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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oh my English ---> Opppss my English

I know, to have English Education is very very crucial these days.
And yes, i saw many attempts. First of all, please read more English books/journal and listen to English radio stations. Thats how u can learn English in simpler way.
If ure not sure of what ure writing, please dont. The past and present tense ARE VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Dont just simply puts '-ing' at the back of every verb words. And if it is not MORE THAN ONE, PLEASE DO NOT PUTS 'S' AT THE BACK OF EVERY WORDS.
U know what? It is superbly funny to hear someone talking like a pro with 's' in every words. Am i right? And it is adviceable if u could ask ur friends to help u. I think they must be happy to help u.
No offence, okay? Tidak ade kene mengene dgn makhluk yg masih hidup atau pun yg sudah meninggal dunia.
Peace ya'll


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