Friday, July 31, 2015

Blood Test

im gonna share my journey in getting this test done

if ure happen to get married, first thing that u have to do is to go for the Kursus Pra Perkahwinan to get the cert.
it is COMPULSORY for you to undergo blood test!
no test, no marry

Me and Aflah chose to get this test done at Klinik Kesihatan Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
We got there at 715am. then we queued for numbers. We got 1 and 2.
fyi, they will only cater for 30 person each day! So hurry up!

after u got ur number, u have to wait at level 1 for the HIV counter to be open. take the form, then go back downstairs, to take the number for registration!
Fill Up The Forms While Waiting for your Registration Number to be Called!
since thats my first time, so i thought i have to fill them up, then hand them over to the HIV counter. i was wrong. u only go up to level 1 for the forms. everything will be done downstairs.
when they called ur num, go to the registration counter, then pay RM1. then, put all the forms into a basket in front of room no 13.
i got my number at 7.47am..and i only got called for the blood test around 10am.

i hate needles!
urgh! that was painful!
but alhamdulillah..
i survived!

then, you will have to wait for the HIV result at 1pm..meanwhile, you have to hand ur blood to kaunter makmal. they will screen ur blood for thalassemia. and Alhamdulillah, im free from Thalassemia!

we went out for lunch, then come back again for the HIV result at 1pm.
and Alhamdulillah..
we both free from HIV!

dah boleh kawen!
Aflah had a bad experience while extracting his blood.
sian die. emosi terganggu pulak hari tu.

oh yea..
bukan perempuan je yg kene amek darah byk byk tuh..lelaki pun kene okeh! 
no exception!

til then

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Makin nk kawen ni, makain byk dugaan dtg..especially dr segi kewangan..
Time ni la krete nk rosak..time ni la ade bende nk kne ganti..

Yg lg hebat,
Ade la kawan2 ni, ajak la utk dtg ke majlis nnt. Tau ape dorg mintak? Duit minyak dgn accommodation..hamboihhhh bukan main lg..stakat accommodation tu boleh la nk kasi..minyak? Haihhhh..
Sabar je la..

Dorg ni xtau ke nk kawen ni gune byk duit? Then kalau ade lebih pun, nk gune utk start new life..
Xpe anggap je sume ni dugaan..


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Hari Raya

hello readers?

hows ur raya so far?
i hope all great



My Hari Raya turned to be My Engagement & Wedding Days

been waiting for this for so long

but the things is that, everyone keep on asking whether or not the plan is on..where will be held..when exactly is the date..what color is the theme..what this what that..

i didnt expect too much questions from my families

so the situation now is,


can u feel it?

i got to rush here and there
do this and that

like seriously?
its too damn fast!

at this very moment, i still cant find the ring yet!
yep, im serious!
no ring, no engage!

Dear Allah, 
please help me..
to get thru everything in front of me in order for me to get all these done.

will update more soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Hello readers!

Im writing as im waiting for my flight to Penang.
Hari Raya is around the corner uoolssss!

This year, i was tested with few bad incidents; Aflah's car broke it's clutch pump. It took 2 days to fix it *sigh* so then i know how difficult is it to not having car to drives around. costs rm750 to fix it *sigh* well, thats after i wink wink my small eyes to the foreman. Hahahaa!

Well, there were also good things happened; i got myBrain scholarship for my master program. Alhamdulillah..

Then i got to fix Aflah's hp's lcd with only rm180! Lowest price ever! So now he's back with his phone.

Til then!