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Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Thursday - 2nd May 2013

im a big fan of Hello Kitty
ever since i was little

so when i heard that these cute plush-ies toys are coming to McDonalds, i wont miss my chance to grab them all.
there is 1 character every week
so far, i already got 2
another 2 to go
last week, Hamburglar
and today (i mean this week, Grimace)

collecting these reminds me of my childhood days..
i remember, i got lots of HK's stickers and character around the house
and whenever my cousin came to my house, they went missing
so now, i'll start collecting them back..but not really crazy in collecting them *since im already 23 years old*

but im kinda pissed off when a person i know kinda laughing at me when i said im totally into HK, but then THAT person is actually collecting HK's stuff. if u like it, then like. dont laugh at others. i think im cute just like HK. so what? its my opinion on myself. YOU? hypocrite! *cakap tak suke la konon..padahal..behind my back..? POSERRRRR*

as i sat in this McDonalds finishing my final year project's report, i saw all sorts of human behaviour reacted towards this HK fever.
these is one couple who sat next to my table, they bought 1 HK. as soon as they get to their table, the bf is trying to open th HK's box to have a closer look at the HK. but the gf went so mad. and guess what? that bf went back to the counter and bought another 1 HK. haha! they are soooooo funny!

in my case, ive set reminders on the days with new characters in my phone 
i almost dear darling reminded me this morning..he is soooo kind enough to give me money to buy it. haha!

actually, im a bit under weather today.
im not feeling well since yesterday. and im thankful enough to have someone to take care of me even that i didnt ask him to. maybe because ive been walking under the rain..then the next day, walking under the hot sun..*im such a princess!* hahaha! 
- badan sudah mengada-ngada -
yesterday, is a Labour Day. so it is his day off. he wake up early to prepare me breakfast with meds. later that late afternoon, he took me out to eat at Secret Recipe for Vietnamese Beef Noodles that ive been craving for since last week. then later that night, he get me nuggets before i went to sleep. 
and guess what? he sang me 'twinkle twinkle little stars'. 
it is super soooooo nice of him.
thank u so much for yesterday. i couldnt wish for more.


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