Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final Year Project

hello readers!

yup, its been awhile since my last post
i am super duper busy with my FYP
well, i ahve to change my topic and title since it is super duper SAME with someone in the subject. so i was forced to spend my days and nights to figure out what else to do besides the initial idea that i wanted to do. 

(how lucky u are to get that title)

so, now Alhamdulillah..
after getting help from my lecturers, i got new project
without having to get through 'Proposal Defend' phase
it is an AR application..
as u all know, AR is quite common these days in the world, but penggunaan nya di Malaysia belum lg diperluaskan.
now, i am kicking my butt off to get all these done
*sampai demam demam menyiapkan proposal*
i am trying my best right now. so do pray for me too, okay?

til then, tata!

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