom-ly watched malay movie, unless there are so many good comments on the movie 

not bad! seriously funny!
for a malay movie, it was a success
ive been to Istanbul, Turkey once when i was 12! haha! this movie was kinda refresh the memories a lil bit because its kinda 10 years ago..haha!

its about a girl, Dian who travelled to Istanbul in order to be near to her boyfriend, Azad
her actual plan was to get Azad to propose to her by the end of her language studies in Istanbul
but things doesnt go the way she wanted them to be
so, she met her new roomate, Harris
well, thats when the conflicts arrived..
well, u guys have to watch it urself so that u know whats the ending..
for a malay movie, i give 4.5 out of 5 stars!

its a must watch malay movie!

well, thats all on Istanbul Aku Datang