Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Recently, i read a comment on friend's friend status update
it sounds something like this

"ini la untungnye xsambung study. boleh tumpu perhatian kpd suami. nnt pd bb pulak. org yg blaja tinggi pun belum tentu peknen"

u must be kidding me! at first, i read this comment a few times, trying to figure out what is the whole point of saying that.
and then, i dont know whether to laugh or to cry

first of all dear 'commenter', YOU CANT PREDICT THE FUTURE. now, u have hubby that provides almost every basic need in ur life. if let say one day, he got sick and cant work anymore, what will you do? SPM in this era wont get u anywhere. okay la, maybe he got insurance anything la yg bleh bg monthly allowance *something like that* BUT, how long will u survive with that much of money?
if u got divorce? hmmm..well, we're not asking for it. but it might happened. are u going to be that pity lady who is left by her hubby and got no job? do u want that? more pity is that, u wont get the child's custody if ure jobless. get the picture now?
if let say u guys are happy and healthy, dont u want to have a better life? having few COACHes in ur collection. or go to Europe? 
i was once read cynical stats from u very much comparing me with u in terms of travelling. hurmm, let me tell u this, i pretty much growing up abroad. ive stepped onto European land since i was small.. u? Hong Kong? Disneyland Hong Kong? whats that? im not trying to brag here..but if u dont know me, please dont judge me. and dont ever compare me and u..

back to the topic.
okay, then let say u have kids. how are u going to encourage ur kids to study when u only got SPM? education makes u diff from others. in terms of mentality? well, u know the answer.
when she said that those who further study still dont know whether or not they can get pregnant, ARE U SERIOUS??!! this is all REZEKI..its all sha Allah, if we try and we pray, Allah will granted our wish. ur statement is ridiculously stupid! 
for some people, its not the time yet. if ure ready, then its good for u. for some who wishes to further study, dont condemn their decision :) maybe to u, by not furthering ur studies, u have all time in the world to produce babies. yeah, that probably works for you.

for me, i want to have my own money.. i want to buy things i want without having to ask money from hubby. i want to be able to wear anything i want. being able to buy Daniel Ray's. be able to collect Thomas Sabo's chains every months. i want to be able to dine in Madam Kwan's 4times a week..breakfast at Harrod's or Ben's. dinner in every hotels i can go.. dessert at Haagen Daz. popcorn at Garret's. have more than 3 sunnies to suit every occasions.
so, do u get what i mean?
after the statement, sorry respect for u
hopefully ur life turns out well :)

something to ponder and to wonder


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