Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It is super hard to maintain this kind of life..i have to compete with my mother. She is 50, but she weight 60kg++. Me? Im not telling..

What i really want to state here is that, it is really a battle for Alia to get her foot onto the threadmill for atleast 30mins that equivalent to +-2km..i dont what to spend my money on those expensive gym membership. So i just went to my campus's gym..okay la..better than nothing.

Ive just started my gym visits like a month ago. Every Tuesday and Thursday are girl's day at the gym. During other days, i follow mr.Saranghae to his workplace's gym.

We planned to jog on every Saturday and Sunday. Since he needs to keep his fitness for his hockey tournament soon, i can keep my shape and be slimmer!!! Yay! So no more wandering around shopping malls anymore, insyaAllah..hehe!

So far, i dony really feel changes to my body. I still cant fit into my tight slack..but my weight drops 2kg last weeks. Im super duper happy!!! Hopefully, i'll be slimmer soon. Before raya maybe..? But one thing for sure, i need to be slimmer before i see my mother soon!!


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