Thursday, February 26, 2015



first of all, thanks for the compliments
so this is the 2nd time my fb name got called like this
whoever named M.M.I, thanks for the compliments ans backing me up

BUT, this is embarrassing..why cant u confess direct rather than confessing on social media?

and he or she *i believe this person is a guy* mention that he heard people are talking about me being on and off hijab-ing
ive been wearing hijab not even a month! and how could people talk about me?
ive mention lots and lots of time, 
this is new to me. ive been living 25 years hijab-less, so it might takes a while
bukan nk main main
i am serious in wearing hijab

but..kadang kadang ade gak yg gongak2..
but i didnt say that it is okay for u to talk about me
im just a normal person who makes mistake..lots of mistakes


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


hey ya'll
last Sunday, 15 Feb i joined Aflah and his Duker friends for a short road trip
Shah Alam --> Bentong --> Chamang --> Goh Tong

im kinda surprise that it only took roughly about half an hour o reach Bentong, which is in Pahang! haha! so this mmg spot para para rider hangout during weekends.
dah mcm kedai motor dah. all kinds, all brands are there.

and got to meet few female riders
tgk dorg melayan lap..mcm best je
tbe tbe semangat berkobar kobar nk blaja bwak motor

Aflah is planning on getting a new bike..but..hmm..long story..
mls nk crite lah
hmmm..bukan rezeki Aflah kot..
tak pe lah..

in sha Allah ade rezki lain nnt..
sabar ye..

so back to the learning part,
kalau dah tau bawak nnt, boleh la bawak..
beli baru ke tak ke, blakang crite la kan..
then next time, im the one who sends him to work..kahkahkahkah!
so xde la stuck in the traffic jams lg..
"Lya Yang Mencelah"
*hair flips*

and back to the trip part
this place is called Lemang To'Ki

the lemang was good, and the rendang was even better. they compliment each other
besides their famous lemang and of course, the rendang..they also have bbq chicken and beef..serve with Air Asam..perghhhhh! mmg sedap! and yes, the taste of that Air Asam made me fell in love more with the food!
whats not in the picture is the barbecued Beef

on our way back, we made a pitstop at the waterfall called Air Terjun Chemang
tgk tgk keindahan alam, then we head back
before that, we stop for a drink in Goh Tong

thats the story of my..well spend weekends


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Human Respect

this is what we're lack of nowadays
human to human respect

maybe we're too proud of what/who we are that we feel an we think that it is okay for us to disrespect others.
what makes u think that it is okay for u to do that, and its not when it comes to others? 
are u God?
ive lost respect to these kind of people, who feel/think that they are someone. 
come on,
wake up!
if ure up now, no one knows where u are tomorrow


Monday, February 9, 2015

New Me (^.^)


The new me :)
Alhamdulillah..ive decided to give this a try..
ive been wanting to do this, but i dont believe this soon
i thought this could only happen only when im married, with 2 kids..ahhahahaha!

im still on 'on and off' mode
so thats why u might see me sometime with and without tudung

im still learning and adapting this new look

and the best thing is that,
i got to shop for my new wardrobe!
meanwhile, i need cardiganssss..lotsssss of cardigans..!
since most of my clothes are short sleeved, i need cardigans to cover my i can still wear them..sayang la nk bg org or nk buang..

and ive started on my tudung line..
and again..Alhamdulillah..thanks to the tudung opens up my heart towards this..