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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Me and Adik

hello my darling readers,
how are u guys doing?
me? BUSY! 
final year project and other assignments are really really killing me right now. and i am now super duper tired of all these.

i just had a conversation with Ibu last night and she was telling me that my lil bro, Amir is going to Pulau Perhentian this coming 12 to 14 of May with his friends.
then Ibu asked "Amir xajak ko ke? ibu da suruh da die ajak ko.."
haha! i sounded like really pathetic not to have friends for road trip or what-so-ever.
"dah dah..g call Amir. suruh die ajak ko g skali"
and again..
pathetic..but its kinda funny..!!!

and i called my bro, and asked him to take me along with him and his friends. hehe!
well, guess what? it works!
i got to go with my bro and his friends to Pulau Perhentian!!!
i can make new friends too. well, im sick of old-stupid-drama-friends
lets make new friends which are more higher standards than me. bru la chill!
higher mentality and grown ups!
*even some of them are younger than me*
and i am hoping that they will like me!

so, 12-14 May = Pulau Perhentian
20-24 = Pulau Langkawi & Pulau Payar

so many pulau-s to go!

im a beach girl now!


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