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Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Alia Amira Abd Rahman


im 24 

honestly, i dont feel like im 24
i thought, being 24 u'll be more matured..with more responsibilities on your shoulder..
thats how i see people when they got older

well maybe because im not yet working, and im not married yet
so ive no responsibilities except for myself and my families :)

but whatever it is, i am trying my best to be a better person in life
there will be so many things that i wanted to achieve in 2014

its already confirmed that im gonna go to Korea this end of February for the Spring semester for the student exchange programme. im  already flattered when i got the offer letter and passed the interview :)
and knowing that my parents, both Ibu and Abah are gladly to send me there. not to mention there will be financials difficulties. hostel's fees..and other miscellaneous stuff that require money. 
thank God, alhamdulillah..
its all done.

and having a kind bf, that always supported me is super duper GOOD!
well, there is someone i know who applied to go to Korea too and she got in..but then she didnt go because her bf didnt let her go. see?

besides that, my superbly cool bf will come and visit me in Korea! in sha Allah, he will come for his birthday somewhere in late March. isnt it great? im glad that he would come and visit me. and i can show him around. im actually have so many plans in my head for his birthday in Korea actually. maybe we're going to lock our love at the Nam Tower..or maybe going to Nami Island to make our own 'Winter Sonata' version! haha! i am sooooo excited! i hope what we planned will come true :)

i'll update with more pics soon (^.^)

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