Sunday, May 25, 2014

U N I T E :)

it was a class my class, there students from China, France, Jamaica, Britain, Japan and i am from Malaysia :)


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Take Out Bibimbap

hello readers!

it's been awhile since my last post
yeah, im quite busy with my Korean Language's exam and stuffs
so last Friday was the end of it, the end of my suffering! hahaks!
so now i kinda have lots of time to do my stuff

i went to a take out place for lunch
it was amazing! i ordered "vege and tuna bibimbap"
it is superbly convenient to get food from this place. and it was cheap too. it costs me W2,700 for these. its good right? 
there are lots of this kind of take out stall in Korea. and i bet theyre good :)

so here's about the food :)
have a great day ahead, dolls


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mentor Mentee Program :)


















Thursday, May 1, 2014


D I S T A N C E sucks! big time!
i hate it when i got to talk to my family thru KakaoTalk
and sometimes, we barely hear each other

since my Mom went back..and so do my MrSaranghae..
im kinda been crying almost everyday
ive been missing them soooooo badly
i think, living abroad alone is not my thing. i hate to be alone. and now here i am alone
having Vietnamese roomate who cant speak in English, but only in Korean added the difficulty to my life here
but i take it in a positive way. i have t learn more Korean so that i can make conversation with her. right?
i guess now im getting better with Korean Language
well, im technically do it i should be good. right?
im a slow learner when it comes to i admit that..
and that Human Computer Interaction Design class, it killing suppose to be easy, but its not!
it is just a theory class..but still i cant handle it
its hard..
no wonder not all people survive in engineering
people will probably not agree with me but hey, put urself in my shoes.
im a multimedia major, jump into engineering
hows that sound?
its kinda like a law student, jump into meds
something like that

everyday, ive been studying soooooo hard that i only got 4 hours of sleep EVERYDAY! 
so imagine that
i dont think studying in Korea is my thing. Korean people are too stressed out. i dont know why. why cant they take a chill pill?
almost everywhere, you will see people running..or walking superbly fast
and sometimes, u might want to ask them "what are you running for?"

other than that, life here is good
i love the food, the places, all those sweet sweet thingsss..
yeah, i like it here
i would love it more if i can have all those people that i love here, in Korea 

til then,

*late post* Aflah's Visits

another late post
my darling MrSaranghae came on the 13 April to visit me
it was just a short visit
unlucky for him, thats the exam week in Korea :(
so he have to follow me to the campus with me












i got to show him around a lil bit
the places i go, the things that i ate..
but i couldnt show him more due to short time
i apologized, and he said "its okay, im not here to touring around. im here to visit you. to see how have u been doing"
seriously, i cried when he said that
he came all the way just to visit me :)
we got to celebrate our monthly-versary in Nami Island, the island of love!
im sooooo happy finally, he got to come to Korea!
then he went back on the 17th April..i didnt get any picture of us that day because i was busy crying..haha!
Thank you sooooo much dear, for visiting me..and for ur you!

i cant wait to be home soon. and start my master asap..start working..earning money..
have a great day everyone!