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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ---> 2014

Hello my darling readers..
in a couple more hours, we'll step into the new year of 2014
i am soooo excited as i am getting older in couple more days

2013 had given me lots of things to remembers. the good and the bad.

Early December, i got thru my Final Year Project. and i can say with flying colorssss. my project was selected to the symposium..and to the FYP Competition as well. that was the best thing that ever happened to me. all my life, i thought getting a good pointers is already good enough, but being selected to the Creative Media's section Top 4, thats was beyond everything! i hipe i already made my parents proud at this point. and i cant forget all the hardwork, the helps that MrSaranghae have put into, that counts too. all this while, the is the one that always have faith in me. and he is the one who took care of me when my parents are not around. thanked God for sending someone sooooooo responsible to be by my side. 
and to my bff, well im sorry that we argue a lot this year. regardless of what happened, ure still here with me, still lend me ur ears and ur shoulders..thank u sooooo much babe. and im sorry for the things that i cant help u with.

after all those years of being looked down, i finally rise from the ground. i got accepted into the Spring Semester Exchange programme to KOREA! Alhamdulillah..thanks u soooooo much to my parents, my lil bros, my darling, and dear close friends who been praying hard for me. i wont forget all of u. what more can i ask for right? thank u soooooooo much!

31 Dec 2013 was kinda a bad day for my MrSaranghae. forced to moved out in such short notice because housemate is getting married in 2 weeks. i pitied him. he's already loaded with long and tiring working hours. after this he have to find a new place. sorry to say, that kind of person is superbly retarded. why on earth that it is soooooooooooooooo hard for you to tell him earlier? did u just set the date YESTERDAY that u ONLY TELL HIM EARLY IN THE MORNING TODAY? what do u feel waking up with THAT kind of news? i wont wish u well in ur life! and u DONT deserve a happy life! wait and see what will happen to you :)

im looking forward for 2014 as sooooo many good things happened in 2013. i want to kepp on continuing those things ive started :)
firstly, i cant wait to go to Korea for my spring semester. i hope when i go, i will be back more matured, and independent. of course i am sad to leave my dear MrSaranghae here alone in Malaysia. but we have to do things that we have to do. he will stay here, and keep on working hard to save money. and i will work my ass off to finished my that i will come back, and get a job, and save money..and then get married :) but he will come and visits me in Korea, in sha Allah at the end of March to celebrate his birthday there. 
In sha Allah, if there is no problem i will be in Korea late February! i cant wait!

tooooooo many stories to be told here. if ure following my life journey, u probably already know what happened in my life right? 

dear 2013,
thank you soooooo much for the experiences. those are all lessons learned that will never be forgotten :) the good and the bad..i will take all that. 

dear 2014,
please be kind to me. i am just a girl who's still finding the woman in me. still searching whats the best..and what not..


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