Tuesday, December 20, 2011

updates! updates! updates!

hi darlings! 

i spend my last weekends in Seremban with my brother and families. i went back on Sunday super early morning! Kina dropped me in front of my house. well, i called everyone in the house, but no one pick up. so i was forced to climb up the gate. it looks easy from the outside. but as soon as im on the middle of the gate, i was stuck! damn it! then u jumped of the gate but poor me, i landed wrongly on my right foot. 
as soon as im in, i knocked on Wan's window. so she's the one who open the door for me. what a morning! but then mama called me at 8am asking where am i. but then i just answered "mira da kt dlm bilik. tdo dlm amir". hahaha! then i woke up at 10 to have family breakfast, i couldnt walk properly..ceh! Wan then give me her tongkat for me to use! jatuh saham i!!! around 12, Abah asked me to bring Wan and Pika to a kenduri tahlil in Kuala Pilah. near my kg house. so then i was like a reunion to Wan. haha! everybody come and greet her. haha! i love to be in the spotlight! haha! 
then later that late afternoon, we went to Port Dickson! haha! favourite family spot now. haha! when im there, i will remember my memories when i was a kid. me, Abah, Ibu and amir will go there on the weekends. jalan2, picnic, chit chatting..oh, i miss that moment! but now i went there with Abah, Mama, Wan, Amir and my brother.  pretty the same. 

later that night, me Amir Pika and Joaquim when out for a late night movie - Alvin and the Chipmunks 3! 
we enjoyed soooo much watching that movie! haha! theyre super cute! nyanyi je kje! hehe!

oh yea, almost forgot. i went to watched Mission Impossible 4 in 15 Dec in Alamanda. we got the last tickets. i am super lucky. as all session are fully booked and sold out. okay la that movie! best gak la. yg penting ade Tom Cruise and impossible actions. hehe! ade part2 yg funny. so was not a serious action movie. 

next, i want to watch New Year's Eve. haihhh! kt Alamanda xde.. :-(

x o x o

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