Wednesday, January 23, 2013


do u ever felt betrayed by the person u trust?

what will u feel when that person u trust betrayed u?

i hate it when i happened to me. and i hate myself for not careful enough in trusting people. after been betrayed a few times, im still trusting people. why cant i change it? why is it easy for me to trust people?

before u do something to others, try to put urself in that person's shoes. what will u feel if ure betrayed? dont be such selfish person.

now i know that ure like that, dont ever think of asking help from me.

u betrayed me.

to whom it may concern,
now, ure no longer my best buddy. thanks for being my best buddy for a while. thanks for everything u have done for me before. and sorry for anything ive done to u during our friendship.

halal kan makan & minum aku spanjang kite berkawan.


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