Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello Sunday!

olla dolls and darlings!

today i woke up kinda late because i was like "oh, today is Sunday..nothing to do..". but the thing is, im on my semester break. so i mmg xde ape yg buat. even its Wednesday ke..Friday ke..i dont have anything to do. haha! all i wish to do during this semester break is chilling. watch Adobe tutorials on youtube. text-ing with my PandaBear. eat Tutti Fruitti with my cousin. having Iceroom with my Mama and Abah. eat 'Satay Tulang' with Wan. hehe! lots of things to do. too many to list them here. i'll do things that i want to do.

yesterday, selepas makan hati a.k.a merajok dgn my PandaBear, i ajak my cousin Nani to Tutti Fruitti. kononnye menyejukkan hati yg panas. huhu! we're enjoying our froyo sampai xperasan whats the time. haha! almost 11pm! haha! we sat there talking and laughing. ahhh..indahnye dunie ble xde bende nak dfikirkan.

*our natural beauty day. a day without makeups. Nani said i looked just like my dad*

last few days was the days of stupid sadness thingy. i would love to forget everything that ever happened to me. those time wont be the greatest moment in my life anymore. and everything that ever happened was bullshit in my life that im ready to fuck them off my life. i want to enjoy life. achieve everything i can. i wont destroy myself, what i have now just because of my stupid thoughts. i wont drink just to make me forget him. i would smoke to soothes my broken heart. i wont take sleeping pills to sleep over my problems. i have all those things around me. but i choose not to. i still have long way to go. I'm going to smile like nothing is wrong, talk like everything is perfect, act like it's all a dream, and pretend like it's not hurting me.

im blessed enough that i already have someone who love me for who i am. i want to try as hard as i could to make this relationship work. as long as he with me, i promise i'll stay.

enough of my sad story for today.
here's a picture of my niece and my lil brother Qaseh dgn Joaquim.

haha! kanak-kanak ribena! i saw them last week when my sis in law is still in Seremban. hehe! she looks a lot like my brother! haha! dah lame xjumpe my brother yg sorg tuh. hari tu die balik, im the one yg ade hal time la nmpknye..

have a great day dearly darlings!

x o x o

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