Friday, July 1, 2016

Balik Kampungs

we took some days off just to round the east coast of Malaysia, Tumpat, Kerteh and also Kuantan. we took off early in the morning after sahur and reach Tumpat, Kelantan at 1pm. we managed to get some things from Tesco Kota Bharu before we go back to the house. 
the we went to the bazar because he was looking for 'nekbak'. hahaha! i never ate that before i think. then we found ketupat sotong..and also percik perut! yummies!
close snapshot of 'nekbak'
its like bahulus, soaked in syrup
according to him, Terengganu's was in yellow color.
he went mad buying all sorts of sweet desserts. sgt sgt murah!
this is ketupat sotong. squid with sticky rice inside. and cooked in gula melaka. what they call, 'nisea'
im not a big fan of these..sbb die sgt manis!
haaaa these, my choice! only RM1 per stick! sedap! lame gile xmkn nieh! boleh kire thn dh!

then later that night after isyak', my auntie brought us to a stall to eat 'colek' according to her, 'colek' can only be found during Ramadhan. we are lucky that we're there! 
seriously to die for! this is also one of the reasons why i dont want the Ramadhan to end :)
-colek perut & paru-
-colek maggie telur sotong-

so there goes my diet!

sadly, we took off to Kerteh on the very next day..i wish we could stay longer..

Kerteh, usual, hubs request for ayam masak merah from his mom..the we went to bazar to buy drinks and also a few kuihs..
we stayed there for a night, then we took off to Kuantan on the next morning.

my fav place! and fav people!
the main dish of the night is the gulai ayam! yummy! i love it! did some chit chats while waiting for berbuka..and also after berbuka before we took off to KL around 12 midnight.
i really enjoys the girl's talks..hahaha! totally fun! and i got to give the abaya i bought from Dubai and  few fridge magnets and souvenirs to them :) after soooo long..
and sadly, we have to go back home..hubs gotta go to work :(

and today, here i am..back to reality..back to work..

til then,

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