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Thursday, March 7, 2013

things that going on since..

hello my dear darlings!

im checking on my last post! homaigod! it was on 23rd February! oh mannnn...!
well, that shows how busy i am recently. u know how crazy am i in updating my blog..hehe! and there are lot of things going on right now. life + family + study + friends and all those equals to MADNESS!

life have been ups and downs these days. im super duper tired of stupid old life drama which i have to face every now and then, and i really that pathetic in front of them that they feel like they can do anything to me without any considerations? well, hello!!! let me tell u this, im not a ball where u can kick me around. when u need help, u come and find me. like suddenly my name appears first is in ur phone book. but as soon as u USED me, u left me like i never help u at all. is that fair? and obviously im not a doll! i have feelings too. bile kene kat batang hidung sendiri bru la nk berdrama swasta. and well, if others do that to u, serves u right! mase sedang bergumbira ni, kawan lame dilupakan..yg baru diutamakan..sanggup berkorban.. well, i want to see. until when will that going on.

family? well, lots of things going on with my family. yang belah sini mcm ni..yg belah sane mcm tu..well, im a good observant i guess. well, i tak amek port. lantak korang la nak mcm mane. besides all those, im totally happy with my family. abah ade la sakit2 sikit..biase la..da tue kn..ibu pulak, workaholic as bro? awesome as always! haha!

study? homaigodddd...! study is really2 hard! i only got a few hours of sleep every nights. pity me! nak keluar dating pun xsempat. makan pun ala ala kadar je..well, he's been busy with works too. and my mom asked me to still continue studying..master..whoaaaa! tahun bile nye nk start keje ni? if i continue studying, im gonna finish with my studies in 2017! haha! well, lets pray for the best..insyaAllah..

friends? well, fuck all those pretenders. who pretends to be my friend for a period of time, then turn out to be strangers. it is super duper amazing how u can act like strangers after a loooooooooong time of friendship. we used to be in the same group in every subject's assignments. xpe la, jodoh kite berkawan sampai sini je kot.  and it funny to think that ure the only one who though that this friendship will lasts for a very long time. tak habis study lg da un-friend..jadi, redha je la..and i guess i wont be attending many weddings. as they are not so many friends left anymore. 

well, there's at least one good news a.k.a personal achievement. ive lost 2kg in a week. proper diet and gym-ing! i am super duper happy! hehe! no skipping meals, OKAY! im still eating REAL FOODS but in a small portion. all i do is to switch from big plate to smaller plate. its been proven that its kinda psychological-thingy. u tend to eat more if ure eating in a big plate. u will somehow finish all the food in ur plate even if ure already full. haha! and of course, DRINK LOTS OF PLAIN WATER! seriously, it works. well maybe its not a BIG achievement because it is just 2kg..but atleast ive burned out few fats in my body. cant wait to lost more! pray for me ya..!

well, thats all from me tonight. stay beautiful and healthy, darlings! and have a good day ahead!


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