Monday, November 16, 2015

Wife VS Handphone

okay, been living together more than a month now. my hubby is working on shift hours. so sometimes i only got to see him in midnight..or sometimes i got to see him the next morning. it depends on the rotations


something like that

so when i get the chance to be with him, i need him to pay attention to me. or even help me doing the house chores. but one thing i really hate him doing is that, he spends too much time on phone.

all that Clash of Clans..Football Manager..and few others that i dont know what are they
he got sooooo many Whatsapp groups friends..

u know what i mean right?

i hate it when he is always on the phone. i feel that, thats the time ure free from work, so spend it with me too.

watching tv is another thing..*sigh* when he is into that tv, i will be mumbling alone.

uarghhhhhh!!! how should i told him that i TOTALLY dont like this.

when we went out for dinner, he will start playing with his phone. then i will be alone looking around here and there. how annoying is that. u make ur effort to go out, to spend time over dinner after a long day working..but u left ur date alone.

i really hope that he will realize this situation as soon as possible


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