Friday, May 18, 2012

Semester Break!

im super relieved that the semester is over!
Intro to Drawing was a bad experience for me in Semester 3
i wish i dont have to get thru that again
and another 1 more subject that have been though for me is Digital Photography
i love taking pictures..and i love to learn from my favourite lecture, Sir Amad
but the thing that, made me hate it is during the exhibition
that was my bad experience as well
is not that i dont have effort in having those pictures..i tried my best
but it didnt turned out the way that i wanted it to be
so, redha je la..

so, im on my semester break starting from last Thursday until  31July
lame kn? hahahahhahaha! org yg beranak pun bleh hbs bersalin..
so, during this semester break, im starting my own line! hehe! to be updated soon!
im super excited for it! 

my mom is going off to London this Sunday
so that means im going to be off alone..haihhhh...sabar je la..


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